All cis people should die painfully and slowly! :)

All cis people should die painfully and slowly! :)

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Mama mia, I smell bait

They have mental disorders for sure but you're autistic if somebody else being an idiot offends you. Smoking is dumb but that doesn't mean I hate smokers. Being trans is dumb but you're autistic if you let that bother you.

OP, you're worse than the fags.

Unlike transfags who die quickly and self-inflictedly.

>All cis people should die painfully and slowly! :)
oh but they do sweaty, cis people die mostly from old age due to lots of geriatric diseases
while trannies die young, of suicide

This tranny is basically Chris Chan with a milder form of autism

You know who the person in the pic, is right? Someone who literally screamed at a kid for being male...?

Wtf is a Cis?

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The tolerant left.

Yet Sup Forums worships the ground she walks on and love her comics to death.

A non trans person. Someone who goes by their assigned gender. Sup Forums, Reddit, /lgbt/ and Twitter fucking hate them.

Imagine being a white knight for Sophie Labelle.


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Ok troon.

Hi Sophie!

huh, let me consult my chart

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>but you're autistic if somebody else being a fucking tranny offends you
dude, I don't give a rat's fart if they chose to cut their dick and balls and go prancing around in drag
but I'm offended when they screech that I have to remember their worthless identities by memorizing their made-up pronouns
I don't want to be forced to devote time and brainpower to this trash, and I don't want to have their ugliness pushed on me all the fucking time

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Then who would pay attention to you?

Yeah for sure kill all the non-mentally I’ll who are fit to breed

Shitty b8