I prefer dildos instead of real dick. pic related AMA

i prefer dildos instead of real dick. pic related AMA

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In your butt, amirite?


My gf does too :(

What medication do you take?

the bigger the better

You've never had 'real dick' if you prefer plastic


For me it depends on what Im in the mood for. If I really wanna get fucked I prefer a dude, but a lot of the time I just love sitting on something meatie and fapping. Dildos are great for that

Stop fagging up the place, fag.

What do you like about dildos over dick?

Bitch, bet you wont say that with your cock in my mouth. Bet

They all look so sharp and painful. The green one and the pink one opposite it are the only two I would try.

length and girth mostly that's why the black one (bottom left) is my favorite

Try getting one of those super long double ended ones. I have one that is 40 inch but not super thick and the best thing in the world is making the whole thing disappear.

they are made of silicone all of them and with a medium firmness they all feel great besides the pink/blue one and the maroon one both of them have slits that make cum lube leak from my ass and while it sounds fun it's more clean up

You ever cum from anal only? If so, what's it feel like?

Yes but you get to make believe it's cumming inside you

>the bigger the better
meh- bigger isnt always better...and nothing compares to the real thing- especially when wielded by a worthy man. And thats not even considering the special treat at the end.

you're pleb.

i cant cum all the way from anal play but i have been leaking heavily before best thing i can say for that is to tighten up your ass and angle the toy towards your prostate there is this thing that i see in the hand free videos is they clech inwards and somehow it just stimulates their prostate more i used that trick and could feel myself wanting to cum also i heard its all about a wanting head space

When you slob on the knob like corn on the cob are you like my neck my back my pussy and my crack?

the toys also have tubes to shoot lube into you and warming up the toy and the lube are a really great time the toys themself are bad dragon toys and they have their own cum lube that looks like cum but for the most time i use j lube if im not feeling too crazy that day and j lube is way more cost effective its also cheaper than bad dragon cum lube

Having a sissygazem is hard. But it actually easier with something thinner. Something you can direct better

Imagine being this upset over another mans pleasure. What a faggot bitch.

its all about preference if you're a size queen like me you can make anything happen plus when it comes to anal play i like it hard and fast surprisingly its not too hard to take my black xl chance (unflared) plus i can toy analy for a long while before i even begin to jerk off i cum so quickly from having him pound me if im jerking off but i just like to enjoy him pounding my ass

>seething triggered
imagine being this retarded. I'm not upset just pointing out that your beliefs are wrong- likely based on ignorance.

The only ignorant one here is you, fag

OP here STILL, I have been replying to some of you but one thing that doesn't compare though is taste of real cum and getting it shoved down your throat

You ever have someone use a dildo on you?

OP also i want to know what you guys use and if you love them more than the real thing ive been using and upgrading my toys for seven years now

Imagine thinking your opinion is better than anyone else’s

Go to your nearest mirror, look at yourself, and say “I’m arguing with a guy on Sup Forums about which feels better - real dick or a horse dildo”

but it is. and you know it is.

oh hell yeah thats my favorite its called pegging and i have had people use it on me going fast leaving me a sniveling mess face buried in my pillow begging not to stop and its pretty great to have them real the toy almost all the way back and shove it in down to the hilt its fucking fantastic way better than any normal dicking session ive ever got. i love the size of my toys and they leave me shaking in the knees and all over no one has made me leak pre more than my toys


good one skippy

...and yet here you are replying in the very same thread. whodathunk.

its all about preference but yes for me horses are good/better boys