Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

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doesn't matter, had sex

No, but this is super hot. I last way too long during sex, and I don't think a girl has EVER been able to get me off. Only times I cum during sex is when I'm jerking myself to completion, or if I'm barebacking. Always wanted a more dominant woman to MAKE me cum, or at least get me so close that I nut instantly like this.

Top zozzle my dude. I've never done it that fast but I have done a one pump and dump

No because I'm not a 16 year old virgin.

yeah. it's not good the way the girl look at me.

Are you a 40 year old virgin?

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fuck off you friendless low life spamming loser

Oooo nice burn lol. Hardly. 30something who has zero problems pleasing women. Don't worry, with practice you'll get there.

No because I got like the variety pack of STDs and I feel nothing anymore

did the webm hurt your feeling?

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Uh huh

has your penis turned purple?

hahaha, I'm not sure he penetrated

>first time
>things happening
>wake up
>inside her
>say I'm finna nut
>she keeps riding
>shove her
>scream get the fuck off me
>ruined orgasm
>still mostly inside her anyway

And that's the story of how my life got flip turned upside down.

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you jerk off too much with a too tight a grip fag.

Mistress T is a goddess

I hate when they crouch, she should be SITTING

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Sucks just as much

No because I'm too small to achieve penetration.


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