I'm new

I'm new

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Come back when you're old.

Couldn't have said it better myself, friend.

hold up a spork

Lurk for at least a few months on any given board before posting any replies to it.
Post replies for a few months before even considering starting a new thread.

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Age? What that mouth do?


Tits and timestamp

It's obviously not him, just a picture of some future roastie thot.

get off newfag

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>thinking muh sekret cklub is so special that you have to spend months learning how to act

leave and kys, thanks

normalfag detected. Fuck off back to r greentexts

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you didn't detect shit retard


Yea he did. You dont belong. You are noorrrmalllllll

no your not

That explains the Ahegao face Go slow and gently the first time, though since you've started already just enjoy yourself

leave asap, for your own good

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No rules join noww

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Fuck Xylophone dicks Salamander Willy 4 Anime

the first letter of each of these words (case sensitive) makes a discord join code because Sup Forums marks it as spam otherwise lol im bored

fuck off nigger. People like you are the reason this site is infested with re di t cucks and youtube meme faggots. There is a bar of entry on this site; be part of the community or fuck off to some other site that wants your unfunny normalfaggotry.

Slit your wrists in the bathtub and die.

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guys he's been watching /b simulator threads on youtube before getting the courage to post a thread, this guy is a fucking pleb. if you have tits show them otherwise you won't get far round' these parts.

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I'm jew

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maybe it's secret club retards like you making Sup Forums shit

i bet people 13 year olds in 2004 werent lurking like a bunch of retards afraid of the big bad Sup Forums man coming to get you, and those were the good days

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Looks like Kira Kosarin

Don’t listen to this fucken faggot. Start shitposting from day one! No one knows who you are so who gives a fuck?

your mom is in muh bathtub cos I just fucked her up the asshole

iM nEw...

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