Is herpes a valid reason for suicide...

Is herpes a valid reason for suicide? I would put this in /adv/ but idk if it's very active and if I put it on r9k then it'll be on like the back page of it. I think I might have gotten herpes because my lips have been really chapped lately and they have red spots, I haven't kissed anyone since October and my lips don't itch at all so I probably don't have it but I'm going to get tested soon and I'm questioning whether or not it's ethical to let this virus live inside of me and potentially infect more people
Pic related: it's my lips but they're puckered in a way that might hide my identity

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Most people have HSV1, I've explained this more than 3 times to anons today. It's HSV2 you should be worried about and you can get around that as long as you don't go eating pussy while having a breakout. More than half of the population have lip herpes and it doesn't really show up until their immune system is down or until it's just time for the breakout. Put on your bigboy pants and stop being a pussy, it's nothing to worry about. Buy some Lysine and they'd clear up in like two days anyway, enjoy.

Where are you from depending on ur region u can come in cross contact with it i. e eatin a fork that wasnt washed properly etc

Don't tell me you got herpes on those blowjob lips from kissing..

I have Hsv1 and hsv2. It aint a big deal... Yes it sucks but only have outbreaks rarely and only for a few days. I read somewhere that having both reduces the number of outbreaks and duration.

I'm in a southern east coast state but I don't want to say much more about my location

Funny story, I actually kissed the guy that probably gave it to me after he gave me a blowjob but my lips have not given a blowjob yet

I'd pay to see him eat a fork

That's comforting news thank you, do my lips look like an outbreak might be starting on them?

Not really much to go on there but sine u got dubs im callin u got cross contaminated

Reeeeee fucking shitty dishwashers!!!

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Oh hey we both got 66 dubs that's cool

Nope, if they were you'd feel a tingle that is unmistakable everytime you touched it and it would swell fast.

Holy shit thank god I am so glad to hear that

Double dubs of truth definitely got cross contaminated Godamn chinks cant even make that right

Btw oral herpes is super fucking common just not everyone displays symptoms all the time or sometimes even ever.

Herpes=cold sore=really not a big deal at all

Genital herpes is another story

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Tbh I think the reason they got red is because I rubbed a rock on them to exfoliate

it's not just super fucking common. if you don't have them your from and living in an isolated community or are from one and haven't done shit with someone from outside said community.

the majority of people alive and dead, had herpes. and we're talking at the smallest amount {assuming there's other communities somewhere we've forgotten about, atlantis kinda shit here, was real and herpe free} that 85% living and dead humans have/had oral herpes.

That's kind of mean, the people here have been pretty nice for the most part why do you want to be so negative :(

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You can only get it from direct contact you retards. Which means you need to kiss someone with herpes. Also don't worry OP, since you're a gay nigger you're in the highest demographic to have herpes. Plenty of other gay niggers out there with herpes.

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can you get it and HPV from a pussy eating even if the girl dont have sores or warts ?

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