So what's actually going on in swedistan? and dont tell me immigrants blabla...

so what's actually going on in swedistan? and dont tell me immigrants blabla, if we use our brains we can clearly see that Sweden has imported what..? 600k immigrants over the last 10 years? Obviously not even 10% of them are causing all this shit we can read about. We should blame the politicians. Agree?

-Exports to IS
-Shootings by young kids

How the fuck can you go from the most developed country in the world and inventing the fucking wrench, zipper, celcius, three-point belt etc to this shit you are today?

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every day the same in swedistan

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>-Exports to IS
>-Shootings by young kids
Literally only happens in one city, ONE out how many?

Malmö and Stockholm.

What's happening in Sweden is happening across the globe in what were predominantly white countries. England, France, Germany, Canada, United States, all showing the same symptoms. Rather, they are all symptoms of the same problem. It is not any one government that is to blame. Use your head.

Retardbate is also bate.. this is just gonna be americans roleplaying out of their basements..

Things that are now considered rude in Sweden:
>Reporting any crime committed by non-whites
>Having concerns about immigration
>Flying the Swedish flag
>Eating pork
>Females having a white boyfriend/husband
>Being a christian

why did we skipped the first part where we had the problems as slaves?

Not sure if bait or Sup Forumstard...

I'm a Swede

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Sweden was never the most developed country, in the 60s it was the fastest growing economy, then they instituted socialist policies, which halted their economic rise entirely, the last few years they have slowly removed a few, in an attempt to start their economy again.
All these attacks have been since the mass immigration, so yes it does have to do with that. It's probably around 10% of the adults are problems, but closer to 90% of the kids that came in became radicalized.

Det utesluter inte något av alternativen.

Take the US for example.
Per capita it is 5/190 for gun murder, and 11/190 for murder. If you take the 5 most liberal cities out of the US, then still per capita, the us drops to 180/190, 185/190 respectively.
Leftism is a disease.

Jag har en grov penis

What are you talking about?

He's not wrong though. All things listed are considered bigoted in not only Sweden, but many 1st world countries.

They're really not though, but if you consume nothing but alt-right media then it's understandable if you believe it to be true.


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hard to tell what's going on because of extreme censorship and they stopped collecting statistic cuz they were racist
same shit as always I guess...

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country flag is a no no in germoney too

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Caring more about soccer than rights

You forgot : reporting being raped if by sandniggers/niggers/other imported human trash

That's rich coming from a place with $22 Trillion debt

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It's p. chill tbh.
Political climate is shaping up nicely for a bit of a lightning storm wink wink nudge nudge
At least the weather is nice, and if the climate nerds are right I can start producing wine in the future.

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Do you have friends user?
I talk to people and even former leftists are getting tired of stuff like you post.
You need to get out more.
Or leave Malmö/Stockholm/Göteborg

Oh, nice maymay, just a "no u" version of the origional.

Fan vad du ljuger. Gå utanför dörren och prata med riktiga människor i stället för inavlade mongorasister på nätet.

Why are you so fucking stupid?

Oh yeah, anti-Semitism is on the whitelist as well .. as long as it's mudslimes spewing it out.
Anything else would be insensitive/bigoted etc

Detta. Problemet är folk som inte är svenskar som tror sig veta allt om svensk politik.

Found the mudslime lover

"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

>Be second-generation Bosnian
>Pretty much do as we please
>Basically continue the Yugoslav wars in Sweden
>mfw shitskins takes the blame

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As someone who lives in Malmö what he said isn't even true here.
His list is just repeated alt-right talking points with nothing but hearsay to back them up. But to an isolated, young, angry man who feels slighted by society it's a very powerful message, and why would anyone fact-check a statement that makes them feel good.

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why are you?

Finns många svenskar som faller för det också, vanligtvis är det personer som bor i mindre samhällen där dom enda invandrarna som finns är familjen som driver kebabhaket. Dom har extremt lite (eller ingen alls) kontakt med invandrare och får all sin information från Nordfront, Samhällsnytt, Pettersons Blog och liknande.

Ah yes, when propaganda doesn't work just start calling people stupid. That'll show 'em!

if you spent time with normal swedes, rather than getting all your info from social media; you'd see most people are not even remotely the way you think
the extreme right party sverigedemokraterna just became the biggest party because tons of swedes are sick of the other politicians coddling with the immigrants

Don't be gay, faggot.

>We should blame the politicians. Agree?
No, we should blame them for not building their countries right and having to move to Sweden. Of course most of them are young males looking for pussy and it is larger than 10%.

You mean just like your post?

I've literally seen non satirical news reports from Sweden corresponding with this.

Om du inte ser problemen invandringen har ställt till med är du en del av problemet eller lever i en bubbla.
Ni och NF packet är av samma skrot och korn, verklighetsfrånvända idealister.

skulle säga samma gäller dom som kommer från lite finare ställen där det mest bara finns mörkhyade med bra bakgrund och föräldrar och får all sin info från typ lady dahmer och sånna social media arslen

>white genocide
If it wasn't for PC laws, it would just be a caste system.

Whats happening?

Sweden has imported a huge number of traumatised, uneducated, religious, primitive people. They act like such people do and swedish authorities are completely unable to handle it.

The problem should fix itself in four or five generations.

alright, give us some source then

precisely this
SD won't save anything tho


Vem eller vilka exakt? Vad tror du att jag är?

>Jews fleeing a wrecked country
I guess they forgot Europeans were antisemitic? although it could be that she was being a supremacist and actually deserved it

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Captain Sweden ...

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>The problem should fix itself in four or five generations.
Pakistanis have been living in the UK for 3 to 4 generations.

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>SD won't save anything tho
prob not, but honestly they have made it easier for people to be more honest about being against pc culture
and i think it's very important that both sides get an equal power ground, socialdemokraterna have had their time

Stop using American propaganda language. There is no White ethnicity. Chinks are more white than Europeans. Americans invented White so they could use it to refer to themselves without referring to Iranians and Indians who are the Aryan Europeans (see Haplogroup R1 it also shows what Ukrainians and Belarussians have to do). If you want to refer to Central West Europe then simply say so.

Using White, a singular phenotype, as an ethnicity is just as retarded as everyone here seems to be.

They aren't anti anything, just smart enough to realize jews hate Caucasian's.

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>and here why that's a good thing


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Nigger have fun with wife, you pay bill .. my sides. So happy I'll soon be leaving this part of the world permanently

Sweden has always a 3rd world country for as long as the term existed

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lol, why?
Don't let yourself get demoralized by some literally random online board. Improve yourself first before leaving this world. You can't save the world but you can save yourself.

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>literally the 80% of the country is those cities.

>How the fuck can you go from the most developed country in the world and inventing the fucking wrench, zipper, celcius, three-point belt etc to this shit you are today?


>Not sure if bait or Sup Forumstard...
Just the truth. It's sad that you are not sure that is the actual truth.

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I hate you, I wish for a thousand years of niggers for your country

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Have had it, so going abroad to work in a place where the few mudslime immigrants there are know their place and are under surveyllliance ..


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You know Pakistanis didn't just all come in one go, some of them have been here for multiple generations and are no issue, however some may have grew up in Pakistan and do this shit

oh okay, you made it sound pretty suicidal. Nice work, user have fun on your adventures.


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all this sandniggers in europe shit is staged by the usa, not the jews, how stupid are you

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most Pakis who do this shit are born and raised in the UK and raised to hate the west and their host nation because that way their local Paki leaders can still claim power over the Paki community. If they would integrate their leaders would lose their position. Since they are quite a collectivist culture they are used to obeying social pressure and will therefore not integrate into their host nation but radicalise inside it.

usa is jews
Israeli army under the U.S. flag is enough to fool you..

>>Be second-generation Bosnian

>>mfw shitskins takes the blame

As far as us Swedes concerns, you are also shitskins.

Stockholm has a population of about a million, sweden has that of about 10 million

Det här

scattered in little towns that do not even get close to STO's pupulation.

You certainly have no idea what does "being the most populous city" means, right?


Oh, wasn't my intention .. Thanks, quite sure it'll be one

that's some nice propaganda you've got there. what is it with the alt right, always spreading disinformation in bad faith. go outside once in a while, you might see a glimpse of reality instead of staring at a screen and chugging kool aid.

it's the reality in sweden

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why are they trating such wonderful people like the germans treated the jews in concentration camps?
I call racism and islamophobia

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Sweden went from a socialist fiscal policy of taxation to a capitalist one. Globalist miners now help themselves to Sweden's mineral wealth.
The Swedish people bare all the tax burden now.

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Republican capitalists of the USA rebuilt Japan and put the factories that were once in Detroit there.

So they are there.

Problem is they don't ..

Political corruption, 80% of Swedish politicians earn money through real estate.

The worse the country does the higher the real estate goes.

The larger the housing crisis the higher the rent.

It is pure greed, simple as that.

I live here. no it isn't