Alright Sup Forums Here's a story about me,and the first girl i really liked...

Alright Sup Forums Here's a story about me,and the first girl i really liked,how my life turned around in the last couple of years and general bullshitery.It's pretty long,and the final twist is funny as shit.Enjoy and try guessing the end if you'd like
>Be me,2014
>Be dumbass teenager
>Have only 3 friends,who are also dumbasses
>Spend all day every day being on my pc
>One day meet some other kids who are smoking a blunt near our football stadium
>Light up with them,become friends
>Next couple of months my friend circle keeps slowly increasing
>feel pretty happy because im not a miserable fuck on my pc anymore
>decide im gonna be as much of a good person as i can towards these new people
>meet dozens of new friends
>Even start smoking and drinking,really enjoy it
>Eventually go on a school trip to Poland with 3 of my classmates
>One of my classmates is also my best friend
>He's a virgin retard,but somehow managed to start talking with this 8/10 gamer girl
>Eventually find out from other friend that she's just pretending to like him cause of a challenge or some shit idk
>Decide to fuck my friend over (i know,im an asshole and i've already apologized hundreds of times)
>Start talking to girl
>We hit it off
>start talking for hours everyday while im in poland,i have nothing better to do so why not
>She starts liking me
>I don't
>She eventually confesses she loves me
>I say i love her too,but mainly cause i was a dumbass 14 year old who hadn't had a gf or anything even remotely close before her
>Friend finds out,gets pissed
>Get back from Poland,next day go on date with her
>Go for a coffee and a movie
>Make out for the entire movie
>Shits good man
>She starts texting me and calling me for hours every day
>Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i start getting tired of it
>Start getting really tired of it,even making out with her isn't appealing to me anymore
>Decide to break up with her
Little did i know that it would fuck me in the ass years later

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You seem like an asshole so yeah continue if the end is really bad for you.

nah we good
you can talk to a counselor if you want

She turns out to be a man and you realize you're an enormous faggot? Also, ples cont

cont lmao

>Decide to break up with her
>Don't even do it subtly
>Just text her "yeah uhhhh i never really liked you sooo,bye"
>can just barely see her text WHAT before blocking her
>proceed to put my phone on silent
>73 missed calls and 24 texts
>Eventually she cools down
>Go on with my life,ever so occasionally she tries to hit me up over social media or one of her friends but i just blatantly ignore it
>One of my friends starts dating this girl,i just say whatever
>They eventually break up
>fast forward a few months
>I get added into a random group chat
>Some random girl and her friend along with 2 of my guy friends
>We videochat for shits and giggles,its ok
>3 weeks later there's a concert in my town
>Me and my friends get fucking shitfaced 5 hours before the concert
>We start stumbling near our school going through a small crowd of people
>Suddenly i hear a voice ever so softly from my left
>I turn and i see her
>My oh my Sup Forums,if i didn't know any better i'd say it was an angel
>It's the girl my friend broke up with,and turns out it's the one we've been videochatting with for the last 3 weeks
>We say hi,meet eachother and eventually start going to our other friends
>to make it short,we all got drunk as shit,eventually me,her and 2 of my best friends got left with her at like 2am
>My one friend hops on his bike drunk as shit and decides to ride 8km home
>me,her and my friend decide to go to our town square
>She says she has to leave,i say my goodbyes and she jumps into my arms for a hug
>I'm kinda surprised but,okay
>My friend on the other hand,tries to kiss her
>she completely dodges out of the way and he hits her fucking eyebrow
>She says bye and leaves,i start laughing at my friend because he's a fucking retard
>We text for 2 more hours that night
>Start getting close,real close
>Text everyday,and start going out a few times
>Every time we'd all go out as a group she would always stay really close to me
Cont in 2 minutes

Cont 2.
>At this point i realized i like her,but wasn't sure she was into me
>Literally do nothing for months,no moving forward,just friendly conversation and shit
>Oh and guess who's back,that's right my ex.Who now wants to get back together with me
>Literally befriends one of my female best friends just to get her to talk to me about us being back together again.
>Lose my shit,tell her to leave me the fuck alone and get over the breakup since it's been months by now
>She does,eventually
But boy oh boy did i fuck myself ROYALLY after that
>She eventually weasels her way into a relationship with my best friend,the retard she didn't want to be with before cause he was and i quote "Ugly and a complete joke"
>They end up dating for some time
>Eventually she turns him against me
>I lose a couple friends
>After some time he does get some fucking sense back and apologizes to me
>They proceed to date for some more time,with her literally saying they will break up if he doesnt buy her makeup,clothes and shit
>The poor bastard actually does,by stealing money from his parents
>She keeps milking and using him for months,everyone keeps telling my friend he's a dumbass and he should stop buying her shit.
>He of course doesn't listen cause he fucks her like once a month
>After a lot of time,they eventually do break up.
>I for one am happy because my friend isn't being used anymore
>My ex starts getting all good with me again,and my dumbass starts getting good with her too
>She remains my friend
>Some time passes and i start getting incredibly close with the other girl,eventually she invites me to really personal family events.
>I feel great,cause i finally think i've got a shot
>But ooooooooops,she has a bf
>I pretend everything's fine,but start plotting on how to get with her
>I'm still not certain on wether she likes me or not,but damn if im not gonna try
>And that's when i get the "perfect" idea

just do it without asking faggot

You've already made us read this much of your dumb ass cuck-tale, continue.

Get the fuck on with the story OP you massive cum guzzler

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Cont 3
>So,I get the perfect idea
>My ex,is good friends with that girl
>And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am good friends with my ex
>So,i ask my ex if she could yknow,just check if she is even remotely interested in me
>She gets really good with her in a couple days,and in 2 weeks they're BFFs
>Nice,its going great
>Even better,every time they talk,a good 85% is dedicated just to me
>even fucking better
>And eventually,she does say she likes me,but that im kinda immature and she's not sure
>Yeah i get that,but still this is fucking amazing
>Anyways we eventually start going out alone
and have yknow those really personal moments,shit you see in movies
At this point i'd like to note that she's the first person i truly did like,and actually saw having a long relationship with her,anything before and during the period of us being friends was really just me being bored and hooking up with some random girl.So this was a pretty big deal to me.Anyways back on track
>I actually think there could be a real thing here
>One weekend im out with my friends,as per usual
>I go out to light a blunt with one of my friends when suddenly,we meet my ex and the girl
>We say hi,and my ex mentions shes home alone for the next 3 days
>I get a great fucking idea
>"Hey,how about we just buy a shit ton of liqour and weed and just go to your place?"
>Sounds great
>We buy like 100 euros worth of shit,and start hauling it all to her place
>On the way there,my ex whispers to me that i should def make a move tonight,because the girl's been talking about me nonstop for the last couple of days
>We get over there,start blasting songs,and start getting absolutely fucking hammered
>After a good 4 hours of partying,we all go upstairs and lay down on her parents' bed
>the girl lies next to me,and my ex sees the situation and rushes my friend and herself out and turns off the lights
>The girl just looks at me,and is about to kiss me
Cont in a bit


Keep going..

I have a feeling the pay off isn't going to be worth it but i got nothin better to do so continue.

Cont 4
>She's about to kiss me,but then..
>She doesnt.
>She says "Let's go meet them downstairs"
>Im confused but im also drunk as shit so i just go with it
>We go downstairs,and my ex looks at me like "did you do it?"
>I look at her like "no,what the fuck??"
>So my ex says to the girl "Hey come upstairs i need to talk to you about something"
>I sit down and just get more drunk with my friend
>We start talking,and i find out he liked that girl too before,but that was a long time ago,she's a great person
>We get more drunk,and start talking about the old days
>All that alcohol eventually takes its toll,and we both need to take a piss
>We go to the bathroom,i piss in the toilet while he pisses in the sink
>I manage to fall into the fucking shower
>get up,we clean up the mess and go back downstairs
>After i'd say the 2nd blunt and 8th glass of vodka we notice
>"Where the fuck are those 2?"
>We go upstairs
>To her bedroom
>We open the door
>Get on the floor
Nah IM JOKING,im joking

>We open the door
>And we fucking see them making out,right on the bed
>One's topless and the other has her hand in the other's pants
>Me and my friend just look at eachother
>And i decide the best course of action is to jump out her bedroom window
>i just say "Alright i'm out" and jump out the fucking window
>i just start walking down the street
>No fucking thoughts in my head,just walking
>I'm fucking barefoot too,my jacket,shoes,wallet and phone are all left there
>Im just fucking walking when i remember,oh yeah im missing all that stuff
>I go back,pick my stuff up
>and i see my friend going out the door saying "im never fucking drinking again holy shit fuck my life"
>I grab my shit and leave with him,he goes home to sleep and i go to the local nightclub
>They tried calling me but i didn't answer
>I eventually go home at 4am and fall dead asleep
Last Cont in a bit


Why the fuck didn't you group sex that shit up you fucking faggot

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Final Cont.
>I wake up,still drunk and i dont completely understand the situation
>Until i go to shower
>Holy shit immediatley in the shower i realize what the fuck happened
>I realize how much i've been fucking cucked
>So,after some thinking,I decide i'm gonna get some revenge
>Cause see my ex,she has another female best friend,and she means the world to her
>And that same female best friend has had a thing for me ever since me and my ex were dating
>An idea comes up in my mind
>I hit her up,to come to my place,since my parents were on vacation
>she does,and we watch a movie
>I see a text message on my phone
>It's from my ex
>"Hey,a lot of stuff happened yesterday,but we're cool right?"
>I reply "Yeah,sure"
>and then one thing leads to another and i proceed to fuck her best friend
>I tell her i love her and i wanna be in a relationship
>She leaves
>Next day ghost her
>My ex is flipping her shit about how i'm an asshole
>I just smile
Well,that's life
Nowadays i'm just doing whatever i can,my ex and the girl are still pretty good friends,but i know it's a matter of time before they fall apart cause my ex is a manipulative fucking bitch who just uses people.
Honestly if the girl does come back to me i'm just gonna flat out reject her.
Thanks for listening Sup Forums

DAMN BITCH! it could have been epic

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Because this is real life and not a porn video,besides they had no interest in me and my dumbass friend

you're a pathetic excuse for a human being and you should be hung

you're stupid little faggot that thinks too little about pussy and too much about revenge and drama. fucking queer ass bump thanks for wasting my time. kys

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this 100%

so anti-climatic...

haha dumb fuck! they actually played yo little ugly ass... so half the story is you misreading signals, and having too big an ego to realise your not don joan.. haha get cucked

Your an asshole op but those bitches are worse. I kinda feel bad for you. I'll have a shot of whisky later tonight in your honor. Gluck with life op.

eh,shit happens

This is the gayest thing that I've read in a while

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Fucking agree. Why did I waste so much time on reading such teeny whiny shit. Fucking faggot

wait so your ex planned the thing? but planned what?
told her friend to lead you on to cuck you? unlikely.
i dont understand this ending the logic.

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No idea,don't care much though



This is the girl I was into.

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and this slut is Laura, my cunt of an ex...

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is this you?

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whats wrong with her eyes lmao

holy shit, is she inbred?


ariel henley he is just being a faggot

OP here,this is actually the girl

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Actual OP here,you guys actually made me laugh so fucking hard. Thanks,i feel better now

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