Toilet Thread Sup Forumsros what do you got?

Toilet Thread Sup Forumsros what do you got?

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Not much, apparently


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Are creeps acceptable?

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Not of that

Sure why not

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Agree post something or gtfo

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creeps are encouraged! especially more of that please :)

cmon dammit
i want to see bitches on the damn potty

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lol why is there a toy truck and an alligator head on the bathroom sink wtf?

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That's Bill Steer!

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Please do not post any more

degenerate fetish

OK boomer

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keep it going, please

Can’t trannies just stay in their own threads?

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super cute but distracted by the huge creepy window next to the toilet

pee forever!!!!

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mmm yum

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I'm gonna puke

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she can piss and shit in my mouth
sexy fucking ass thighs
ohhh yeeaahhh

I know those panties smell delicious!
Wish I can chew them like gum!

She looks like a great girlfriend

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She was man

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thats disgusting

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this post has been brought to you by andy sixx

I remember I got in trouble when I was a kid because I took a pic of a pic off the internet with my mom's flip phone of a chick on the toilet for later use. Surprisingly, my mom found it and was pissed. I told her my older friends must've did it as a joke.

Anyone have that pic? It was of a blonde chick on the toilet eating a roll/piece of bread or something.
Vague, I know, but might as well try.

Ex ex on the right, enough interest and I’ll post piss pics and nudes

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Fuck this is my all time fave

clean her up and fuck her

go on

i had a gf that knew about my toilet fetish and would let me go into the bathroom with her whenever she shit or piss. one bad breakup later and she told everyone.


i dont even have this fetish and my ex would piss with the door open all the time

no big deal

well it made me learn my lesson: never tell your gf what you're REALLY into. wait until you're married, or something.


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Got a lot of them

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she's easy 9/10 hot girl

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Piss pics?

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always that one autist who notices small details

That looks like a fun time they are having together


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Come on dont let the thread die

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