My gf wants to fuck other guys

my gf wants to fuck other guys

wat do?

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Fuck other guys first

send dick pics to her dad

Let her. She matters, you don't (except for how you can be useful to her).

Let her fuck em....

Eat her pussy afterwards.


>Takes pictures
>Posts on Sup Forums
>Op delivers

I agree with this

>t. Jews
Leave her.

Well once they decide they want to fuck other guys you should probably decide to fuck other girls, like her mother or sister

kys, she'll think it's her fault the rest of her life, you win, except you die, but it'll be worth it


Dump and move on. Worthless whore, in the meantime improve your bedroom skills


Rape a dog

I 2nd this

Serious advice.

Dump her. She clearly doesn't respect you, value your relationship, or find you that attractive. You shouldn't tolerate that kind of slight. It will only get worse and you will become miserable.

Work on yourself to be a better man. Then find a better girl who will respect you and be loyal.

give her my number

Post a pic of her op?

>don't do it
You might feel lonely for a bit but she definitely isn't worth your time if this is what it's going to be like. She might be nice and all and maybe you even think you're in love. Even though you might feel attached, you are worth more than that.

Maybe this is her saying she wants to break up but she also likes you. Maybe this is her saying she is still a bit too immature for a serious relation. Maybe she is just a bit freaky.

Anyway user, you decide your lifepath and but me, an anonymous person on the internet advice you to get out quickly and not let yourself get dragged into months or years of an ambiguous relationship that will end in stress and eventually a heartbreak anyway.

Good advice.

ayy dis right here

Well if she's asking for permission to fuck others then that most likely means she was already doing that for a while. So I would say to move on from that whore unless you're into that

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sorry for the retarded wording by the way but I hope you get the message.

How long have you been together? If it's like 5+ years and you're thinking of getting married, get married and then fuck other guys together. Make sure you also get to fuck other women.

If that doesn't appeal to you then do this instead:

Call her over to hangout, get sexy times happening. Do all the freaky nasty shit you always wanted to do with her, I mean go ALL OUT and fuck the absolute piss out of her (maybe literally?). Then dump a huge load in/on her and degrade her however you want - while she's staring up at you with the cum/piss/etc pouring out and off of her, dump her on the spot. Walk away and never speak to her again and never return.

Go ape on her nigger

Tell her "ok, but only of me and said other guys get to DP and spit roast you"

she doesn't seem that special so leave her and find a girl who is actually worth your time and energy

dump that thot

Find a copy of the ebook "the sex god method." some rock solid advice in there mein Sup Forumsrother

Since we've already established that you are to dump her whore ass, you should post nudes.

Fuck her one last time and dump the whore

She already is.

Fuck her a couple of times then dump her like dump stained panties.

Fuck and chuck man she aint your GF no more.

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fuck other girls.

Dont dump her just yet. Be a bro. Find your buddies that want to smash, and instigate a 3 some. Let them have fun, then dump her.

Go mgtow
AWALT brother

Absolutely based

Kill them

this. she's likely already cheated on you and wants retroactive permission.

dump her and move on

You want to know what you need to do OP? Agree to her demands, allow it, but on the condition that you get to watch. Then offer to organize a meeting for her. Set up a massive gangbang in a hotel room, with a camera. Don't tell her it's going to happen. Tell the guys they can do whatever they want with her. Film and send to her friends and family. Profit.

I have done this. Found out the love of my life was taking meat donations from at least one other guy. Took about a month but convinced my girl to try a devils 3some. Hooked up my best friend. Let him give her the ol gushers. I also shared pictures of her new step dad. He got to see every inch of his step daughter and enjoyed it throughly.

fucking shit. Sorry I meant to write. "I also shared pictures of her to her new step dad"

leave and fuck other girls - don't be a cuck


Some pretty good recommendations. Here are some tits to keep the convo going.

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fuck her mom

Go gay, and fuck them first

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Wrong. She will secretly enjoy telling the story that a guy killed himself over her for pity points and attention. She would for you to kill yourself. She doesn't really care about you.

Well since you know she wants to there is literally nothing you can do to prevent it, move on or just stay fuck buddies. Her life, her choice homo

>insert traditional morals

start crying cuz u r about to get dumped

yeah she probably already cheated on you tbh, just trying to get you to agree to it now so she feels less guilty

the terms gf and bf typically mean a monogamous relationship. if she fucks someone else, it isn't a monogamous relationship. thus, the very instant she does it, she stops being your gf. she might be something else afterwards, like fwb or something, but she isn't your gf anymore.

You are thinking of sex too traditionally. In today’s world, condoms, birth control, and STD monitoring make sex a safe and fun experience that isn’t necessarily needed to make a strong, healthy relationship.
Talk to her about open boundaries, finding other partners, and even possibly adding partners to your bedroom shenanigans.
The only time open relationships can really be a problem is when there are children around. Children should have clearly defined parental figures.

If you think you can get off on it, have her show you. Make her fuck strangers in front of you. Randos off Badoo or whatever. If you end up being bothered by it, break up. If you get off on it, have her do it regularly.

Leave her and get /fit/

Lol then eat some
Lead and share with your neighbors before you chug the last metallic load

The only acceptable answr

But there are many many things you can do just to get back at her teach that stupid bitch a lesson before you kick her dumbslutty ass to the curb

Brutal, but she asked for “it”

Fist her mum rape dad and cut you girlfriend ears

Leave her. Every open relationship and I mean EVERY open relationship is a maelstorm of drama, jealousy, lies, amd terrible people. If you aren't good enough to her, that's a red flag. Leave, spend your munny on yourself, and become the Greek god you were meant to be

This have her fuck homeless people but have them shower and infect her stupid ass with all kinds of worms and shit

Fuck them before she can

If she really wants to leave her

Break up with her preemptively. The relationship is over.

Fucking dump her
It's not rocket surgery