Is it true that BBC is the only way to make white women truly happy?

Is it true that BBC is the only way to make white women truly happy?

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yup, thats true. Now you can hang urself

Their news is OK, Their nature specials are cool. Their comedy though is hit or miss.
I think Netflix will make a woman happier than BBC.

You do know the girl in this picture is a performer who was paid to do that right?

you can't fake that sort of smile


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> Porn "Actress"

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Of course it's true. White women want to be breeded with the superior black man genetics.

ug iik ug ug

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No. Now quit believing the shit that the hook noses are feeding you and get out of your house to see the real world. If you just can't shake that feeling that they are right, neck yourself and do the rest of us a favor.

No just a big cock.
You have it she wants it regardless of race.

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these are just photoshopped white dicks

You just never had a girl smile at you

All niggers must hang

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Example of white women don't want.
If you can't live up to the stereotype to them you are less than nothing.

Fuck off soyboy

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do you think they even need to pay her to do scenes like this? I think a lot of these girls would actually pay THEM to be involved in this scene

They claim they never been with a black guy and it's the biggest they ever seen.
Yet they been in other scenes fucking black guys way bigger than him. Actors are paid liars

Who gives a shit about a suicidal drug addict pornstars. Fuckem and feedem cause U don't need em

>drug addict

you mean bbc addict

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not really, but it helps. I have been dirty talking with my gf while we fuck and I think we are going to find a bbc to fuck her.....looking forward to it. I may want to join in, not sure

I believe it is true. It's not just a coincidence that there are more and more white women with black men every month

you guys have issues lmfaoooo

and you came into a bbc thread just to say that? are you sure that isnt just an excuse just to come in here? or are you just new?

OP didn't make a BBC thread he made a social ((propaganda)) thread. If it was an honest BBC thread it wouldn't start with BS troll text and would have blacks with something other than white woman. But you knew that already didn't you Goldstein?

I think it's a legit question

They require a steady flow of money and attention from depressed white wage slaves. Then they take the money and give it to their black masters and take the dick while the white wage slave slaves away. KEEP IN MIND THEY ARE KINGS N SHIT.

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The conservative incels are at it again. Larping vicariously to get off on those big black delicious cannons while blaming the jooz for the very existence of the negro penis.