Loli no blacked

loli no blacked

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End your life.
Nobody loves you.
Nobody likes you.

hey I like you

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My boyfriend does, and we suck each other off to loli sometimes.

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I like you too

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Is he a trap?

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Body-wise yeah, but he keeps a sexy as hell beard.

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Jesus fuck how many of these fucking threads do you asshats need up at once? Fucking neck yourself faggot. MODS clean this shit up.

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all of b

>complains about the daily loli threads
>doesn't complain about the hourly gay threads

Faggot found.

You're pedo AND gay? I'm not into guys but tbf when I see some traps that look like girls, I wouldn't mind fucking them

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We need one without smelly niggers ruining shit as usual.

At the very least in loli threads i know people jacking to it are straight as spaghethi instead of complete faggots who like men with tits or enjoy watching dick pics.

being gay isnt some super niche and obscure thing, big difference to loli

loli isn't niche on Sup Forums, it is elsewhere but here they're in high numbers and have been around since forever, faggot.

dont post pics already in other Sup Forumsloli threads. post more sketches

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Between this degenerate shit, nog cock worship threads and trap threads there isn't hardly any good content here anymore.

lets do it to them

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>loli isn't niche on Sup Forums
It honestly is though, theres a reason why it's restricted to this board now days and why I constantly see threads on /qa/ to ban it. More of this site is 4channel now.

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That's fair. I'm the same way.

I am yeah. My bf might be all slim and curvy but we don't like do any girl play or whatnot. Just two regular fags who are into loli.

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Sup Forums started out as an anime discussion forum.
Anime has always had a loli subculture because of characteristic cuteness ideals in japanese culture.
Newfags can go back to whatever hole they come from these days.

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>restricted to this board
Yeah sure, we get loli threads everyday be it on Sup Forums, /c/, Sup Forums, hell, even Sup Forums has loli threads, only NSFW loli is allowed here, SFW lolis is everywhere else

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Im obviously talking about nsfw and even then, offtopic loli threads get constantly nuked on every single one of those boards.

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So true

That's because mods are faggots, it's usually only a few mods that go on every fucking board and search for "loli" in the search bar, and then just delete every thread with this keyword, they're allowed otherwise, especially on Sup Forums where it's relevant to the topic

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Quit samefagging you dipshit. Nobody here believes it.

Sounds like we need more or better mods to keep shit contained to the boards it should be on. Sup Forums can have all the threads about this gay shit it wants, it's part of what their board should be about. /aco/ is slowly turning into /d/ and it's getting annoying

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loli is not a niche genre, retard
it's niche to you because you spend your time with faggots all day
loli is a lot more popular than anything LGBT, literally they make up 1/3 of all the doujins at least in nhentai

i bet next you'll make an excuse that anime is a niche thing too

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do any one m ow wer i can find more of thes sets

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I want to find more of them

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Why do I like lolis so much?

me it remember when I was in the kindergarten I fingered all the girls in the group specially wen it whas the time of resting instead of sleeping I whas happy little boy best memories


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haha bullshit
i wish i could see what you look like irl. i bet you look like a stereotypical incel dont you?

I greatly appreciate this thread. Thank you.

Getting really goddamn sick of the nigger shit.

Pics or it didn't happen

something needs to be done about the cucks man. there was never those kinds of threads until recently and they are all coordinated from the nig lovers from discord and trash.

And wicker spammers, or whatever it was called. Fuck them.

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when I was in kindergarten, probably 8 or 9
I was in a bathroom with a girl same age named Charlotte, I spread her pussy and touched it, she got aroused, sometimes later, I kissed her on the lips and stuff. After the end of the year, my family moved and never see her again

today I'm a 25 yo still virgin, and a lolicon

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This shit is one of the only reasons I keep coming to this shithole.

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are you exclusively into lolis?

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It's weird. Wickers and Discord spammers are involved with child porn but the mods seem to not bat an eye at them.

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I was newfag and clicked on one of them. I think it instantly put me on 1000 different lists because of it.

yeah, pretty much, I like tomboys girls too

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Really curious - how do you generally feel about it. Do you get angry/frustrated because of it?
How do you deal with it?

If you don't like it, don't look at it. It's our right to free speech, it's legal where Sup Forums in based, and if you don't like it, you're welcome to filter it out.

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Fun story: my 15 year old step daughter got grounded yesterday for being an asshole.

Anyhow, she's wicked hot and I guessed her phone password on the second try.

Win city.

sheet pics or it didnt happen

why are lolicons so much more likely to be virgins?


That's pretty gay, desu.

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Like I'd be dumb enough to share that online.

She just got into D cup bras. Nice ass, everything else is slim and smooth.

I've only managed to get through like a third of her pictures. Haven't touched the videos yet.

Because adults are not allowed to sex children.

because what we want to fuck only exist in 2D

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Black mail her user

Did u get held back 2 years or something?

Where do you people go to school? Pre-K is at 4 years, Kindergarten is at 5

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Nah. That would backfire horribly I'm sure. That and she probably doesn't care.

That's fine man. It's true. Believe me or not. Unfortunately everything pic wise I've seen thusfar is fairly softcore/teasing.

I'm hoping the videos have mega wins.

That's just a missconception not supported by credible scientific sources.
I would say that anyone that browses the internet as much as Sup Forums users do is more likely to be a virgin because they use a shit ton of their free time in nothing therefore they are less available to options, they don't excersice as often therefore they are less atractive too.

Also 3D girls are ugly. After busting a nut i literally stop having the need of looking for them, it's all just hornyness mate.

I like the soft and tender side of lolidom, when someone discovers their first physical attraction to another person

when nothing else but love in involved in the relationship, not trivial consumerist shit older women are looking for when partering (betabucks)

I love being a lolicon, of course I won't be screaming it on the top of my lungs in the middle of a crowd

I'm not interested by true 3d underage girls btw
Maybe starting 15 I guess

Hate the hardcore stuff and the older fat fucks in hentai

Art with the tag "incest" caters more to my tastes, even tho I have a 15yo sister, never seen her in a sexual way, so moralfags outthere can kys

I like my hentai clean

so the Yuri material is my go to

Yuri incest tan tomboy are my fav tags I guess

I wish I had a normal girlfriend my age to hang around with, do stuff and fuck, sadly, I'm a guy with fucking 0 social skill

I don't know the equivalent in my language but you get the point

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stfu what do you know, i bet u kiss girls faggot

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Hmmm...So he was behind that

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moar angels

post her face or fake and gay

Small, cute, hairless, easy to please and 'manipulate', reminds you of more innocent and simpler times.

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