I'm taking huge dicks for a living. here i am now. any thots?

i'm taking huge dicks for a living. here i am now. any thots?

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how much money do you make?


be my gf

How much do you cost?

How long is that dildo?

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theres a few girls in here taking requests


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all the good money comes from taking XL bad dragon dildos in the ass
consider it

>i'm taking huge dicks for a living. here i am now. any thots?

there's a thot in your post

You obviously have very high self esteem.

Jesus Christ that’s appealing

Ayyyy yo lemme smash bbg

Eagle spread?

I wanna see videos of you taking huge dildos in the ass and hear you moaning while you do it.

Who cares about length? What's the girth, how thick can you take?

Does your vag go back to normal size after a while, or is it permanently made larger?

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that would be nice

I Wana make request

I wanna see you suck on your toes while fucking yourself with that dildo.

Is a dildo or cock that big painful, or do you like it?

about 6.5 inches

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pornhub com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5da0860744c84
this the only content right now. i'm in the process of training

Are you azn or just squinting hard in that pic?

How the hell do you train to become a pornstar...just sit in front of the camera and finger yourself...

yeah my thoughts are what's your snapchat / cam site handle

is the OP pic as deep as you can take it, or can you take it deeper?

A better question is how did you write on your ass so perfectly....I can't even scratch my back without breaking a vertebrae

show tits

i want to see the same picture but with the dildo inside you touching your bellybutton by your inside

Kik or snap?

9 inches of circumference swallowed

me taking it balls deep

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Nevermind the dildoes, how hard of a spanking can you take? I prefer to use a belt or cane.

do you have a reddit account with gonewild post?

any way i can communicate u and exchange more nudes for my money? wanna daddy u

I suggest you take my nearly free money

put something in your butt!

Do you feel good about yourself? What would your father say if he knew what you were doing?


Do you really think she knows her father...

I'd like to stuff my cock up your ass with that monster in your cunt.

never heard of butt training? stretching the asshole is no easy task

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BadDragonSlayer on pornhub / manyvids / reddit

hot pic, can we see your pussy right after you pull it out? would love to see how it stretches you

wow amazing stuff on reddit

I have a fan program on manyvids with nudes and vids. Buuut with for extra $ I could make something personalized just for you, daddy.

2 questions.

1. How pleasurable is it to insert such large things and how much of it is "for show" or something you only do for camera?

2. Are there health risks with what you are doing, and what are you doing to reduce those risks?

i am multitalented

My Asian micropenis grew. Thanks ;)

are you able to control your bowel movements?

If i wanted to start butt training where should i start?

You are kinda gross. But i like how grippy your pussy is and i wanna watch you shit. Good effort femanon

Start shoving stuff in your ass.

what's the girth on it?

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Do you ever think of creating content with a partner? Or do you want to stick to solo stuff.

You look delicious,

you look like someone i know

draw a swastika on ur stomach u whore

Dragon slayer like natsu?

hot spreading, any larger size with that pic?

why would u ruin urself like dat
>>inb4 whore

Have kik/twitter/snap or anything?

us two, we're both dirty, filthy and gross. but if we're together, what does it matter?

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Whats your thoughts on toys like this?

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sexy pic, more please


honestly, it does feel pretty great to make money for getting off
thank you

discord gg/F9GBME

no rules
come here bb

Would you please post a picture of your armpits?.

armpits and ass

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post a pic Licking your thong

when did you start using bigger toys? are you a size queen? if you meet a dude and he has an average dick do you not fuck him or still go through with it and get disappointed?

Do you like getting finished inside? No protection? No b/c? I love pregnancy fetish...

Do you find the canine / beast aspect hot? Are you imagining being dominated by one?


Ever read "The Girl in 6E"

It's a book about a girl who does 24 hour camgirl work to keep herself from going out and killing randoms on the street. And then she goes out to stop a freaky fan from killing rando's on the street.

Think you'd enjoy it.

Check em

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first question why post on Sup Forums?

second question, what's your type? racially and otherwise

How do you feel about this handsome young man?

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kill it with fire

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So whore, tell me.
How long has your daddie abused you before you decided to become a slut for money?

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You're trying too hard.


That's the first time anyone told him that since his mother.

Not his fault she just laid there for him.

could you post a pic of the soles of your feet? Preferably with ass in view as well.

Jerking to you right now. Would love to see your asshole doggy position

hnnngg would you actually let someone fuck your armpit?

What a disgusting lowlife.

Go away, nigger, we're thirsty here.

Would be very fun to eat out.

sad. you need help user. get jesus, and get a life.

Got any more pics?

So how do you explain this to visitors?

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