I got a bone to pick with y’all...

I got a bone to pick with y’all, why the FUCK do y’all think it’s okay to constantly say “nigger” all the time? Like, don’t y’all know the gravity of that word? Black men have been discriminated against for centuries by that word and have been treated like animals by that word, even to this day as you can see on Sup Forums. As a Christian father with a wife and kids, I am fucking disgusted by all of your behavior. Also before you come and tell me it’s “all jokes” let me tell you that “nigger” may be a joke to you sick fucks, but for most of the world with rational thinking, ITS NOT!!! Honestly can’t believe y’all tbh.

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You're giving the word power, dumbass

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Then why do niggers use the word ALL the time. They disgrace themselves, plaster that word everywhere and then say "don't use it. It's racist."
Only niggers.

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It's OK for niggers. After all, they're niggers. You don't see black men using word, just niggers.

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Actually ive seen alot of old black people get on to young black people for saying it

>but for most of the world with rational thinking, ITS NOT!!!
I'm pretty sure the word "nigger" is just an American thing? I don't know of any other developed country with such a strong taboo against a word. Like, even saying it if you're quoting Mark Twain will get people worked up, right?

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Because we won't be told what to do by a bunch of empty-hearted profiteers and social engineers. People are resisting any and all efforts at social engineering upon them because attempts at social engineering have been behind every nearly every politically motivated death in the 20th century, of which there are well over 100 million.

I don't know if something good happens if we suppress all racist behavior, I don't know that it's even actually possible - both are unproven suppositions of the current generation of social engineers. Said engineers haven't really looked into the failing of past attempts at social engineering, they merely blame certain parties for interfering when really resisting that interference was one of the most critical tests of the engineering in and of itself; the social engineering cannot exist in a social vacuum. We'll probably have to kill another few hundred million people before they accept that, though. Think about it, we're not 50 years out from the failure of the Soviet Union, the most serious and organized attempt at communism, at an engineered society and economy.

So these attempts at reformation aren't genuine, either way, they're not being taken as genuine. It's being taken as a bunch of rich elitists trying to socially engineer their underclasses because they have 0 intellectual respect for them, along with a bunch of parasites along for the ride trying to grab money from the margins of that effort. Hell, the thieves are probably going to make out the best.

Anyway having the media and the intelligence community into the deep state does not mean they rule the world and it doesn't mean their attempts at social engineered are needed, deserved or even functional enough to succeed. In fact they probably aren't, considering it seems to be going really, really badly. It literally got Donald Trump elected, so, talk about things blowing up their face lol.

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Cause I treat people the way they treat others..niggers call niggers nigger all the time..so they obviously want to be called nigger.

Because im black you punk bitch. Its you who cant say nigger you piece of white trash


Seems like you're giving a lot of power to a sound people make with their mouths.

I don't like the "thought police" mentality that I'm not supposed to express certain views just because I'm white.

>why the FUCK do y’all think it’s okay to constantly say “nigger” all the time?

Who, me?

Because I don't live in the USA.

Never mind where I live, because practically the whole world can say this:
We DIDN'T have your cotton plantations and whips and police racism and lynching.
Your FUCKED UP context is not ours.
So don't tell us all to tiptoe around YOUR problems.

Why I usually only white people who use this justification?

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Orangutan Granted Legal Personhood, Moves to Florida, Becomes Florida Woman. An orangutan who was granted legal personhood in a landmark 2015 ruling has moved into the Center for Great Apes in central Florida. Judge Elena Liberatori's ruling declared that Sandra was legally not an animal, but a non-human person

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tbh sandra seems pretty based.

I find it very offensive when people compare us to niggers. I mean come on we haven't had one shooting or crack dealing incident in over a millennia.

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Hahahha “Christian Father”...than why are you on this site for...nice troll dummy boy

Dumbass nigger the word nigger is practically a joke becuase idiots like you give it power it means nothing to me

this is a normie free space

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Sure thing, nigger. Ill stop using the nigger word when you get a job, and stop drinking and smoking.

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You may have noticed none of your attempts at a white racial slur are actually working. Perhaps best evidenced by the fact you can't seem to pick one and stick with it, but even the most common ones just have zero emotional resonance for me.

I guess the best attempt was the Euros on here trying to use the logical fallacy "56% white country = the whites in it are 56% white" which is, well, a fallacy obviously. It also falls apart the face of a widely available and cheap genetic test. Also doesn't help that half the anti-white propaganda posted here is posted by a single person who's personal details, and poor mental condition, are widely known. He's half white, half asian and believes this makes him ugly - the rest of his neuroses spring from this. In reality he simply has an unusually ugly jawline that could easily be fixed with plastic surgery.

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Looks like a bait to me but I am going to say something anyway. It's just a word and we will forget about being offended when it's used, it will lose its meaning as something offensive. We just need to raise above. How do you fight racism? You stop talking about it.