Is black friday worth the hype? i want to buy a monitor

is black friday worth the hype? i want to buy a monitor.

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Is this like your first Thanksgiving ever?

thanksgiving was in october

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The fuck do you mean "worth the hype"? There's deals, some are good, some not. Animals go to stores, human beings shop online during Cyber Monday.

what stuff usually goes on sale? would i find a quality monitor or something that they're having a hard time selling for whatever reason?
i dont have any. she is one of my favorites tho

Hey user, I spent the first 11 years of my life working retail. Both in electronics and department stores. The items being sold on Black Friday can ONLY be sold on Black Friday. They’re not normal things marked down significantly... they’re just shitty things at their normal price. If you buy a laptop or a TV for cheap, best believe you’ll be getting a shitty cheap product. At the end of the Black Friday sales, we had to remove all Black Friday products and ship them back to our supplier. The retail store I’m referring to are Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

exactly as i suspected

been researching monitors for the last week or so and i learned that the same panel can be used in high and low end products, but they end up as low end because they test poorly

so all im going to get are shit quality panels, right?

it would be worth it if i got a 1440 for $100 more than the one im looking at but it will probably be shit in other ways, right?

OP speaks true. I also spent a lifetime of hell in retail. Fuck black friday and the low priced shit they offer

Correct. Black Friday deals are only good in bundles... like if you get accessories such as cables, batteries. Etc. the actual product will work, but 9 times out of 10 it’s junk worthless junk.

It's the reason I own 55" tv worth $1000 bought $500 and PS3 and PS4 which I've never played.

can you post what kind of tv it is?

That actually would be helpful. 95% of the Black Friday SKU’s are lower quality, but every now and again something good will be sold at cost for the store to break even.... in attempts to sell you other high margin stuff with it.

55 inch lg b8 oled. Best gaming tv out.

Don't bother with b&m black friday. Not worth it
Online you might have some luck though

thats actually a good make

>Animals go to stores
You sound like a very bitter person, user.
Personally, I like going out to the malls and shops on Black Friday an experiencing the energy and having fun shopping.
I bet you have Prime so that you never have to leave your house. I think it's kinda sad and I hope you change your hikikomori ways and live a happier life.

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what sites specifically are historically good?

fucking normie extroverts

If you want to buy a monitor specifically. Go to /r/buildapcsales
They'll post all the good sales coming up on BF
>inb4 stay there or go need to go back
Fuck off

good find

>I think it's kinda sad and I hope you change your hikikomori ways and live a happier life.
I'll be fine, thanks.

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