Alright yellows, big brain time

Alright yellows, big brain time.

I'm not joining the assault today because I'm feeling a bit lazy and hungry, but I wanted to spread the message.

If you wanna fight the porn, go to their threads.
Post some yellow pictures and "sage" the post in the options field. Repeat ad naseum.

Some people have raised the point that porn threads get constant bumps and that's how they stay alive, so making a ton of yellow threads just knocks off everything else on the board. The best thing you can do is contribute to the image limit and overflow the porn with yellow images. After all, if they can't get their porn here, they'll have to go somewhere else.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with keeping a yellowthread or two up on the board so everyone knows that there's a raid happening, just remember your targets.

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that's smart. just sage to counteract the bumps.

Exactly user. We'll beat the coomers because we're smarter than them.


Fucking bump, let's take it back

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Also sorry, what does "sage" mean OP?

Sage the porn ads at the top of the page too!

you're a newfag but you're useful so here.

type sage in the options field to prevent a post from bumping

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Thanks, sorry that I'm a newfag, but I'm happy to help.


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Save the ship!

Save the ship

you can't tell us what we are allowed to post here. use another board or use filters if there is something you don't like.

>newfags thinking they can do anything
You yellowfags need to fuck off to a blue board already and stop crying. Fucking retards.

Mate I get what you mean but you’re tryna take the garbage out in a landfill. This place exists solely to be a dump.

this is what happened when the brilliant yellowfags tried to "save" the board from being repetitive content. as you can see they are actually mouth breathing idiots that can't even properly do a simple raid.

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Don't give up! We can take back Sup Forums!


Well said sir

Sup Forums won't go back to what it was even if this place weren't flooded with porn.

Doing raids or generally trying to fuck with other sites is still banned as fuck. Doing anything IRL is out of the question now; nobody's gonna kick postcard stands over in front of a public camera if it means getting shot at by a SWAT team for suspected terrorism. When it comes to fucking with people online, nobody is gonna risk having their livelihood destroyed and face social suicide at the hands of the eager-to-be-angered kneejerk hoards with the help of amateur internet detectives... all just for some giggles at someone else's sake. Anything that's OC will still be coming out at the same trickle that it is now, removing pornposting won't change that, some Sup Forumstards would have to actually be creative for that to change. Remove porn and you'd basically just have a board full of rekt (same old 20 webms) and YLYL (same old 20 pictures) threads we already always have alongside the porn.

The only reason porn filled the board is to occupy the void created by the lack of creativity and complacency of modern Sup Forums as a whole, and because of the modern world Sup Forums exists in. All this porn is a symptom, not the root of the problem. Your entire methodology towards saving this place is like applying a band aid to necrotic flesh. The hivemind chose to become what it is today, and if you've been here for a decade, you'd know that the hivemind will do as the hivemind pleases. There is no saving this place anymore, at least not through active effort. You can only pray the hivemind chooses to steer Sup Forums back to what it was.

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How about we make yellow threads people will engage with and keep bumped? Spamming isn't gonna work with few numbers.

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By not making a yellow thread.


ok coomer

we march!

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good to see this thread, just one tip: Don't try to harass the loli posters. They will not budge an inch. They have nowhere else to go. They are used to being hated. They get trolled and flamed constantly. They don't give a shit. Harass the people who have other places to go, you'll get further. Make a real impact.

yellow threads should be porn threads. We should just go post yellow memes on porn threads. Take over the thread, all sages.

do we have a handy overview where all common threads should migrate to, as per the rules and guidelines?

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for but

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Or just start interesting threads and support each other’s thread. But I guess that’s just a stupid idea that will never work and isn’t a long term solution unlike posting yellow threads.

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the first good raid in a while, and this time it's on our own board


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