Roast me. Good luck

Roast me. Good luck

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You look like the kind of girl who's confused when she doesn't wake up blackout drunk.

Damn near stole mine lol

Looks like you’ve already been spit roasted plenty

Whats with the stupid peice of asparagus in the cup behind you


That's bamboo you fucking idiot

I'd rather smoke you at 225F over a 60/40 mixture of apple and cherry wood until tender.


I was going to say once you get her chopped and seasoned roasting would t be that hard. Put her in a smoker and the meat would just fall off the bone

The Fuck is this???

Don’t want to roast just want to fuck

What is your favourite rape fantasy?

Simple directions for roasting, make sure you season as well. Human meat has a tendency to be bland and stringy

Show us your spread vagoo.


Don't worry she'll get a proper halal slaughtering.

>my precious
Gtfo smeagal

Tits or gtfo

What tits?

Only thing sharp about you is the end of your piercings

OP really banking on the fact that we're going to do his creative work for him. Did she not sleep with you or something?

going to need a timestamp first.

You look like a Becky. You probably have that walk where your arm is up, like you're carrying a purse but you're not. You probably have a laugh that stands out (something you aren't self aware of but everyone's thinking about it when it happens)

Are the cheeks tender? The cheeks on the face I mean. I hear they are good with sauteed mushrooms.

Nice tits

More pics OP?


Bump for more

This is funny. OP is obviously a "nice guy" and got turned down by this chick.... so he takes her picture to have random Internet strangers insult her.

Fuck, so pathetic.

the armpit fat creeping out is giving me pause

... Pass.

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That’s a tit


Tits or gtfo


You're in my league


I don't need to. Living in Ohio is bad enough.

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>tight white shirt
>pierced nipple
>"roast me"
well, wanna be roasted? Sounds like your usual tuesday to me

You're a female

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Word. :/

Your tits are too small, even with your hipster nipple piercing, you stupid cunt. There are fedora wearing autists on here with bigger tits. Your gut is too flabby, you twenty sandwich eating blubber gut. Your eyebrows look fucking stupid, and you have a lopsided "stroke" face. I wouldn't fuck you even after 9 pints of Stella, attention seeking 4/10er.

shut up slut just show us your asshole

tits or gtfo

Bump slut

You got nice tits bitch

You're a nurse from Ohio.
Your name starts with a K?
And you have purple scrubs.

Be a bit more observant of your surroundings...

Know her?

tits or gtfo

wtf i am so ashamed of you guys what has happened to the chans. a bunch of fucking faggots now

Just more observant than OP

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>be you
>be born female
>brown hair, brown eyes, small tits


She makes up for the small tits

Not OP but here’s another lol

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Looks right

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0/10 would not fuck

More whore

At least 1

I want to fuck you.
I'm awful at roasting girls.

Me too lol

I love that girls dress like this. Low self esteem means giving every horny fucker a jizz worthy view of your tits and likely your ass too. I’m sure many have gone home and thought of you later on while they wanked


Found the virgin


At least he have a 4

Come join gg/MRYgZXS

No u

That angle give you a big ass head. Easter Island head ass
Pierced nipples tasting like pennies. I bet you have no ass with the way your acid-washed cut-off jean shorts hang look on you. This isn't the 90s bitch. You look like you auditioned to be a cast member of Full House, didn't get the role, and fell back into porn. Not good porn either. Fetish shit like pink eye porn, or extreme throat fucking

You're a woman. Easy.

I thought she looked like a throat fuck too lol

See? She just has a face that isnt remarkable unless its covered in ruined mascara and bodily fluids

Agreed lol and from multiple donors

Mostly fluid

Looks like you have taken a lifetime of dick and somehow still want more

I’d still hit

Honestly a solid 7.5/10

This roast has been pretty tame

Little tits ugly face

you look like you cheat on your boyfriend with your boss who you fuck to get promotions

Daddy issues?

These roasts are just sad

Roast me? what the fuck is this? god damn reddit? Get this niggerfaggot shit out of here

Pretty lame material

Get your racism and homophobia back to the klan meeting

Eh touche

Can’t be racist towards white people my nigga

You peaked in high school and you know it so now you came to the dregs of the internet looking for sympathy from a bunch of incels
Go back to your wine and cats roastie

Just the use of the N-word is what I was referring to

Fucking this


As a nigger I’m allowed to say nigger. Those are the nigger laws

Get your Reddit skiddie fucking dickshit outta here, we don't need you nincompoop bullshit fuckery of a ding dong classic Reddit crybaby that needs socializing with random dickbeards.
The reason you post this shit is because you thought there was something wrong with you but you also thought there was something good about you and tried to boast it, fucking libtard I don't see anything good in that pic and no one gives a nigging shit about roasting people.

You are a piece of libtard marketing shit, go back so Quora and die you media nincompoop article reader.

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Fuck you

Here’s the attention you ordered

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