Asian Thread

Asian Thread

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dat thicc bitch

Ill fuck your dad.

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thicc thighs no tits hhnnggggg


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Did she purposely pick the star of david or is she not familiar with the pentagram?

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>asking like OP knows

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better bod than face


what do these hot gook like, id do anything and by anything i mean ANYTHING to coom my 5 months accumulated load inside one of these creatures. please help me anons

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Where can i find freaky asian chicks?

fucking anywhere

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I've only met one, but missed the chance and now she has a bf. Shame, she's really kinky too

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Well i havent found any i think its a race thing. Im hispanic can pick up latinas easy and colored women even sm caucasians also but with asians no luck


Well, I’m pretty sure they don’t like being called gooks, so why not work on that first

oh yea chinks are real fuckign racist
you can tell teh extrafreaky ones by the tats
if they got a sleeve they're making up for something and they'll go nuts

she's a doctor

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I see nvr noticed that before well i jus hope my luck changes see sm caucasian guys plow asians like nthng and they say its easy and im like for you maybe but me? Naw i guys asians like asians or white guys


If she's Japanese, she most likely knows fuckall. My Jap Wife needed a crash course in Western religion. We watched Jesus Christ Superstar to make it palatable. She had no idea who Jesus or Jews were. I'm irreligious as fuck, so I had to act nice to give a fair explanation.


Jews fuck the world harder than I'd fuck her bareback. She probably has it all worked out.

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I'm married to a chinese and she's awesome.

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THis is from an amazing VR porn video.

Soo...he was behind that

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my godess

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would you facefuck my girlfriend

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amazing, more?


i would coom an ocean on her freckles moreeeeee plsssss

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Koreans aren't all "BOOBIES BAD!" anymore?

Id give that ching chong my ding dong

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my sloots ass

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> (You)
no, seems that that has changed


any full body/nudes?


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more whoa

trading NYC asians kik: veeb22450


any with cleavage?

Sexy as fuck

i want to watch her with another man

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where did you kik ppl come from? fuck off, let it be on the boards

keep posting, more

>where did you kik ppl come from?
They're kids. Mods should ban everyone that posts that shit or discord or vola or any of the other bullshit.

vola is okay dumbass, kik isnt


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All that shit is retarded, just post it here.


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Thoughts? Asian-American babe

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What a faggot


She's gorgeous


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She's gorgeous!

show frontal


Girlfriend's ass.

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Go on..

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her pussy.

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