When I was 19 I was desperate, friendless and alone and moved across the country to live on a neo Nazi compound...

When I was 19 I was desperate, friendless and alone and moved across the country to live on a neo Nazi compound. Soon after I moved I started to have doubts, but I ignored them and now I hold a pretty high rank. Our leader recently shared some really fucked up stuff with me and now I desperately want to get out but I am afraid I'll be killed if I leave.

what do I do?

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Also ama I guess, I don't want to post too many specifics though because this website is what got me started into this shit in the first place and I know some of our guys lurk Sup Forums still.

Good. If that's the case then please make a shitty attempt to leave. I hope you fucking die. You deserve all the pain and misfortune your pathetic excuse of a life can handle.

You rise up and derank him.

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>narc and dip
>move to another country

what that smell?

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I know exactly who you're talking about how fucking stupid are you? you're dead you fucking rat.

I can't argue with triple doubles. I know I haven't been the best person, but I still don't want to die.

Leader claims he has an in with the local police and for what I've seen he isn't lying, they've mostly left us alone even when crimes have been reported. Could try the FBI, but I hear they are useless without support from local police.

Ich weiß wer du bist. Sie werden nicht in einem Stück entkommen. Wir werden dein Herz ausschneiden und es zum Abendessen essen. Was von dir übrig bleibt, wird zu den Hunden geworfen.

>now I hold a pretty high rank.
>in my mom's basement

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>high ranked neo-nazi
But still a bottom feeder.

Speak with a lawyer, then have him accompany you to the FBI to report some terrorist plot they're cooking up. Go into the witness protection program. You've done it.

That is some high school level german. Low iq german or pretend german.

But user that cost money and OP never held a job.

there are organiations that help you get out, iirc one is called exit.

In the small chance you aren't trolling I seriously doubt you figure out who I am based on what I've said here.
That's the best thing I can think of, but getting off the compound long enough or keeping my emails secret is tricky. Also I've committed serious crimes and I'm not sure if Witness protection would take me. If I go to jail I'd be in the same position but unarmed.

Yeah it isn't perfect. Sue me user. Give me time. I just struggle not to say SOMETHING in these threads. English translates like shit into pretty much any language. That is the whole reason everyone speaks rather "broken English" as we say. Like Russians. They often leave out entire words when speaking English. But so do Swedes and many others. "I went to store to get bottle of Vodka." When any English person would say "I went to THE store to grab A bottle of Vodka." Just little things like that. In English we often use more words. And the structure of our language is rather different.

obvious google translate use, ß is typically typed out as "ss"

Perhaps try contacting the Southern Poverty Law Center.


WHy are you such a pussy?

Well since no one is asking good questions;

What crimes have you done?

Do you still hate people?

Into drugs?

Is there pussy on the coupon? If so how good?

Use an encrypted E-mail service like Proton Mail, or Signal as an encrypted messaging app. If you have some serious dirt on something they've done, you can have your lawyer negotiate a commuted sentence, or immunity all together.

You haven't considered just leaving (walking out the door)? Hop a train and go wherever it takes, find work, go to school, live your life, OP. You should watch a few videos on how David Miscavige's father left a Scientologist compound.


It wasn't bad, just obvious.

>What crimes have you done?
Assault, fraud, criminal harassment, have straw purchased guns for felons, and have built explosives.
>Do you still hate people?
I still don't like being near black people, but I no longer think anyone should be genocided.
>Into drugs?
one of the few good things to come out of this is that I went from being a drunk and a benzo addict to being clean and sober

>Is there pussy on the coupon? If so how good?
Very little. I've gotten laid twice since I've been here and am glad I wrapped it up. That girl is the town bike.

Go with it brother.

Just leaving is hard. The organization basically takes all of your money "for safe keeping and to support the cause" If I left I'd be homeless and its getting cold out. I know serious dirt and might be able to get physical evidence too. Thanks for a serious response.

I'm not actually any part of OP's circles. I do not believe the "official story" about WW2 though. I do not view Nazi soldiers or Adolf Hitler the way most do. I refuse to "drink the kool aid" as it were. I did believe it at one point, but that is because I went to school and did as everyone else did, right? I would Hail to Victory were I in Deutschland during that period of time, and of that I will not deny. Clearly, regardless of what you believe about Hitler or WW2, it cannot be understated nor denied just how much Hitler did for their country. Deutschland became a desolate waste in the aftermath of WW1 and he gave them hope. He encouraged a broken people and gave them the inner strength that made them one of the fiercest military forces the world has EVER seen. The name of "Germany" was enough to turn any man's head in those days. A nod of respect and a grin of admiration could be given and shown in their direction. They were not only strong, but they were also gracious and happy. I don't think Deutschland will see a time nearly as wonderful as those days were for their people at that time. I refuse to believe that their fathers, their uncles and their brothers were monsters. I suppose I have somewhat of a personal feeling about it as well, given that a large part of my family comes from Deutschland. And a number of them are still over there.

What state? If you don't want to mention it, I'm tan and I haven't ever gotten any glares but I'm not white. Would I be in trouble in your state?

(To add) It very well could be that several members of my own family were Nazi soldiers. My family have been native Germans for a LONG time. While my specific branch of the family moved to America about 90 years ago, the rest of them stayed in Deutschland. As I have said before, we share our family name. My great grandparents came to America, and their siblings and cousins stayed. I've got a number of family in Germany to this day.

So are they straight edge? I thought Nazis fucked around with meth.

Do they make you get tattoos?

Assault sounds like you beat up some black people, do you feel bad about that like in that Edward Norton movie?

Pics of the town bike?

No problem, it'll take some courage to finally make the decision to leave, but the first rule of getting yourself out of a ditch you've dug yourself in is to stop digging. Good luck.

Believe whatever you want, but don't end up like me. Even if you are suicidal, you might one day decide you want to live and realize you've killed yourself.

Pacific Northwest, and if your car broke down right outside the gates of the compound someone would probably act very nice and give you a ride to a mechanic, you'd probably be safe. We only really target people when we know we can get away with it, and when it helps advance our goals.

>Assault sounds like you beat up some black people, do you feel bad about that like in that Edward Norton movie?

>One gay dude, and a few members as punishment for "anti-white crimes". At first I convinced myself I was doing the right thing, but recently I've began to feel guilty.

>Do they make you get tattoos?
I have a black sun on my back, but not everyone has to get tattoos and leadership recommends against swastikas, the idea is to blend in with normal society in the event of a racial holy war.

So are they straight edge? I thought Nazis fucked around with meth.
Not exactly, alcohol is okay, weed and meth and the like are forbidden. There are rumors that upper command do mushrooms as part of some kind of wotanist ritual.
I don't have any and wouldn't want to risk someone recognizing her. She's just a skinny pale girl with buck teeth.

no one said you had to pull the plug instantly. all you need to do is slowly fade out of their day to day activity. get a job, go to school, find a hobby and then you'll have every reason to not participate. if that doesn't work, just tell them you aren't fit to be in a commanding position. this is just assuming you're not full of shit, though.

I don't speak dog

If a German is a dog, then what does that make you? A cat? A mouse?

this. if you're in there because that's the only thing you can do, so be it. if you can get a job and your own place and leave, do that instead.

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What are anti white crimes? Did they have black girlfriends?

Do you carry a gun? What gun do you prefer?

>What are anti white crimes? Did they have black girlfriends?
You'd probably be killed or banished for something like that. No, they were suspected of doing drugs, or snitching or got caught talking about sensitive things to people they shouldn't have

Do you carry a gun? What gun do you prefer?
>Around the compound I carry a Ruger sp101 with a 4 inch barrel. I picked it because I thought it looked cool. Outside I am typically unarmed unless there is a special purpose. Leadership doesn't want us arrested.

Move to Mexico and join a monastery. Not only will you be in a place where they won't bother going but you can repent for your sins

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Well that's all I could think of. Hope you get out. I'm glad that you seem to be trying not to hate people for things they can't control, that's pretty cool.

I hope you don't get killed or go to jail.

The penalty for treason is death I hope they find you disloyal faggot.

I'm not religious, but that doesn't sound bad.

You mean cartels will not fuck their ass there, like if those animals are stopped by church related buildings.

The only cartels that fuck with normal people are the north ones(the minority), most nasty shit you see on gore sites is cartel on cartel killings