Who likes the idea of unwilling college girls forced/blackmailed into letting their feet be used?

Who likes the idea of unwilling college girls forced/blackmailed into letting their feet be used?

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You are a giant faggot pls kys asap

I'm taking over this thread

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I'd want to see a college girl blackmailed to never wear socks with her closed-toe shoes again

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Yes please. More. Her feet look like they could smell heavenly

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Guys into feet are grosser than pedophiles.




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Why can’t shit like this happen to me when I’m sitting near

how do you figure?

also he doesn't shame
>diaper fags

>in horror
that's how I would've played it off too

Like the blackmail part, not much of a feet guy

neck yourself chomo

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what do you like then?

humiliating/degrading them by making them sex slaves

making their feet stink is a way of humiliating them too though

>tfw you will never be the personal footslave of a girl with attitude

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Best thing about this fetish, that bitch might as well be naked ;)

it is, just not something im into

i'd prefer a girl to be my footslave

brown feet

Are there any girls who are into feet at all? Not sure why but it seems like an exclusively male fetish.

i mean footslave as in i get to use her feet

to elaborate, i basically want to make them do things they would normally never do. Go the day without underwear on and a remote control vibrator in their pussy. Make them orgasm in public and watch as she tries to hide it. Even go as far as to let her be fucked by neighbourhood kids she babysat

apparently there are, and its really hot

i'd make a girl flirt with the homeless while wearing something skimpy

Lesbians. I've never met a girl who liked men's feet but then again, I've seen a lot of online posts by girls saying "men don't take care of their feet" etc so maybe there is an opening if you want to go all metrosexual about it.

What about women who like their feet licked by men? They are rare aren't they? You see tons of videos of guys/girls licking girls feet but they are all probably paid.

see-through lace top with no bra on and booty shorts

what about panties? shoes/socks?

how short would booty shorts be? any pics?

>They are rare aren't they?
No. Women love having their feet played with except the odd one in ten or so who have "issues" with it.

very thing thong that she has to pull up past the edge of her shorts so everyone knows exactly what she's wearing. thinking just a pair of heels.
something like this

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those shorts look perfect. only change i'd make is that she isnt allowed panties and has to unbutton the top button of the shorts

that sounds good to me, would make them even more uncomfortable

any pics of the see through lace top?

something like this

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i would have small holes cut out where the nipples are

id also put a slit down the middle of it so it could be torn open easily

personally i like smelly feet so instead of heels i'd want her to wear these without socks. after 3 days of no washing

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if thats what you like then alright, no judgements. end of the day she's being forced to do something she doesnt like/want

wonder how the homeless men would react

> autism

surprised but very happy im sure.

How about the kids she babysits?

not my cup of tea but i'm sure they'd be happy too

anyone you want to see this happen to?

maybe some celebs like emma watson. how about you?

people i know from college mostly

What about milfs?

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