As the first official act of my second term I will have all of the trans freaks rounded up and either exiled or placed...

As the first official act of my second term I will have all of the trans freaks rounded up and either exiled or placed in camps. Do you support this as a patriotic American? Or are you a degenerate like those mentally ill fetishists?

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My opinion is that ALL sexuality is mental illness. It's just that some symptoms are socially acceptable, others are not.

So, I see that debate as meaningless, like arguing that diabetes is "natural and right" while tourettes is "degenerate" somehow

that is the most autist opinion I've ever heard. only an incel would be so jelly of everyone else getting in the bone zone that he'd consider all sex a mental illness.

Compare the behavior that is the core behavior around which all biology revolves for the continuation of its species to behaviors, which if universal, would lead to the extinction of a species in one generation. Yes this is the same as comparing a disease and a mental disorder.

It's just that it makes a lot of sense.

There's a lot of trouble when you start trying to categorize different sexual practices as "moral/immoral" and there's almost no reasons you can give for any classifications.

The whole thing lends itself best to be categorized as a mental illness than anything else.

It's an involuntary compulsion. The entire thing has all of the hallmarks of mental disorder.

Sometimes I forget how fucking retarded some people are in this world holy shit nice one desu

Hope he's removed. Pence will institute that quicker.

Is this the creative writing thread?

>ALL sexuality is mental illness
Being an incel was forced upon you, I'm sure.

Extreme views and opinions help nobody. Take a middle of the road point of view and fucking relax

>deportations under Trump down
>spending up
why do people care if this idiot is in office?

This post reeks of mental illness

Things I hope will happen
>Removal of Same-Sex Marriage
>A means to restrict the ability to use the medication for "Transgender" people
>Restricting the rights of African Americans specifically until they can become non-violent citizens of the country.
>Removal of all Illegal Immigrants and Immigrants who've been in this country for a set amount of years
>Encouraging woman to take Woman Classes from the 50's and 60's
>Only allow Caucasian or close-to Caucasian Males to run highest powers in their field

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You're free to try to change my mind, lads. I'm opening it up for discussion because, obviously, I'm not happy about coming to this conclusion.

But it is what it is. A deeply rooted, inherited predisposition with biological roots, that can, in it's worst forms, lead to many forms of antisocial behavior, including violence. So many problems are rooted in sexuality, don't you think?

I see where you're coming from but this wipes out all distinctions. All behavior is driven by involuntary compulsions. What makes something a disorder is if the involuntary compulsions can not be controlled and/or if those compulsions lead to things that lead to decreased survivability of yourself or your genetic line..

We've all been there. If you're a teen with the constant hard-on and the hormones short-circuiting your brain I can understand the comparison between normal sexual desire and mental disorder

Ever had any contact with the opposite gender? Ever experienced a hug you little soyboy?

I've been married for many years. This is not based on any frustration, just my own observations. And ad hominems will fall on deaf ears - I'm looking for real discussion

I don't support the persecution of anybody.
But I don't support the coddling of degenerates either.

Imagine believing outlier extremist opinions concerning the rapidly degenerating grandpa lying his way out of office.

You guuuyyyysss

imagine taking anything posted here as remotely factual

It’s fact that retards still believe it’s going to happens.

one can dream, this sounds like a great plan, include all homosexuals and SJWs while you're at it


Sir, can you also make it that its okay to punish those who supported trans freaks?

A good, but far off pipe dream.