If you Liberals continue to Resist Trump you could find yourself in a Re-Education Program by Early 2021

If you Liberals continue to Resist Trump you could find yourself in a Re-Education Program by Early 2021..

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Bumping for the Main Page. We need to be putting on a Unified Front as a country, not engaging in Political Theater like this Impeachment Bullshit.
Half of you could be arrested and processed as Enemies of the State for continuing to go along with Pelosi's Criminal Investigation.

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America cant afford to educate us right the first time around. We are too busy bombing brown people to educate American population twice.


Fuck you, fuck Trump, fuck his stupid ass wife, fuck his stupid ass kids (besides Tiffany and Baron). This isn't a fucking dictatorship, bitch. He's a piece of shit and so are you.

OK this is what I'm talking about. You could be rounded up off the streets and put into a facility where you literally UN-LEARN all that toxic hatred you have for our President.

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You are literally a fucking retard. This shit ISN'T going to happen. Keep dreaming you dictator worshiping prick. This isn't fucking North Korea. It isn't Saudi Arabia. It isn't Russia. It isn't China. Go fucking live there if you want to live in a place where you'll get tortured/killed for speaking out against Hitler-lite.

I love having such a powerful, virile man in charge, don't you? God I bet his anus tastes delicious.

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I'd rather die than be unified with this piece of shit.

I really don't think you get it. This is how our enemies talk about Our President. They call him a "dotard" "incompetent" "fascist." This is unacceptable and you actually might find yourself working to raise money for his 2020 campaign even if it means making up the shortfall out of your own pocket.

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You're probably a tranny. Can't figure out what you are. Failing at both genders. You can't join a side cause there isn't one for you.

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seethe little kid

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What's funny is that Trump is actually dumb enough to yearn for this kind of authoritarianism.

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Trump's been really patient with you, but it's very likely most of your remaining life could be spent in a re-education facility.

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And it's actually Illegal to Impeach a President in Time of War.

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Why does the average Democrat hat Ruuskieland so much anyway?

>why do I love putin
we don't know boris
that's between you and him

So you don't really have an answer is what you're telling me?

we told you no boris
we don't know why you love putin

You're attemps to bait and anger me are admirable, but I can neither be baited nor angered.

>the right
>re-education camps
That's a leftist thing.
Right out of the 1984 playbook, just like everything else they use.

That's adorable. Really. Which side currently has Mexicans locked up in Camps?

You're clearly angry that your naivete about Russia is being interpreted to mean you are a (badly portrayed) Russian operative.

>Trump, Russia, Putin, Collusion
>Trump, Russia, Putin, Collusion
>Trump, Russia, Putin, Collusion
No matter how many times you repeat it, it won't be true.

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>1984 is "the left"
adults are talking user

>Faggot Bootlicker Useful Idiot You
only has to be said once

Well, considering the camps started during King Nigger's term in office, that'd be the democrats wouldn't it?
Or does that work differently when you do it, and then the next administration keeps it?

Okay, boomer.

Ooh, struck a nerve. Working overtime tonight?

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Little bitch has to resort to whataboutism to try and get his racist, dumbfuck point across.

This is not an argument.
Doesn't work so well when your enemy knows your playbook chapter and verse, does it? Maybe pick up something newer than Rules for Radicals.

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So you admit the impeachment of Clinton was bullshit, as well as the time and money put into Clinton and her emails, yes? You can't have it both ways.

Just go back or apply at a legal port of entry? Why did they try to sneak in?

>impeachment of Clinton was bullshit
No. Bill lied under oath.
>as well as the time and money put into Clinton and her emails
...these are two different things, moron. Hillary's emails violated national security and several laws regarding data handling and security clearances. Laws that, I'll remind you, GOT ANOTHER MAN ARRESTED FOR THE EXACT SAME THING during the same time period.

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But she won the popular vote.

I've hated Trump for a while but recently changed my mind. He might be scum but God damn does he have some big ass balls to do what he's doing. I don't agree with alot of it but ya gotta admit he's an ubermensch. Basically a King in all but name. Can't beat him, might as well join


trump will be dead of a heart attack by 2021

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>implying the popular vote matters
>implying most of that wasn't bussing niggers, spics, and leftists across county and state lines to double or triple vote, dead people voting, dogs voting, illegals voting, and so on.
Voter fraud was confirmed in Hillary's favor and they knew it. Why do you think they didn't push too hard for an investigation?

Don't worry though.
You remember that horrible feeling you had the night Trump won?
You're getting a second helping soon.

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trump fans come here

fuck liberals

discord gg/F9GBME

no rules

Yes three million people voted twice and no one noticed. Not even Trump's special investigation task force which was forced to concede that all three million of those votes were legitimate.

2018: Blue Wave
2019: Blue Wave
2020: Trump magically becomes acceptable to the American people. Cool story bro.

they cannot be rehabilitated. The only cure for liberalism is death.

regardless of Trump, liberals are going to be rounded up and killed. Mark my words. Everyone is beyond tired of their shit.

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But how's his anus taste?

Trump is Putin's cock holster. Everything he does only makes sense if he is a Russian asset. He went broke many years ago and owes everything to Russian billionaires who stole all the USSR's state-owned assets when they went belly-up.

What do Trump's balls taste like?

it was 800,000 illegal voters at first, then they changed it to 3,000,000, then 5,000,000 now it's back to 3,000,000

Trumptards can't keep their lies straight

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super neato story, guy.

Fuck off, incel.

what has he been doing that benefits Russia?

Leftists will push for laws that eventually bite them in the asses when they start getting applied to them as well.

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I'd be elated if Trump was working with Russia. Russians are based. Russia does not tolerate so much faggots and queers. They get beat, sent to prison, and beat again. It's awesome.

>what has he been doing that benefits Russia?
Hillary as President would have benefited Russia the most, so I'm not surprised if Putin paid millions for her campaign.

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Trying to get sanctions dropped, get them back in the G7... holding up Javelin missile sales to Ukraine, draining money from the European Deterrence Initiative. I’m sure I’m missing many more.

the syrian withdrawal is a huge benefit to russian interests in the region

also, he allowed the $500 billion dollar Rosneft / Exxon merger to go forward (after appointing former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state)

>Trying to get sanctions dropped, get them back in the G7... holding up Javelin missile sales to Ukraine, draining money from the European Deterrence Initiative. I’m sure I’m missing many more.

Sounds more like Neocon Jew policy than anti-Russia policy.

except none of that is actually happening

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>except none of that is actually happening
Dude litterally says Russia should be readmitted... Trumptards gotta tard



yet the left thinks we should have dialect with every other country on earth. Except Russia because they're currently using that as some mindless retard excuse to undermine Trump. lel. Leftists are insects.

Durr and durrer

leftists have nothing. You are mocked and laughed at.

But like everyone has pointed out to you, none of it is actually happening. Only talk. So you got nothing but your made up retard thoughts.

Coming from a trumpfag, that’s about as concerning to me as the breeze that passes between my asscheeks.

All 7 members voted them out after the annex Crimea, it's not the left, it's countries who want to mantain some kind of order.

You sure bout that, lil buckaroo?


Or through a series of Censorship campaigns, impeachment and other means, the ability for people who support trump to communicate or do ANYTHING meaningfull or effective will be reduced to 0. Trumps day is pretty much almost done. I love how I get attacked on what I do here regardless. If Im acting in a similar vain towards repub bitch shit I get *ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS TRUMP SHOULD DIE * etc. If Im not It's IF YOU RESIST TRUMP YOUR GOING TO GET THE BADS. Whoever does this shit is literally just anti me. Regardless of my views. So to the FUCK who keeps posting this shit get a fucking purpose in your life and rot.

I actually don't support Trump. He's not extreme enough. I only support him because he drives retard leftists crazy. He brings you all out of hiding and make you easier to identify for future events.

Still no fucks to give over here.

l o fucking l

that's fine


hi boris

Mildly infuriating extremely retarded thread; I have no doubts hes going to lose in 2020 so I'm going to ignore this thread and go coom

>I only support him because
>I'm a stupid dipshit
>spank me

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Oooops, there’s dozens more... dumbshit. We both know you are wrong.



please spare everybody your shitty biased news sources. They all have derangement syndrome and lie about everything.

That would actually be kind of funny seeing lefties get dragged out of their homes Reeeing as they get loaded onto a bus with a message written on it a la Arbeit macht frei.

wow awesome post, you're doing great!

>trump dindu nuffin
>facts trigger me hard


>trump does everything he can to lie, cheat and steal using his position of power
>trying him as the obvious criminal he is= YOU are the criminal
I'd explain why you are stupid, but I don't want to see what happens when you try to think

Trump is a cuck. He WANTS more brown people to come here "legally." The Russia thing is absolute bullshit manufactured by leftist crybaby autists. But regardless, Trump is still not "making America great again" if he wants 3rd world socialist voters to come here.

China has re-education camps
good to know where trump voters have wandered

United States Naval Institute News... biased, lol

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The facts are that Trump stole American taxpayer money meant for the military to build the stupid racist wall you support. Thankfully construction has been halted through legal challenges.

The camps will only be used to house you until we dispose of you. Reeducation not necessary. And then once the leftists are gone the camps won't be needed anymore.

>He WANTS more brown people to come here
no he doesn't
>The Russia thing is absolute bullshit
no it isn't boris

are you just retarded or retarded Mr. Derp? Don't answer that I already know.
>cause there isn't a power struggle on all levels of government right now or anything

yes he has stated so.

You'd better hope the military doesn't assume power. The first thing they will do is recall all non-military firearms.

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