Cuck thread. Share your gf/wife with the bulls

Cuck thread. Share your gf/wife with the bulls

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Would love to see her spit roasted by them


More of her! Got a kik??

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Nobody here but me has actually ever done this shit lol

tell your story

His father fucked his crush


MOAR of this!

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Kind of


My gf agreed to do her first gangbang, just looking for willing participants, Baltimore

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Post more of her!


I have gifs of OP but files too big.

My long cocked puerto rican buddy inside my girl

ill gladly do it if i ever come visit! or if youre in houston hit me up! reconwarrior1 kik

Send your big dicks to capt_blackout for nudes of this whore

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Oops heres pic

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cuck couples suck
I've been into shit like that and it's depressing. it's one of those you think you want but you really don't

now thats how you make a fantasy world

I want to see my whore girlfriend fucked by other cocks

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35 from Baltimore. I'm down

show her tits


looks hot

8 inch bull ...lets see what I'd do to her......kik Invicta2019

Baltimore here, checking in. Kik at Evetsagain - we'll talk more!

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More ass and asshole pics of her please
GF or wife ?

yes more...stockings hot as hell...kik?

lets chat some and see if we can make it happen, she has a nice ass
kik cuminalltheway

you're really nothing than a toy, sex object to them. when they pick you you only listen, they don't care about you, they just call when they are not busy for a fuck. the worst are the beta guys who don't talk, like some - you set up a meeting, coffee. the women is all talk, the guy is just looking around like he's shy. strange, experienced that many times.
sex is weird when it's taped. the worst ones are that try to recreate porn scenes for good clean footage. I have 100s of stories and while it's all great sounding, it's nothing more than sadness

at least I got a few trips out of it

my gf needs a nice big black cock between her asscheeks
do you agree?

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Age? Neither of us have kik

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yea, a cuck like you certainly isn't going to give her a proper fucking

needs my dick

also, most of them are older couples, you might think younger ppl are in it, well not in my case. older, well educated couples. I don't care, I have a switch in my head when I see a naked women no matter the age I get horny. ama i guess

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very hot, kik?

more of this chick? name?

someone needs to go balls deep into her asshole and pound that

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Would love to see her try her first big cock

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cuck me please

That other guy isn't me. But I had tons of experiences with an ex. It was a lot of fun.

This slut wife's cuck at benprice4444

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Wife sent this to me last night

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Any seattle?

And this

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Any ass and asshole pics of her

Post kik if you want to expose her tits and face

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Interesting. We were a younger couple and only were with folks our age


Older, before she had two kids

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Invicta2019 ...she'll be exposed

Your wife sent you pics of her tits? The travesty...

Gf finally agreed to fuck this guy she met online but he chickend out. Hope to get him on track again tho or find someone else.

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My wifes tits. Not my cum and dick. Kik: MisterE_1313

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Dude's chicken out a lot.

Post more of her! You got a kik?

So annoying tho, I been wanting this for years haha. I guess the time will come, atleast she's open to it now

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In Oregon lol?

Anyone wanna fuck my fiance’s face?

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well we need stories in this thread. Please share!!

Sadly no

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Absolutely! Post more of her! Have you shared her?

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if you can show her naked, see what i'm working with ...Invicta2019.

I’ll be up here for the holidays I’m down.
25, fit guys here

Damnit, currently stationed in Texas. Will be home in Baltimore in two weeks time. Let’s set something up?

21 m bull

9" long cock and thick.

Cucks hmu and I'll make you and your girl my bitch

Wwyd, loyalty check, tribs, anything


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She looks like she could take a great deal of face fucking. Moar?

Friends gf has let us tag team her but won’t let us DP I’ll kik details mnlit1

Absolutely, she’s built for it

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Stupid cuck is sharing, this took no time to win

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Wife.. just wanted to rub one out n have me watch.. thoughts

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Kik kingkenia
I am a submissive wannabe cuck with a hot gf

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full frontal?

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more brides needed

she ever send any with her face?

lets see some wedding pics


This is after like 3 experiences
>Put up bleppit ad looking for partners
>Dude sends us the same message every week
>Finally respond to shut him up
>Find out he lives where we take our yearly vacation
>Look at his post history, major breeding fetish, posting obsessively begging for someone to knock up, also had huge dick and cums buckets
>Give my fiance his Kik
>We set up to meet next time we visit

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Snap? Discord?


damn! perfect, kik me my man: Fed_Up1992

want to force the slut's legs apart. more of her