I married this beautiful woman. Ama me anything

I married this beautiful woman. Ama me anything

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What do her farts smell like

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Sour creme and hard boiled eggs

That's MY fucking wife how did you get this picture? That was supposed to be private!

I hope for your sake that this post is trolling

That's my wife, you filthy nigger


When are you going to go to the eye doctor?

Fuck off posting this shit you annoying cunt

Its our wife now

When did Gollum get fat?

If I remove the mask will she die?

let me guess, you own a paper bag company.

for other anons on this thread, don't get married. It is a stupid thing to do

lol at "beautiful" also a larper

Tipical larp experience. 9 out of 10 are ugly as sin and 1 has the body of a model.


Server with no rules
Do whatever y’all want


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Where is she? Behind the fat bitch?

WTF that's my after dark slam pig

Aren't you over posting this?
Or has this shitty thread become some sort of meme where everyone posts her?

We know user, we have been married to her

Between the two of you, who has fewer chromosomes?

Are you blind?

The fuck you all get pics of my wife?