What are your thoughts on geese?

what are your thoughts on geese?
what are your thoughts on birds in general?
post birds

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I hate geese.

geese are possibly the worst animal

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i hate all birds, but geese, geese are disgusting pieces of shit.

at least gulls dont nest in dense population centers, eat all the grass and shit all over the place while at the same time hissing at anyone to walk past

I really dislike geese. They're stupid, dirty, and aggressive despite having nothing to back it up.

Birds in general are okay. I like most of the smart ones, like crows.

>at least gulls dont nest in dense population centers,
Except they do
>eat all the grass
They do worse. They eat trash, bring it on the roof and let it rot there.
>and shit all over the place
They do this too.
>while at the same time hissing at anyone to walk past
They attack you in the head.

Geese are cool

birb stron

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the virgin canada goose versus the chad mute swan

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Swans are basicallu geese niggers

Goose can be delicious. Here in America it's too often tough though. We had wonderful goose in Germany.

Because america has canadian low tier geese, while germany has nice european white geese.

I will have to believe that.
Aside from that, the Canadian geese here are prolific shitters. Goddam flying Fluffies.

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Who is worse: seagulls or geese?

Gulls - they're more prevalent.

Except they are white

Seagulls are white, but they are niggers

sandhill cranes here are based. they're not afraid of people but they're scared shitless of dogs. they'll come up to you and they get aggressive unlike other birds that fly away if you open the door from 40 feet away

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Geese are ok if you are not a pussy.
I realise quail. Master burbs race

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*holds up traffic*
*get the florida death penalty if you're caught running one over*

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Huh. I learned two things today.
In pedantic semantics, there is no such thing as 'seagull.' It's just 'gull'.
And it's "Canada goose', not Canadian.
Okay three things: I learned birders can get really huffy-puffy about those distinctions.

be amazed if anyone remembers this:

my favorite bird is the green heron, due to how far this lad's neck can extend

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>In pedantic semantics, there is no such thing as 'seagull.' It's just 'gull'.
Seagull is much easier to pronounce than gull. Maybe it is thirdworlder thing, idk.
Seagull = gull = Laridae

bords are neat

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Interesting question. What is better, dog shit, or goose shit?




Birds are amazing, both as individuals and as a group.

Yes. Best pets, best animals


Niggers of bird world

thinking on getting a couple ducks after the winter.
I like ducks there so dope. Plus i wanna get me some good eggs.
I see a good pet, cute, fun, free big eggs

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Also geese are retarded fucks that need to be cleansed from earth

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Also a shitting machine

Goose shit.