What's robotripping like?

what's robotripping like?

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IN THIS THREAD: Children without access to actual drugs

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Just in case

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all those dxm extraction legends are bullshit

You're insane. I've done this and tripped my ass off.

idk man. there isn't any way for me to know that it's JUST dxm in that powder, even if it does work...

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its like you do everything automatically with no effort and its kinda cool. also your body is really tingly and intenso sometimes and if you do a lot you will have dreamlike visions and visualizations.
the day after you may feel refreshed.
it can cause some nausea but at first i hardly got any.
people hate it but fuck the haters Dxm is one of the most awesome drugs until you get a tolerance. be warned if you use it for too long you'll lose the magic and feel like your life is hell.
also weird sensations in your head and being comfy but sometimes unable to sleep anyway

ask trayvon martin

does tolerance build inevitably or could you, like, wait a couple weeks in between?

Not necessarily, DXM helped me kick heroin

Dissociative and pukey

I had an actual cold at the time, and chugged medicine because I was just a retarded college student. No intent to get high at all.

I was doing some writing at the time and I remember only a few things. Everything was bright.
I wore sunglasses in the house day and night.
I also wrote some of the craziest, 90% coherent weeb erotica I've ever written.
The most memorable feeling was that I felt like I had a heavy shield around my whole body, almost like a zentai hovering around my body, with a cloud in between my skin and this area around me.
I felt protected, like a Nintendo with the Reset button being held down all day so you can safely turn off the game without losing your save data.

It was fucking weird. No abstract thoughts or anything like that though. It was just life with a barrier around my mind/body keeping me safe

that reminds me of that episode of south park where they drink cough syrup to get ideas for their news show

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bad, opiate psychosis is not fun, you will scratch your face off and jump at your own shadow and then the next day you will want to kill yourself

Well I was definitely motivated to keep writing the story I was working on, though I can't say that it inspired any new ideas.

who is that?

I think he was that kid that got shot in Florida for being a nigger or something

>opiate psychosis from an otc cough suppressant

Do not take any drug advice from this asshat


Erowid is your friend user

It pains me how neglected that site is

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LOL i was about to say, you'd have to attempt suicide to get psychosis from cough medicine

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You can wait some weeks inbetween and tolerance will go down for the first 20 - 50 trips
but eventually it'll start getting harder to get the *magic* and that can feel pretty sad. so respect it, it won't give infinitely.
at first i would get a nice high from only 120-200 mg . exercise was like I had a pro athlete take control of my body for a bit.
Although sometimes and with medium doses (and different formulations the coordination is not as enhanced) dancing and music is always really fun though

Your free trial has expired, please pay with your soul now

Pic related from some years back.

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comparable to mushrooms

I get nauseous just looking at

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definitely a possiblity

also dont be an asshat and od on this shit bc ive seen it almost happen... a couple nights on a hospital bed will break your bank, a couple weeks in a psych ward will make you insane, and thats if your get fucked and are lucky this shit can kill you.

idk tho prob not that bad just dont drink a fuck ton especially if you dont weigh much, be safe friends

nice cat

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It's exactly like that, too. it's possible to go way too far with DXM abuse.
A youtuber CG kid once said his DXM addiction was up there with meth and heroin due to the 'dirty high' romance it provided.

Dxm is not an opiate or opioid. It's an NMDA receptor agonist. Not even remotely close to any synthetic or natural opiate.

He's probably thinking that because of the acetaminophen, some dickfarts actually think it's a good idea to take tylenol for that

delsym only has one active ingredient, which is the dxm, so you don't have to worry about any other drugs

thanks, he a cute.
it actually does activate the u-opioid receptor to a degree, which is responsible for some of the dissociation and euphoria. although you are correct that it doesn't attach to most opioid sites.

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Also just to be technical it is an antagonist not an agonist (blockade as opposed to activation)

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I havent done it since school but you have this sunken in feeling, kinda like youre going 3rd person, like you disconnect from your body. I've never done stuff on it, I've only ever robotripped and then laid in bed listening to music. You can say it's a waste, but music and sleeping on DXM is fun.


You feel like you're in this game. Toonstruck is the poster child for DXM trips.

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emphasis on "abuse"

drug talk here

discord gg/F9GBME

no rules


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How long does a trip last?

Like a really shitty version of edibles.

DXM Hbr trip lasts 6-10 hours, this inclused comeup.
polistirex (delsym) trips last 10-14 hours and can be harder to sleep after. delsym also tends to give more of a warm styrofoam blood sensation and can be somewhat more disorienting.

And it is not completely unlike a weed edible, this is true. the warmness and intensity. although dxm has its strenghts over thc as well.

>friends supervised me after i took 20 DXM capsules all at once
>didn’t hit me fast enough
>decided to go to applebees
>riding in car when scalp starts itching like crazy
>scalp feels like it’s on fire
>vision went purple like an a$ap rocky music video
>wavy purple distracted from burning scalp which eventually stopped
>got to applebees
>was hard to speak but i focus and order boneless wings (buffalo) and a tray of fries
>ate one glorified chicken nugget
>appetite disappears so i eat nothing else
>friends finish eating
>purple waves become purple fuzziness
>i don’t feel in control of my motor functions
>tried to play smash bros brawl
>hilarious because the physics in that version are trash and my motor skills were even worse
>trip fades after what seemed like a millennia (6-8 hours can’t really remember)
>suddenly my stomach
>felt like my intestines exploded and sprinted toward nearest bathroom
>shit my fucking brains out not even solid shit it was all straight liquid and i sat there pissing out of my asshole for a solid hour

kinda wanna do it again but it’s been almost 7years since that experience my ex warned me it at the time that it makes you stupid as rocks after a while