Is it really true that black men have it on easy mode when it comes to having sex with white women?

Is it really true that black men have it on easy mode when it comes to having sex with white women?

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Not in the least. Most white women I know do not prefer black men.
However, I know that overweight white women who have been shunned by white guys think the only ones who will date them are black.

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they only say they don't like black men because they know how slutty its perceived, how bad guys take it.

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This no skinny white girls for you.

The lightest your gonna get is 140 lbs at the absolute best

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Keep telling yourself lies whiteboy outside Sup Forums and a few virtue signallers on instagram the whole BBC thing is not as widespread as you think unless the girl is being paid or is a landwhale and cant get a white guy as was said earlier.

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Why dont you go outside in public and see for yourself rather than getting all your current event meme-tier news off of Sup Forums cellar dweller.

white women prefer bigger dicks and masculine men.

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Attractive men have

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So does OP.

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Sup Forums is full of people who don't leave their house and have completely unrealistic views of the world. Women like dominant, alpha men. They are attracted to winners, and are unattracted to losers. They like masculine men. Black and white men are equally capable of this, but the vast majority of men are unattractive to women, including the vast majority of black men, and the vast majority of white men, Asian men, Indian men, etc..

Same stupid threads every fucking day

Soo...he was behind that

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On an internet full of beastiality videos, why act surprised that there are chicks with no self esteem and daddy issues. If someone will fuck a dog, it’s not like a nigger is that much lower.. it’s the female equivalent and faggotry

Mann I wish. It's hard for me to get any at all. I hit up Tinder and have nothing but dudes wanting some.

These are all brainless degenerate porn whores, not “women”.

140 isnt really fat faggot unless shes a short stack.

only white nasty whores, like

Yo thats racist man

truth. even escorts won't fuck niggers for money

Daily reminder its the same mentally ill discord tranny flooding the catalog several times a day. Archives shows that he has made thousands of threads these past few months.
Range ban him and all the catalog flooding will stop in a day.

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There are literally 0.001% of black men in my country (Europe). If at least 5/10 enters the club, almost all girls start checking out. You should have seen how insane it was, when France basketball team entered. A girl simply forgot I was talking to her... I'm sure its almost the same for white guys in a country where there are none. Here, this is not only easy, its free fuck for them.

And the rest prefer
Black MEN.

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It's true that they're more likely to have drugs and be offered sexual favors or promised sexual favors by white women or their dauggters whilst also being the least likely to use protection while most likely to be disease infested.

All true.

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yes, he is completely mentally ill, like many others in Sup Forums

Women are attracted to masculinity. They like confidence, fit physiques, outgoing personalities, and a man who isn’t afraid of them/puts pussy on a pedestal and acts like a white knight. If you exhibit these things regardless of skin color you will get women. A confident ripped black guy will get more women than a white neck beard basement dweller just as a jock businessman white type of dude will get more pussy than a fat smelly welfare rat. It’s all characteristics, not color. Sup Forums is an echo chamber and people in the real world know these things.

Exactly! So you fags man up, do some work out and evetything is fine


White guilt has just immasculated the white race.

whites were always feminine.

blacks in the USA were purposefully bred to be more muscled and have bigger dicks by white women during slavery times. They wanted to produce a big dumb sex machine

Yeah, because rednecks totally had the whole generic thing down to do such a thing.

They actually did. breeding better stock has been part of farming for thousands of years. They used it to breed better horses, breed more useful dogs and breed better grains.

Get a life, Tenda

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You're such a horrible troll. Not even joking. Shut the fuck up.

what the fuck do you mean, we've evolved everything through farming. Horses, dogs and fruits are very different from what they were like in antiquity. Farmers have been breeding everything for thousands of years it makes sense they were breeding bbc too. How else do you explain it

user, I'm literally in Missouri. From a family of farmers, breeding only came through word of mouth when scientist figured out cross breeding..and only then does that involves animals like dogs...for shows.
You're literally talking out of your ass dude. Stop. It's cringe.

Despite what they might tell you, no. They don’t I’m brown and it’s hard AF to get any white girl however brown/black girls are easy. Only white girl that’ll fuck me is probably a washed up whore or a straight up thot. white girls are racist.

Incredibly true. The only ones who want black dick are washed up nobodies low educated burned out roasties. The ones who would remotely be enticed for more than dick would live in city areas, and even then that's debatable.

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Explain the OP pic then, racist.


in the USA, if niggers make up only 13% of the population and not all nigger men are fucking white women, your math might be wrong.
Well less than 15%, I'd say.
But that's not what the niggers who make threads like this want you to think.
Niggers are so dishonest.

oh yeah. completely forgetting that some whores have to be paid. BUT ALSO not forgetting that some actual whores won't even let a nigger pay to fuck em.

Yeah its true.

Real whores wouldn't care though. Whores usually have someone they need to answer to.

It's 50/50, mostly though women don't give a shit about race. Mostly they just go after anyone if he's good looking and or rich.

Also as someone who has dated black men, I will say BBC is a myth.

it's all based on genetics of family, and or hereditary genes rather then race related genetics.

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No, they are on HARD mode for sure.

Being white with good looks & a big girthy penis.

8.5 length/6.5 Girth

Is the true easy street. Sadly i am a King Manlet of 6ft. So i am on NORMAL difficulty. From modest earnomg parents.

Easy is Rich parents, trust fund, white, 6'3 tall with a big penis.
Looks do not matter if you can hide it with money. Lol


>it's all based on genetics of family, and or hereditary genes rather then race related genetics.
>sickle cell
>social dependence

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>It's 50/50, mostly though women don't give a shit about race


You're not funny.

I agree i have witnessed many females going for Black men. Fucking filthy whores They are... and all the Black women Dream of A White man that dosnt beat them. But Black women are disgusting or fat 9/10 times so normalt White men dont go for those negro pigs

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>I agree i have witnessed many females going for Black men.

>That weird capitalization
Can you be anymore cringe?
>I have witnessed many females going for black men
Where the hell are you where there's women going for black men?

Neither is your AIDS, whore.
How much did CNN pay you to fuck niggers?

nope as you well know OP
its just like this

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Your bait is weak too.

Niggers are pretty disgusting, tbh

They don't like niggers they just like big dicks

posting jew porn actresses taking selfies is no proof

Not all, but mostly true. I've met both size queens and women who admit they can't handle anything bigger than 8 inches.

lol. definitely no - women have extreme prejudice. also white men have bigger dicks.

I am pretty sure even black women are easier to accept a white dude, than a black one.

nice gynecomastia, bitch boys

she looks 10 :D

and if porn has taught me anything, that due is like 5''2 with a 5 inch dick.

>Daily reminder its the same mentally ill discord tranny flooding the catalog several times a day. Archives shows that he has made thousands of threads these past few months.
Sup Forums has been infested with few autists who just keep posting same shit relentlessly.

it is weird. bots maybe?
I far other channels and it is not bad at all.

all I can read - men with low self esteem trying to score with short small child-like women

Shame you're illiterate then.

hello low-self-esteem man.
Are you interested in child-like women?

It's a fact that confident people have an easy time getting laid regardless of skin color. It comes down to personality moreso than looks. Yeah an attractive person is going to get more pussy, but an average dude with a great personality will most likely get more pussy than a model with the personality of a rock. Obviously can't beat a model with a great personality.

Your argument tactics are child-like, maybe it's me who should ask you that question.


This. Go read some online forums about these young women's dating criteria. Im 21, make 45k a year, am studying engineering, 6ft, 182lbs, about 7in dick, and I usually have to wait till a second date to get laid. That is IF theres a second or third date. They date waaaaay up. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Although being good looking and sociable at a party usually means you'll get laid, but you can thank alcohol for that.

Im a skinny white guy 22 and I can tell you its just about confidence and to some degree looks .

I'm so tired of these threads but they're always FILLED with fucking responses. It's like you retards can't get enough race war threads. In reality this just isn't true. People are going to fuck ANYONE they find attractive. An asian can fuck a latino, a European can fuck an Indian, an African american can fuck a Native American. Your race is hardly ever a factor. Just be fucking normal and chill. Girls don't care anymore. They're not gonna instantly jump to fucking statistics on which race has the most girth/length/omega cock. You've been so influenced by this insane way of thinking that you're taking it as the truth. This shit is common sense. No wonder 90% of you losers are crying about not having a gf. You're all fucking worthless

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refute that niggers are literal biological weapons.

>biological weapons
>Apparently thinks niggers are smart enough to do anything on their own, including their own homeland that has become a war zone infested with disease and aids.
Lol, wow. I'm almost impressed how under prepared you were to say something that stupid.

He has a VPN and bumps his own threads with fake outrage. Four years this has been going on and admin does nothing.

Then don't contribute moron.

First of all, no proof.
Secondly, what can an admin do? It's just IP blocking.

>Apparently thinks niggers are smart enough to do anything on their own
they're the weapon, not the bearer of the weapon, you doublenigger.
they're controlled by people who hate everyone but their own.
your ability for comprehension is niggered.
get the cum out of your brain, nigger-lover.

They are literally biological weapons!

Jews and trannies

Dumb bitch. I didn't add anything to this argument. I obviously didn't pick a side. I want it to stop.

Blacklist all his images and delete his threads on sight. Sup Forums belongs on Sup Forums.