I have taught my parrot to say "shalom"

I have taught my parrot to say "shalom"
Dubs decide next word/phrase I teach him to say

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Gas the kikes

re roll

Why isn't your bird screaming about nigging out with the chimps!?!?

Nigs are gonna nig

He already says that.
I think "arbeit macht frei" is better candidate.

muh shekels

Nigging out too Lil Wayne

michelle obama


>muh white man bad
>Culture with Star of David good
>I want Sprite cranberry from LeBron

Nigs are gonna nig

I love Joseph Mengele

Fuck that. She is a man and was nigging out too Lil Wayne. That animal was pegging her partner

roll for salaam aleukum

so someone gets dubs and it doesnt count bc u say so

Bix Nood!



allahu niggar

teach him to say "owo whats this?"


All the white women are going to go Tarzan Moe when they see Jamal was his big dick. They will let them Niger out on top of them


stupid goyim

op's a faggot

Or Allah Akabr

winner i guess




im a nigger
big dick idiot

bruh moment

bromo mento

When you're in prison you stick with your own race it doesn't matter who you are you're not allowed to associate with Jamal

OP here.
I can't even learn this, and you want a parrot with peanut sized brain to learn this phrase.

Nigs will nig Jamal

how about "owo whats this"?


cum bubbles

Epstein didnt kill himself

who cares

no dubs there.
Ufff. I want something jew related, especially nazi

Why are there so many brown people in this world?

This one is good, may consider.

im a nazi parrot

That is boring.
It must be in idish or german

trips for the win
>Why so many brown people

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f├╝hrer avian

faggot jew, lick me

oy vey

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if you dont consider trips a win, this is the winner


lucky cunt


fuhrer vogel

What's your credit score?

I don't work, so zero.

lazy ass


sieg heil