Is it still safe to eat raw 3 days old meat...

Is it still safe to eat raw 3 days old meat? It has some kind of odor and it's become a little dry because it's been in warm room.

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nope, that will make you very sick young fella

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Don't eat it. Why are you leaving raw meat out in the open for 3 days?

Explain why? It's safe to eat raw meat since that's our natural diet. I'm just wondering if it's safe to eat older meat that's been out in the open. It's also safe to eat fermented meat that's been left to rot in a jar. Search ''high meat''

>It has some kind of odor
What do you think your nose is for?

I want to eat raw meat, but I had to unfreeze it so my mother wouldn't see it that's why I left it on the wardrobe in my room.

meat is full of bacteria, which multiply rapidly when not kept cold.
kept open to the air in a warm room it'll gather more bacteria.
that 'odor' is the smell of bacteria and decay.
that shit can kill you, or at the very least make you vomit and spray like a bust hydrant.

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3 hours is what you have from the moment you take it out from the fridge/freezer at the grocery store. That includes the drive home, checking out, if you took it out of the freezer before putting it in, etc. Throw that rancid meat out.

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Meat is supposed to have bacteria and it's beneficial to us. Look at people eating ''high meat''. I'm not eating rotten meat yet. I'm pretty sure this is perfectly edible. It's deer meat btw.

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>reverse image search
>0 results

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eat it, and prepare your anus for a torrent

Why? Why is this guy alright?

Just fucking eat it and shut the fuck up then.

Thanks, videos of people eating rotten meat made my day
>if your immune system is good enough you can eat rotten meat, but ist stupid and if the wrong kind of mold gets hold of it youre dead

eat it
post results

What do you mean by results? Do you want a video?

yeh, why not.
start recording when your stomach starts rumbling and gurgling.

>high meat
What the fuck...

inb4 bait
why are you posting when you won't listen to anyone's advice. you thaw meat in the fridge, not in room temp, because the outside meat will be warm for a long time while middle still is frozen. op is a retarded fag.

You don't freeze meat in nature at all.

You also don't go to the goddamn grocery store to buy it in nature either.

I didn't. My freezer is full of hunted meat.

Just trim off the dry stuff and have at it. Congrats, you just dry aged your own beef.

Nice dubs too

ok boomer

can i make steak tartare? I can add some raw eggs because deer meat has no fat.

yummm, the best you're gonna love it

your point?
go ahead then, eat three days old meat, maybe you'll survive. I couldn't care less

Why would I die? People eat 7 months old meat and claim that it actually heals gut.

i knew it was bait.
smoking increases the risk of cancer, doesn't mean every smoker gets it. humans invented cooking for a reason. do you not believe in food poisoning either? i hope it kills you, Darwin will claim his prize.

food poisoning in all languages mean getting poisoned by poisons in food. Bacteria are not poisons.I just ate some of the meat and it tastes good and it's all that matters.

Yeahhhh... Hate to break it to you but raw meat hasn't been a part of our natural diet for a long time. People still eat it but usually it's prepared by professionals who know how to prepare it and separate parts of it that might contain bacteria from the safe and edible parts. Enjoy your tape worm though.


this is a new level of retardedness that I haven't seen in awhile

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Raw red meat has e coli in it. Anyone talking about "natural diet" shit is fucking retarded. You have to cook at least the outside of the meat

Its still fine, just eat it

Fucking idiots act like the paleolithic era was a couple hundred years ago.

There's no proof of e coli being harmful. Stop reading mom magazines.

Holy crap you're a fucking moron. I hope to god you're just a troll, either way dont breed.

If it smells off, NO.

Who the fuck cares about nature? Smallpox occurs naturally. So does malaria. Fuck nature.

I'm not going to trust with some stupid hippie says

>a dirty European dude in the woods said it was ok

Lol just eat it you massive pussy

I ate some of it already

>when you watch sv3rige for the first time
>have fun living in fantasy land

I want to eat raw meat. How do I start?

You go to a butcher and get something extremely fresh that was free range and well kept.
If you eat raw steaks from the supermarket you will get parasites and or food poisoning.
There's a reason the packaging says it should be heated to 75 degrees+

3 days? No. Not if it wasn't cooked or smoked or heavy salted. You gonna die.

raw meat sitting in a warm room for 3 days (and emitting an unusual odor) is going to very likely make you sick. the odor is from a proliferation of bacteria, yeast, and mold breaking down the meat and practically shitting all over it with toxic chemical byproducts

it's true that we can consume raw meat - but that meat has to have been safely stored and safely prepared. 3 days in a warm room is neither of those things

it's also true that we can consume aged meat. again, aged meat must be safely prepared, and safely stored. 3 days in a warm room with who knows what kind of humidity is definitely not safe.

cooking aged meat might kill pathogens, but the toxic chemical breakdown won't make the risk or hazard go away.

in short, just eat it as is so we never have to see another thread from you again

Jewish lies

Fermented meat is a form of processing that allows specific bacteria to grow. Any food left out in oxygen rich air will breed all forms of available bacteria. Good should not be consumed if left unrefrigerated for over 8 hours


This and even then dont get mince meat. If you wanna be extra safe, cut a thin layer from each side of the raw steak before you dice it up. Make some steak tartare


Yeah that guy isnt a scientist, doctor, nor did he even finish high school.
Here, read this.
This article is written by one of the most famous medical facilities in the states, they are pretty advanced, and yet they still warn you not to get e coli.

I wonder who could be behind that...

Plenty of salt and Worcestershire sauce.

OP don't listen to heaters, just peel of few milimeters and you are good to go

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