B help me out

b help me out

Crushing on this girl on my course
We've known eachother for 7 weeks as friends, and now been talking till 3 am for the past 2 weeks. The other night we were chilling out, just me and her, from 7pm to midnight. We were both drinking and chatting about anything. Towards the end of the night i made a move and got rejected, she says she only sees me as a really good friend, but shes sais in the past that she just isnt in the right mindset for dating yet or will be for a little while. All our friends say theres a clear vibe between us two and they can see us getting together easily. She knew before that night that i clearly like her and still organised it alongside me as just us two at mine. After that night nothings changed in our messaging except ive just slowed down a bit because i cant take going through everything with this feeling of confusion

B what do i do now

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keep on going m8, you got this. Keep her as a good friend and see how things are going. Don't rush it, as it seems like you two are pretty young

Aye we be, both 19

Well shes 18 im 20 split the difference


She sounds indecisive towards you. Maybe because she has other guys she looking. My best advice would be to talk to other women and see where to goes with them. You never want to limit yourself to just one option. It creates a sense desperation in your mind and women can senses that. Showing her that she isn't your only option will also send a message to her.

How do i do that without looking like a manipulator tho?

This. You'll know as soon as you go out with another woman. If she is even slightly attracted to you, she'll turn it up with a quickness. If she doesn't, there was never a chance, and you've already moved on. Don't languish in the friend zone. College years pass quickly, capitalize on the opportunities now that you don't even realize are fleeting.

Just start talking and dating other women with the those intentions in mind. I know this difficult but put your crush in the my back your mind when you are talk with other women. If she questions your intentions then say you want to talk to other women see where it goes from there. Reserving your to just one women when you are single is honestly mentally unhealthy for you. Believe me when I say it really destroys you when you commit all this time and effort toward someone that may or may not choose you.

Stop talking to her op. She's a whore that leads dudes on and is constantly looking for the next best thing.

I think you dodged a bullet with this one. She obviously doesn't think you're worth it, and is keeping you as a rebound or a last resort believe it or not.

Women are taught to be manipulative to get their way in life, that's why they think it's ok to hunt for a man like they're buying a new car.

stick ur finger in her butthole

Fucking love b, Sup Forumsest advice out there. Time to blow the dust off my tinder

You blew it she wanted a man that takes charge, or you can wait like a cuck for years when she’s fucked several other guys and finally settles for you

First of all, you know her for 7 weeks, that's almost 2 months... What you mean by "all our friends" ??? How in the fuck you got common friends in 2 months?

And second, all the confusion will disappear if you get together with another girl, preferably bring her in the same group of friends. If she is cool with that, she put you so deep in the friendzone that you will never get out in the future.

If she is acting weird tho ...

for some reason shes holding back. just ghost her, unless youre into sm play. nothing good (for you) will come out of it from what youre saying.

We both at uni my dude, got a big friends circle on the course

Lmao you're stupid as hell. They can easily have had mutual friends before they started talking you retard

No one has time for being led on. So many people have been where you are now. Not worth the time. No matter how cool she is.

Read carefully retard. He saying "we known each other for 7 weeks". Unless they're in some weird coincidence, and some common friend introduce them, what are other social context where you can "easily" have common friends with someone you met 2 months ago? Please...describe them...

He already TD you he was in university so they have a small group that all know eachother. You're literally a dunce. As if someone can't meet multiple people in 2 months? Just because you're an anti social faggot doesn't mean other people are lmao

Obviously you are too retarded to don't know the difference between "acquaintance" and "friend". True friendship is not build in 2 months, impossible...

Weak troll