What's your NNN strategy bois?

What's your NNN strategy bois?

I really want magic powers, but god damn I'm horny. really dont want to lose.

I told myself the only way I can cum is is I do it anally. In my eyes that's a win-win. either I learn magic or I get a super O.

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Ya dig?

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Wanna fuck my pussy?


depends what those waist/hips look like

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oh damn it fucked up my square

uhm fuck a girl, thats a famous loophole in NNN

watch boku no pico and a Serbian film at the same time when ever you want to jerk off

I have a few times, but I have a libido like a forest fire.

I also started taking vitamins that stimulate growth in ejaculate as well as doing kegals. it's only making it harder to hold all this cum in.

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i feel you brother, my powers are barely able to be contained as well.

We just need to redirect our powers to the arcane

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ohh how i long to unleash my vigor while gazing at the forbidden scrolls of the interwebs, but we must endure.

Ive been trying to avoid all the porn threads, but damn, girls are nice to look at

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i honestly do not get how can someone be a fag when girls exist.

You should nut to my pussy

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well that's just close minded and short sighted. if you cant accept that other people have lived completely different lives that have started in different places and given them different outlooks on life than you won't get very far. other people liking other things is what makes us more than a bunch of samey normies. except fatties. people shouldn't be attracted to those abominations.

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BEGONE TEMPTING THOT (thats a nice wet pussy though)

#1 that looks like some google page 2 pussy.

#2 Those hands looks pretty chubby

Tits+timestamp or gtfo

forgot my wiz pic

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i just like girls too much, i cannot imagine myself lusting for a dude, thats what im saying...

I figure i save my nut for the whole month so i can bust a fat load on my face or in my mouth

same, my dude. same.

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post it when you do faggot

If I don't succeed at cumming from anal I'm going to blow my load all over my girl's tits.

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Yeah I’m fat, my hands are fat, my pussy‘s fat, you‘d still fuck me

fuck. no. I wouldn't.

I don't want your tits+stamp anymore


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Sure you would

i will try night time workout to distract me from the thots, wish me luck on my endeavors lads.

Godspeed brother

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For the cause

god speed user

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most useful, thanks user.

keep lying to yourself. seeing you would likely encourage me to finish NNN. Being overweight is literally the opposite of attractive.
Conventional attraction is typically boiled down to being a good breeding partner. being overweight says you have poor impulse control, you're more likely to pass on genes that predispose them to be ham beasts, and you don't care about your own body enough to not abuse it with KFC and donuts daily.


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yeah, no. I'm not attracted to pigs.

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Sure you are

Tell me more about my genetical disposition darwin

wow. so sultry. I'm completely won over.

u fat lol

You need to chill. I’m not someone who will argue with strangers on the internet. Good luck with NNN

Not a faggot just really horny

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thank god. bye

>on /b
>wants to cum on own face
>not a faggot

What's everyone else's plan for when they cum for the first time?

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nice pussy, got some more for a poor traveler?

My nuts are about to explode

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What are the exact rules you follow to get magic powers OP? Is it not just virginity till 30? Is fapping also determining your wisdom and Int stats?

Here you go big boy ;)

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This snatch always gets me going

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Whats NNN?

in my many readings (mostly at the Arcane Archive and a brief time in the Black Library) I have found the most effective way to harnessing power is to use ones life force.

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Now, sexual energy is a large part of any male's life force. so by training, flexing and growing ones libido you can increase your life force. If you stop masturbating than you can build up that life force and concentrate it towards your magely studies. only those of iron will can perform such a stunt, but my journey into the arcane has been one of study and discipline and I think I'm ready.

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>Black Library
>Arcane Archive

I hear about those the firt time and I swear I am not joking, even if this is all a hoax I would still go after the dream of actual white magic.

So draining your lifeforce via orgasms is kinda like depleting your mana pool? GHow much pent up mana do I need to have to cast a simple spell?

wtf is going on there

It's not that reductive. to try to quantify, or even gather all things that influence your magical ability is fruitless. there is no hard measure of ones innate and applied power.

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Sounds sensible. That would make me extremely talented magician. I can fap up to 20 times a day until my balls start complaining and i can even not loe libido after having fapped, in a nutshell I have a natural high octane motor for mana regen.

Pls give me some concrete advice. whre can i read up on stuff etc.


sexual energy isn't even close to the only energy that magic uses. if you want to perform white magic you need to be practicing patience, meditation, and knowledge that is both applicable and helpful to others.

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LOOOOOL. got eem.

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of course all the mana in the wprld i useles without arcane knowladge or a spell. I have nothing i am a mundy or whatever harry potter nerds would call me.

patience and maditation are my limiting factors. i am super impulsive. i loveknowledge but how do i go on to aquireing arcane knowledge. archane = hiddne for a reason. pls help a muggle out.

Again, having a lot of sexual energy does not equate to having a lot of arcane potential. it is the discipline and obedience that allows one to harness this energy.

Such information is not so freely given away. it is a long journey and not one that most will be able to stick to. if you truly want to dive into the life of the Magi you need to start with the disciplines. there is no hand book, and there is no one that can perfectly teach you how to do this, but you need to discover your life force. most people do it by becoming good at meditating, studying the histories of different magics, and inspiring exercise.(such as a martial art, yoga, mountain climbing etc.)
for me I found the green space to be an exceptional help.

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this is how all aspiring aconites should begin

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ok all of that i can use as a diraction to make the first step of my journey. thank you alot!

>green space and NNN

can you give me a brief explanation

what kind of magic can you guys already cast?
i actually can do something like magic but very rarely and i also dont know if i am just losing it.

Aye its jace!

Always happy to help a aspiring learner
Explanation of what?

Well I have focused mostly on magicks of the earth and the water. though I have a natural pension for divination. frequently i will have dreams or visions of whats to come. sometimes its so exact that I can tell someone what they're going to say before they do, others times is vague and powerful.

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explanation of what NNN means and what green space is.

>it is the discipline and obedience that allows one to harness this energy.

also obedience to whom?

No nut nov
>easy google search btw

NNN is no nut November dude

i return victorious from my training, young one, listen not to this proponents of peace and contro, true might is found in the powers to destroy and feeding from your anger frustration and anger, gather your darkest thoughts and let them be the endless void from which your magic emanates

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Well like I said my libido is strong probably even strong enough to influance my knowledge.

Lolno been there not fun. There is always someone mightier than you and being a contro will jut get you your ass kicked. deservedly so, learned that the hard way.

That's because something in their DNA is messed up, that's the only way for a guy to not be attracted to girls

i am not a mere barbarian who reeacts like a beast at every obstacle, there is also might in cunning, deception, cloak and dagger.

>What's your NNN strategy bois?
Ignoring the silly thing.

i duno, i think nature and nurture have a similar influence, but some are either biologically or mentally predisposed to faggotry it seems, a disfunction in the biological imperative of reproduction.

Ah, yes. apologies I'm drunk.

These two answered your first question.

The Green Space is a little more abstract. It's hard to describe to someone for the first time. The green space is a separate plain that manifests itself in pockets of our plane. always in nature. in my experience it's been easiest to find in the woods/forest.
The Green Space plane is one of endless forest, field, and mountain. To find a place where our planes meet go out into nature, a place where you are unlikely to meet other people, or be distracted by modern life. begin to explore. your goal isn't to rack up miles or reach a specific destination, it's to explore and enjoy this natural space for what it is. inspect mushrooms, travel off path, climb downed trees, sniff wild flowers, just enjoy the place you're in. eventually you will stumble across a place that feels extraordinarily calm. like being in that patch of land makes it so much easier to shut out the outside world and look inward. here you want to focus on yourself by meditating, or burning incense, chanting, whatever works for you. these plainar cross overs usually last a season so once you've found it you can revisit it.

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this is a mere hill troll looking for attention, care not for what he says.

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nope, there is only arrogant pride in those things. petty pride too since people like you go for weaker beings who are easily bested. Tthere is no strenght in that but weakness cowardice and ultimatly a disease of heart.

true strenght comes from being able to fight your fight mostly by yourself or even fight for 2 or 3 and lif your problems by yourself or even the problems of 2 or 3.

a sophisticated barbarian is even worse than a mere barbarian sorry wrong path is wrong path no matter how much you have progressed in it. but its never too late to turn around a long as you live that is.

of course not wise teacher!!!

These cheap illutionists seek to hide true power from you , if thy seeketh the greatest of powers, it is found in the ability to influence the minds and wills of those around you.

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thank you alot. i have lived my life in the exact opposite of a green space. which would be the furnished prison i call home but am still gratefull for. that would explain why i am so far removed from my goal. i will add your explanation to my journals!

Midget fingers

Sorry, pretty sure i was under the influence of the likes of you before and even though i am kind of gratefull your kind showed me what i do not want to be, i also want to puke uncontrollably if i think of myself as one of you. mind autonomy is a huge thing for me.

OH yes, I didn't answer your question about obedience.

The obedience is to no person. it's to your studies. there is no one way to the life of a wizard. all who claim ti be able to cast spells and do magic or magick are usually 20% right. by learning may ways from many people you can find the true path. it has not been recorded, or made easily teachable for a reason. study the starts learn the dates of the Equinoxes and the solstices, learn the plants of your area, etc.
to use your powers is fueled by knowledge and life force. you must understand the world around you.

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Persue the Dark Triad young one, and let your will dominate the minds of those too meek to know better.

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this is where you are wrong. I know that you seek to play the role of the stereotypical dark wizard, but let me tell you that control over others is often necessary.

Acolytes who are here for knowledge: know that this caricature is just that, a caricature. there will come times when it is best for everyone that you exert your will over others. never permanently, and never for your own financial gain. however the duality of the human is never so simple

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lacking knowledge in the dark arts is foolish at best, and a fatal mistake at worst, lets you open to be washed away by a will greater than your own, i shall go cleanse, for my training has made my smell mighty as well

lol dude you sound like an archmage and a pretty convincing one too. i believe you if you claim you have met many wizards etc but that also must mean that you are very old or not human since in my estimation coming across actuar mages should be rare in our technology and science whorshipped time.

No, truthfully I'm 26. though I have been on this path for a long time, and spend nearly all of my free time growing to be the Wizard I know I can be. I have met a few magi in my time, but mostly witches. their magic runs shallow and uninformed. often they lack the spiritual base that many wizards do. actually this modern age is amazing for people like me. now I can get many ancient books and manuscripts as scans of the originals and translate them myself. that alone is a huge boon.

forgot my wiz pic again

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yes like asserting control over that pesky darkling when he wants to hurt people again.

what a sad world you must be living in if you are constantly fearing the wills of others that might want to wash you away. and someone who resorts to the weak and easy means will be washed away, by someone who excercises strength and is accustumed to difficulty, with easy.

exactly. reality is often good people, doing not so good actions to stop terrible people.

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There is a whole scene of wizards going on nowadays. just shows how much i have isolated myself.

Yes although it is scary asserting power and control over others (even the wicked) if man is so lackluster and fallable.

Ok i am actually running late to some hugely important appointment. I can't wait to meet you guys!! I WILL SAVE THIS ENTIRE THREAD.

the "scene" of magic peoples is as large and as small as it has ever been. there is a balance to be maintained and the creme rises to the top.

precisely. once one has started down this path power is not a priority. you influence others only for knowledge and the greater good. even then one must be care not to over step.

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