Yall got memes of this stupid blue fuck?

yall got memes of this stupid blue fuck?

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leave him alone

cursed shit works too

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im a fan and cant wait to go see the movie honestly but i need content for reasons

My time to shine; hold OP I'll be back

I'll be here all night staring into blue hell, thanks for the contributions friend

There you go fam
The rest will follow shortly

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God they really did do the right thing by redesigning him.

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id wait a thousand more years if it meant the sonic movie didnt have the origin design

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Nicee one Elon...Nice one!

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I just lost harder to this than every last ylyl thread in the last several years

glad i could give a chuckle

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cmon no way we be runnin out

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lemme show yall how its done

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best redesign choice

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but mostly of all from the madman himself,

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in the sequel sonic causes 9/11

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nice first shadman pic. unoriginal and unbased

and im out

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