Which one are you, Sup Forums?

Which one are you, Sup Forums?

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>boomers up to 1994

Fuck outta here with this 9gag trash

Inb4 “ok boomer”

Boomers are only up to 1964 I think. You're also missing Gen X. I am a millennial.

>"The Baby Boom generation is most often defined as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964."

Generations don't last 52 years, idiot.

ah what the hell ... somebody has to do it

ok boomer

there it is

i'm a millennial technically but per Sup Forums i act more like a boomer. In reality though i'm just a nigga with a rocket launcher

>Butmad zoomers that's get all their info from the Instagram.
"Siiiiiip..... Yeah back in my day we only our information from AIM or our Quake III clan leader .... Quake III now that was a game. "

Evidence that this image was made by a teenager. Kids don't know about gen x and millennials I guess.

Ignore him he's one of the fags who try to ruin the meme because they are scared it will ruin boomer influence in politics


1983 millennial here. Your statement is quite accurate. P.s. q3a is still the best fps

This literally makes no sense. No sense whatsoever. Are you retarded, son?

That's not even a thing

Ok boomer.

millenials are the new boomers you fags

surely you all are just playing dumb, right? like you can't seriously be this reddit tier of dumb

Kek. Just like when they tried referring to millennials as gen y back in the day.


No, millennials are millennials.

>Play Quake III arena
user those two don't mix, you've been lied too
>30 years old
Pshh user your a 30 year old Boomer

Stop calling me Surley you fag

This is my first serious post on Sup Forums

proud boomer. idc.

40yo n proud

Weed dealer , fucker of zoomers
I play Xbox n pc game all day n don’t work

I was trolling n memeing on Usenet back in the 90s well before Sup Forums

Kill yourselves and suck my dick

Whenever someone says ok boomer too me they are saying ok to the above

/end trigger rant

Ur an idiot , thats what u are

The only true boomer here.

Well, that's a thing

its still funny

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Ok boomer

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Yes, I am the idiot for wanting to use words as they were originally intended.

It's a thing, but it isn't the legitimate term used for those born after 1980. The legit term is millennial.

The joke is “30 year old boomer”. No one is referring to actual baby boomers.

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I feel more like a boomer I like classic rock and old shitty trucks.

I don't disagree. I appreciated the reference.

ok boomer

Surley isn't a name, so you look like an idiot for not understanding the aural joke

Nope. You’re wrong and a cunt. Don’t believe everything you read an Reddit.

This image is older than you. Lick my briny undercarriage.

I was born in 1966, not a boomer. This dumb graphic is wrong.
Get off my lawn.

boomer I guess but I fit this more

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20 years gulag for you

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No, that is what alot of idiots referring to.

Nah fuck that , be realistic

Anyone over 30 should be a boomer for memes sake.

Back in the 90s the internet and online gaming was all one generation.

Now in over watch n shit its like 8yo to 70yo.

I’m 40 and fuck it, gaming belongs too the young cunts, us old cunts over 30 should just shut up and let the youngins troll us.

ZoomBer. But fuck anyone who vapes.

Nope. Terms get created for a reason. Your incorrect and lazy usage doesn’t change that.

I'm a Zooer

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I will not agree to your fantasy land.

This is knot funny.

That's rudimentally fake and architecturally gay.

Boomer = born in the baby boom era (1940's up to 1960's)

Generation X = born in the 1970's

Generation Y = born in the 1980's

Generation Z = born in the 1990's

Millennials = born in the 2000's

Newfags (like OP): born in the 2010's

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Almost everything you wrote is wrong

Stop being autism

Listen son.

If you wanna fuck the zoomers like I do, play along. If your over 30, be over 30.

I don't want to fuck children, grandpa. Go take a nap.

im 27 where the fuck do I belong?

Do your research you abosolute dingus

in the ground. stop your generation from chopping kids dicks off



Sorry Vlad, but you're fired. You weren't supposed to come out and just say it.

Pfft 20 year olds aren’t really children , well, they are legal children, and if you play along “ok boomer” is sexual consent.

zoomber coomer doomer


No, thanks. Girls in their 20's are annoying as fuck. Regardless, I've been married longer than most the posters in this thread have been alive. You do you though, user.

ZoomBer here

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ive been married for 903 years.

Ok boomer is such a submissive hot meme

not really

I am a ghost from the lost generation, and I have come to haunt your butthole.

thanks for not stopping the germans completely the first time you jackass

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Why does that meme keeps evolving to reflect my situation? It isn't even funny anymore

using the pepe meme, that was created by the boomers fag, who made internet what it is today

fuuck dude, I feel like such a loser, for relating to it so much

>falling for the bait
You gotta be kidding me

zoomer, but i like mango monster

30yrs old here, don't see why all the butthurt over it, let the kids have their fun like we had our on the golden age of internet, sure they are very tame and boring like spoiled brats in our time but who cares, they have to have their fun

"f you wanna fuck the zoomers like I do"

you just went from someone mature to a completely virgin retard


97 zoomber here, got fellow zoomber buddies born in 96 and 98 as well.

I mean I grew up in the 1990s and the Boomers were my parents and their generation. Now I am somehow a boomer. Makes me think the word is kind of meaningless if it shifts so much in meaning.

Actual baby boomers are not the "boomers" of this joke. Boomers here are like 1970-1989.

Baby boomers are their own thing. 1945-1969.

I shouldn't have to explain this.

but it IS MEANINGLESS, so why care, in one year from now nobody will care for this, like last year stuff, it is just a way kids found to say "i'm cool and you are not" like 90's kids used to say that old people were "square" the difference is, even "boomers" like making bomers meme so it is just a boring fad

I used to get mad about "okay boomer". But this post made me kek so I actually am just going to start calling myself 'Boomer' instead of 'Generation X'. The term 'Generation X' was made up by actual 'Boomers' to make us feel bad about ourselves for being the age we were. So fuck them. Now they are stuck in the same category as we are. Only thing is: we had such better drugs except weed growing up than all the Zoomers, Zoombers, Coomers, Coombers, and even than most of the fucking Millenial assholes. Lol. I am 40 btw. Time for my nap.

Wow how young are you that you think people used the term "square" in the 90s. That was the 60s & 70s.

Early 80's to mid 90's youre a millennial, but there is a small sect within that is the true generation Y. That don't fit the mold for millennials or boomers/zoomers

>Remembers life using 56k
>Played outside till dark
>Riding bicycles and having friends
>Got a job to buy n64/ps2/fliphone
>Probably grew up under shadow of older siblings who grew up in the 70's
>Used payphones
>Pioneered the modern internet and computers

That is what I call people who don't smoke, drink or do drugs, regardless of age. They look at me like I am retarded and that is hilarious. Or call them 'Normies'. Let's bring back the shaming against straight edgers and conformists who think their healthy decisions should be forced on everyone else.

What about the people who simply want to be sober and don't demonize those who chose not to be?

Quake was a good game

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I made it after myself so at least we aren't alone?

Fuck you i was born in 45' bitch.

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I want more quake


wtf, why not say xoomer?

Anyone up for a round of Goldeneye? (no Oddjob)