Hey Sup Forums im going too kill myself tonight. what should I carve into myself before I go?

Hey Sup Forums im going too kill myself tonight. what should I carve into myself before I go?

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Would you suck a log of shit out of Andy Sixx's asshole?

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Don’t do it bro there is someone who will miss u

Ha ha not into scat

yooo chill ma nigga

You're a fucking faggot.

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>Sargon radicalized me

They would be OK after a bit

Typical white behavior

Don't do it dude. You're white - you're worth something. Do you need someone to talk to? I can give you my discord if you'd like to talk brother.

I am a faggot, I'm a gender dysphoric faggot who's 6'3 and could never pass, I'd be better offing myself

at least do something noteworthy before you do it

Idk I'm pretty set on doing this I'd just waste your time, better not too get involved

Like what???

Why do you even need to brag about it faggot. Just do it.

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We live in a society

dont kys, just think of all the memes your going to miss, all the cool shit that you would never see

Don’t do it, find someone to talk to

PewDiePie did this.

Don't. You are wonderful person. You are unique and priceless.

I don't know, do a bunch of drugs, visit your favorite place, tell the people close to you you love them, some would say mass murder but that's no good to kill innocent people. unless you know people who really, REALLY deserve it.

shoot up a mosque

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That's fucked

Do it on live stream at least so we know you didn't chicken out

Epstien didn't kill himself
I did kill myself

livestream it

Kill someone else instead!

Pls don't or I'll be sad :(

I'll try

"I have evidence that links the Clintons to"

Give Alex Jones something to obsess over.

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"obamas last name is"

Whatever you write, make sure it has the correct spelling.

You can use cam4 for livestreaming.