No trap thread? Trap thread?

No trap thread? Trap thread?

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Who dis?

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I know.... feminine cock?

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Here you go. Tiny cage and cute foreskin through pee hole

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/r/ sylvie de sade and annabelle lane

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trap feet and ass is the best thing ever

got a kik? would love to see more


Penis mode

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Hello b

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im not a trap but like to secretly cross-dress underneath my work clothes. What should i wear to work tomorrow

Hello babe

whats your kik? show me what you got

show us

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smack those tits

These threads lowkey make me sad bc I really want a trap gf. I’ve dated enough cis girls and know even trans and gender non conforming ppl to know they’re just better.

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my roommate's home now so i cant take any new pics but what do you want to see me wearing

become the trap gf

Hi hi user

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For a second I seriously thought that was a picture of me

something small and tight

so not your butt?
need pic of your butt

anything with red panties?
nice ass and back woud fuck/10

My ass is for smacking, my titties are for kissing and sucking.

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i wanna eat you, damn you're cute

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If the bloody looks like that, imagine what the face looks like. Congrats on failing at both being a man and a woman. Maybe in the next life.

Damn you're cute as heck

panties and fishnet stockings


I still identify as straight and for me its all about the fantasy of becoming someone else and escaping for a short time. Once i put on a dress i become the sissy and have fun but its not how i identify myself full time

works on both sides

the face probably looks like either hawt tgirl or a cute twinkhon

Best I have rn

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That’s still admiring and a turn on

i'd fuck both real tgirls and cds

>Trap thread?
No. Fuck off and die faggot.

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where's the cock

I have a red white and pink pair of hello kitty panties and fishnets. usually i would wear leggings or tights since theyre skin tight unlike the fishnets which have a texture, i hope noone sees them

Nuh uh my titties are strictly for kissing and sucking

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You can suck and kiss my ass tho

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a few smacks to make them grow

Your belly button is a black hole

Congrats on failing at both being a male and female. Maybe in the next life you'll get something right, but that time is definitely not now.

I really want someone to dress me up head to toe like a sexy slut then use me and cum in my ass bareback

Only if it is with a big cock

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allana is a cute girl

only two good pics in the whole thread. learn how to pass faggots

Objectively wrong. Post a single cute pic, and I'll admit it, but otherwise just wrong

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yeah and the same cock to fill your hole to the rim

Have some of my feet

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this thread needs moar pics of traps/trannies/sissys/cd

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Why do asians make the best traps?

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Their features are percieved as naturally feminine to westerners, or the concept of a divine third gender has been engrained in there culture for so long already

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awh jeez asians are the best


I just bought this cant wait to wear it. what should i buy next?

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what are some cute feminine tops i could wear that are in style

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Are you on kik or anything?

I've got stuff, only really into traps/fem though :>

moar asians

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Sinners here

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No way.


I already did tho

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so smooth and milky white
would leave some bite marks around those legs and ass


Cute traps add me on snap @chopsockey


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keep the asians coming

sorry but i only have a few

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traps here

discord gg/F9GBME

no rules
horny traps