How many of you cuck faggots are on reddit?

How many of you cuck faggots are on reddit?

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Ive never had an account there.
Ive never been on twitter, snapchat, instagram. And ive been banned from facebook for the past 60 days

i use reddit to promote my music since its a more underground genre, thats about it, cant stand the rest of it

What genre

its called phonk, sampling old jazz and funk records to old memphis style hip hop

Me :)

ok boomer

Occasionally I see some interesting stuff on there (I play Elite Dangerous and that sub can be OK) but yeah, I don't spend much time there. It's just not that interesting to me.

>ok last vestiges of person to person interaction

send a few clicks my way.

i'm trying to monetize my channel

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> i play elite dangerous..
Will protect me from reality

Been using the internet since about 1992, 2005 came to Sup Forums, never used reddit or facebook don't own a cell phone, fuck all jews

niche subreddits are mostly ok, anything big is absolute dogshit and full of karma whoring

Ultimate boomer, god bless thee

>makes shitty music
>somehow thinks he's better than the rest of reddit

Mainly go there for the nudes

Karma any of you fucking cucks understand karma


I'm mainly there to leech free porn cause that's where camwhores are these days


stop using words just because they are trending you fucking tool

I have never had an instagram, snapchat or twitter account and I'm 18

based cringeposter

I though b was a sub

Yeah I use it to escape my bleak reality. It's nice to pretend I'm a thousand light years away from this shitty planet.

same here except I have a phone but I don't use it like a smart phone I only use it for calls and texting which is rare cause I don't have friends. everything there is an app for I can do more comfortably on a big screen at my pc.

This guy can get away with not using social media because he's old as fuck
You're just an absolute loser

>likes rock

Why so?

who the fuck even describes it as being "on reddit" unless they are referring to someone actively using the website at that particular moment
even worse is retards asking if you "have reddit" like its a fucking app not a website
god damn i hate retard zoomer phoneposters

except that following trends is the most cringeworthy thing there is

I'm in my late 20's and I can also get away with it. what the fuck do you need social media for anyway?

Where in my post did I mention liking rock? Are you some kind of schizo?

I replied to 2 specific people, I did not leave my post open to be replied to by other random morons

MeEEeeeeEEeEeee! I Reddit. My pussy pops 4 Reddit

I guess posting pictures intended to show people what are you up to and the dick you're sucking means not being a looser for some people

that's what you get for posting in an open forum, bitch.


If you think you can just "reply to 2 specific people" and not be answered by anyone else, you re just another newfag

im just figuring this reddit thing out

Unless you're looking for some more specific things, it's really not worth it

its great if you have a specific issue to resolve and want to see actual humans discussing it instead of some retarded exploiting-google-SEO result or one of those microsoft forums with rando indians asking for 10 pages of logs
unfortunately the rest of it is just bots, bait, cringe and kids acting like their opinions matter

mostly im building a new pc and have no idea what to buy

Oh, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Real cringe comes when you check something like the pewdiepie or teenagers subreddit

Pfft... must be a karma whore

been snooping around. this investing board clearly has lots to be learned from

Honestly Reddit is good for things like smaller topics like lesser played games. But Reddit as a whole is a decent way to find good content as long as you ignore the unbearable community.

im still getting used to this whole typing whole sentences and posting threads with actual content