No ylyl? I'm disappointed

No ylyl? I'm disappointed.

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This isn't ylyl.

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Pretty funny to me

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WTF, if you ask a serial killer if they're a serial killer, they have to say yes. It's like, the law.

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Rice crispies for me

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A literal picture of plebbit, you fucking faggot, go back to where you came from.

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oops posted wrong one

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it is now

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You retarded motherfucker

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>Saving the thumbnail
Image being this retarded.

yeah this is reddit or something

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This. This is why I am never going to an hero, no matter how bad things get. Look at this image and imagine it being the legacy of your entire existence on this earth, and it will give you the strength to go on.

Unless you dont record it

Top zozzle

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I lost

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Absolute legend

Kek. How?

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top kek

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Fuck off

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hi scott

Nerve gas, my friend

no u

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Did the guy anhero woth a shotgun? What diid i miss? Any pictures of it?

fuckoff bacon dodger

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hi newfriend

A video
Possibly but I don't know where

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The last 2 blocks of this are subjective and therefore completely interchangeable. Example, this image was posted on a conservative website. The numbers may be valid and taken from actual data or they may not be.

But 2 things will be constant; the liberal reader of this image will call bullshit on it because it was on a conservative website (block 4) and the conservative poster of this image will consider the reader to be discarding the information because they don't like it. (block 3)

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It's on gif, gets posted 1000x.

Speak of the devil

Don’t do my boy Ed bassmaster like that

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you dont know me

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We truly have exceeded ourselves lately with shitposting and fucking with autists.

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but then it's not a true anhero

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