How would you dispose of a dead body without getting caught?

How would you dispose of a dead body without getting caught?

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BBQ and eat it.

Burning and burying or just acid.
No body, no crime.

giant blender

prop it up at the bus stop

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first cut of fingers and remove teeth burn and get rid of the ash somewhere not even close to the burial site

go into woods
dig vertical hole deep enough for the body and a 3 feet deeper
throw body in there
put 1 foot of dirt on it
then bury pet (dog/cat etc.) on top

cut into pieces and throw into a mixture of dish washing agents and other fat solving chemicals in the bath tub.

Smart. It'll slowly lean over til someone says something. Then it's:
>local heroin addict dies of overdose

get a second fridge and a dog. cut the body to unidentifiable cuts of meat. burn the bones, i think you cant disguise those. and prepare the meat for your dog over the next like 6 months

Beat me to it.
The film fried green tomatoes explained how to do it.

Get boat.
Grind body into paste.
Mix with chum.
Fish food.

Here in Portugal some people just give the body to some pigs.

you forgot the yoghurt

Ask Siri she'll help...


Buy an powerful blender like vitamix an blend smal parts you can feed your dog with that

aqua regia

I would use my mind powers to make it explode.

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Wood chipper and a pond.

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Dispose it? Why would I want to do that?

i'd put it in a barrel full of concrete and dump it way out into the Gulf of Mexico

If you have the manpower, dig up an existing grave in a graveyard, put the body into the coffin and rebury.

Dunno bud. You tell me.

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mein neger
"they'll chew through bone like butter"