How does one picture cause Sup Forums to seethe so hard?

How does one picture cause Sup Forums to seethe so hard?

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They spelled friendship wrong and that doesn’t really bother me. I think I’m growing up

They left out the d because their frienship will never end

Oh wow, that’s rather wholesome

The wholesome-est

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Because there's a lot of man-children on here.

>vga/dvi video
not gonna make it

it doesn't because it's not even remotely realistic.

Cute! What’s the source on these?

Have you seen the Sup Forums or Sup Forums threads about it, or the one on /r9k/ yesterday. There is a lot of seething involved.


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vga monitors are cheap as hell and don't matter when all you do is browse facebook

Seethe? I love that pic! The brown girl is a qt

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After a few clicks I come back with a bounty

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Stop it
Not cool

theeeeere it is the thread's complete we can all go home now

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fuck you. give me 1080p or give me, idk, a fucking 4/3 aspect ratio NiggerTech shit viewer. VGA is ass and everyone knows it

I wish someone will friend request me.

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you on instagram?

I wish girls would send me messages like that. Maybe I should take up racism.

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>Maybe I should take up racism.

>implying that you haven't already
seriously, what the fuck. lurk moar newfag

so cute LOVE IS LOVE

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that is the shittiest colorswap i've seen in a long time

that pictures funny she looks like one of those pan african black rights girl and the guy looks like a nazi

the original nazi didn't want to kill blacks or people they only wanted a good place for whites and were promoting other races to do the same shit, now they are a joke and the pan african people want to kill whites enslave them and the other races. but i like that picture

i hope everyone can live peacefully in the future

They’re both happy, what’s the issue?

She's not a radical black, but her mom is

white girl is cuter than the black girl,.... or maybe thats just race bias lmaoo

I never said it wasn't, I just said they're cheap and good enough for shitty facebook jpegs

IDpol, is cancerous AIDS, floating in boiling shit. The most inane 'liberal' concept, ever conceived.

Where do these images come from originally? Find them funny

They are from

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join my discord please i'm lonely gg/cK9DBSH

damn it, u beat me to it.

Why can't I have this? WHY!

hahahahahahahahaha fucking faggot

hes a fucking rapist nigger, not cool man, not cool

Try leaving your number in a bathroom stall, just sneak into the girl's bathroom somewhere

If you're telling me you wouldn't clap her brown cheeks then you're gay

Thanks fam

No one gets triggered by that comic, the general consensus is that is pretty wholesome whenever is posted

Sup Forumstards and anti-Sup Forumstards get triggered by it, for completely opposite reasons

>Sup Forums

My mom and dad will call me faggot when they're taking turn beating me.

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pol seemed to like it

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Ok, what is the source for this comic?

Source is

well i totally would, but white girl i would go nuts for. weird bc i usually have a thing for black girls

Hmm, very strange

You're dissapointed someone is a faster cuck than you?

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only on the internet lmao

stick to your race, have a family, tattoos are degenerate.

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Too late. Your ideal world has already crumbled.

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lol the hand still black. QC dude.

its just dirty from making the sand castle

Also, he's saving the D for later.

fuck off kike


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It doesn't. Sup Forums just used it to make memes.

Hail The New Dawn

>have a family

Yepp leave it to your fucked up gubment to brain wash you burgers into spitting out more and more tax paying mouth breathers

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>he pays taxes

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Any Instagram?

I think the day you take up racism will the day racism starts being uncool


This has been the case for over a decade, laddy. Nobody is seething over this.

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discord gg/F9GBME

no rules

fuck niggs

I don't think so, but he opened a Facebook today

He does not have an Instagram, only Faneo, Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt.

nice honeypot, faggot

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black woman white man does not bother me at all, but I will not allow you posting black man white woman.

Its cute and most tards here cant get this far with any kind of girl.

i love manu chao :D

Friendship spelling, It makes sense now considering most nignogs are basically retarded.

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better or worse?

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Holy shit, dude. That totally changes my entire view of the world. Thank you for this blessing


Amazing stuff.

Doing God's work, user, don't let the kikes tell you otherwise

make the black girl have a dick and you're there

>typing wit one finger
Absolute degen tier
Otherwise this is very cute and I hope for the sake of neoneonazis that are only neoneonazis because they are dumb and misguided 12yos that we can one day live in this world where ex-neoneonazis can make friends with black women and no longer have to live in shame because of their susceptibility to certain forms of facist propaganda endofpost period

Because it doesn't
and you're still a massive faggot

Eh doesn't bother me. I've slept with all kinds of women. Skin color doesn't bother me. I judge people based on their personality.


>I've slept with all kinds of women


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very cute!

I'm not here for the hentai. I'm here for the romance and hugs.

Niggers don't have noses like that, hair like that, or (no) lips like that.

Who's seething? Women of all races love white men. It's just a fact of life

She's only half black