Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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iron666maiden69 skype slave

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More sneaky?

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Sinners OC, time to delete the thread

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looking cute Sin

hey kit! may I share your pics?

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>Photoshop crossdresser
up for a bad start

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Help astolfo find master :3

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imagine sucking on those toes and watching her cock slowly get harder and harder

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you are amazingly hot, I want to be your master



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cute little titties, please a picture where we can see your cock and tits

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Wow,beautiful! But man i hate chastity. The only reason im attracted to trans,trap,femboys is because its the feminine body with a dick. Otherwise if i cant see the dick iid rather have a biological woman. Your still cute as fuck, would marry.

not me

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Then who? Name please.

Any traps that are not circumcised? All these dry ass dicks smh

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I like traps and all but most of the time it's just the same old poses, with nothing new or interesting going on.

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More chastity

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hey everyone !!

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She's fucking hot. I want her to fuck me and press those tits up against me as she blows a massive load of jizz in my ass.

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>tfw got a gf(female) again
>still lurk trap/boipucci/bussy/feminine dicks threads

need more trap feet

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wb titty princess

I got some old pics!

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Boy pussy is best pussy

name please

hi there!

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Sup boys

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Not if they haven't cleaned there bowels.

Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

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Real talent

Face of a man, body of a storage box

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You know what you must do.
Train your gf to have a trap fetish too and then adopt a pet trap for you two to share.

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Any cute traps in Ontario?
Come sit on this cock

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Savage burn!

More Sneaky


this one is a hot bitch

MOre faggots pretending to be girls and in the closet fags who say the are and have a girly penis which isnt even a thing in real life you faggots ITS NOT EVEN A TRAP IF YOURE LOOKING FOR COCKS! lol Sup Forums need a purging this along with fur fags incest fags and bbc/cuck fags oh also scat fags need to fuck OFF!

astolfo better have kik or discord then :)

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you have a contact?

fucking word, how are you this perfect?

Does sneaky just have tits now?

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Does this one have a name?

Who she?

you are cute but talk like a brick wall sadly

Bro, traps aren't even gay, don't worry.