Rich fag here, giving out to anyone who has a good reason to receive PayPal money. Go on

Rich fag here, giving out to anyone who has a good reason to receive PayPal money. Go on.

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Cause I can use some positive vibes

Pic related what OP will give everyone

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I have a lot of spare money I would usually gamble. I decided to give it out to Sup Forums. I often do these social challenges that involve money. I work in this business.

I don't want money, don't send it to me.

Fuck, if this is legit I could write my sob story but I know people out there need it far more then me.

Because I want to give it away to anybody who has a good reason

Arthur Schopenhauer is based. Have you read his world as will and idea?

At work right now starving. Haven't eaten in a few days because I had to make late payments on my rent and utilities. It's been a hard week since my grandfather died. Trying to fill the void but it isn't working. It never works.

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Tried to kill myself at the beginning of the year. Got meds but no insurance for refills. Am 26. Stuck with asshole roommate. Working low wage job cuz of depression. Can't sleep, havent bought groceries in months. Friends tired of me asking for money. Sure, i could use some money

I'm overdrafted on my bank because I can't pay bills on time without doing so and would lose Internet.
Student and working 2 jobs, but make enough time to shitpost here.

Would mean alot -- paypal is [email protected]

>[email protected]

Half convincing

I just got laid off on Sunday and now have no way to pay for anything past this week.

just $97 to not be overdrafted and pay fees off would be enough. thanks.

Lmfao I’m just broke asf and need extra money to buy dabs every week till I can find myself a job. If you are that rich OP give everyone a small piece of the pie.

I need some money to surrender my two cats to the no kill shelter in town because i kill myself friday and they‘ll end up going to a kill pound and i really don‘t want that to happen. They‘re good cats and they‘ll make someone happy.

Just enough for a meal would be a godsend.

so I can eat anything besides ramen

are you being serious or not? proof?

help multiple people in this thread, instead of just 1

Robot with the grandfather who's hopefully no longer in pain here. Forgot to add this just in case

Im no Money begging whore and this is bait

Schopenhauer was a riot alright.

cause I want drugs.

did you pay anyone op?

You sound like such a fucking loser. OP I’ll pay pal you to not give this guy anything

How about not dictating what OP does with his money faggot. Beggars can’t be choosers

I'd want the money to see if it brought a spec of happiness back into my disgusting life. Realizing nothing will actually make me happy especially money. Wish I could buy her back...

I’m actually saving up to see my GF and stay a week in her town. It would be cool to have some extra cash to spend while there. She lives with her parents still and just turned 18, but I’m staying at a hotel because I haven’t met her parents yet. Anyway if this is real it would be cool ^_^

I want to buy more Chaos Space Marines and hire people to paint them to a standard I refuse to practice to attain on my own. They will be Word Bearers and Iron Warriors because I feel used and unappreciated and I love the idea of religious tyranny. Please fund.

Well im back living at home after losing the best job of my life about a year ago.
The Luxury Fashion House decided to split up my current position into several different ones and didnt bother letting me know in advance.
Fast forward a year later and im sitting around trying to help my hoarding mother and brother with bills working part time at a small dept store and going back to school.
life is almost devoid of meaning now

Hahaha, fucking mutt problems. Eat shit, poorfag

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Lost my job around the same time I learned my wife is pregnant with our 3rd. And I thought I was done lol. Now, the landlord is barking up my ass about the rent, and I ain't got it...been stressed out about it.
So- not that I believe you, but should I receive anything, I would be sure to pay it forward in the future.
[email protected]

Sure thing, homo.

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So you are rich of sperm and short on money? Typical third world problems ...

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You are a burger, right? Why are bitches all broken. In other threads your kind blames to be the best nation and shit. All I can see are drug problems, gun violence and people going down in the system ...

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I need money to buy a good pc toi finally play with my friends

that last sentence really made me think

Evidently so lol
Like I said, I thought I was done. Total surprise. My other two are 13 and 7 already, had I known, I would have made a third much sooner so my kids could be closer in age

I don’t have any gas. I don’t have much else to say, I’m looking for a auto body job and I have very little money. It’s deer hitting season and no one is hiring. Any help is appreciated

Finally found a job, wanna build a PC on black Friday but haven't been working long enough to get paid. Is that good?

i'm a student, nowhere is taking on jobs for students here and I am really struggling to pay rent on time. Time to die.

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Still a student, don't have enough money to buy a train ticket for tomorrow. so any amount could help, thank.

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Almost all of my acquaintances talk like that and get pretty salty when no one listens to their "be yourself" bullshit.

I'm homeless in Boston and I'm cold and hungry.

Is this serious? Like I was trying to think of a way to make a few extra bucks so I could have gas to make it to work this week, then I see this. Are there really kind people in this world? But, surely like everything else this is not real. I have never had that kind of luck.
If so, you are an inspiration and surely anything would be paid forward. When you're desperate anything looks like an option.

btw i'm from a low income family so it's really hard for me to actually get money from my family. i'm on a budget of lke £10 per week to spend on food.

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What is your profession? Why can't you afford gas?

I cant afford my next semester of university , a little love can go a long way

Just because you made a fake PayPal with the name Jessica doesn’t mean people can’t see your real full name when they are about to send you money.

Who is that on the right? I like the cut of his jib

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Arthur Schopenhauer

oh god oh fuck he isn't sending me money oh fuck

My name is Jessica?? And I just started my new job, I'm a data tech. I just had a rough last year. Bad relationship, I took a leap and now on my own..It is what it is, I've made it this far.

ok, I need to step up my game. I worked the last 25 years of my life. I'm now 32. Shit jobs but I know what work is.

Five years ago I rented a 1 bedroom house and it was al nice an' shit. Then the housing market in my country started to collapse and reinvent themselfs to a point the rent is unaffordable and also the better paying jobs are in a different city. So I just really need to step up my game, I'm saving up for my drivers license but it's a big number, it's like 2k to get it in my country. After that I'm set for more succes if I work hard enough, I'm actually asking for nothing big just a little push I guess. So anonymous appreciation or something would be nice. Thanks I advance: [email protected]

If you have more questions feel free to do so.

Bury your money deep down in your ass fucking faggot !

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There’s no way for us to know it’s real. Even if someone does write something that resonates with op, who’s to say that the person wants the money? Someone else could simply say “that’s me” and pretend. This whole thing seems fishy.

And I've had that paypal forever.. got nothing to prove anyway. Life has shown me the harder side, and I'm still here, apparently making fake profiles..

Please just kill yourself ugly data Faggot

It's fishy as fuck desu, but who knows, maybe one of these stories will sway me.

Nice. You don’t seem rich to me at all. Just someone with a good idea for a thread. Much keks to be had, I suppose.
That is, unless you can prove that you’re rich? I doubt that’ll happen. Kek on, my friend.

if this is op please help me, I'm terrified of being evicted if i can't make my payments. all i want is to be able to go through uni and be able to get a good job after the fact.

Tell me your story user. What led you here, and what exactly do you want?

You are powned in 2 breaches wich means your password could be out there somewhere . i hope you change passwords over accounts before posting your email on Sup Forums

I'm a uni student, most of the money I get goes on Accomidation, the rest is for food. Barley get any money for fun and would love a takeaway. Any help would be greatly appreciated and shared between my roomies.

[email protected](.)com

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I would like to buy my first custom knife. Preferably a puukko from a Finnish maker.

How is that for a reason ;)

i recently moved to a differtent city to start up university. i get student loan payments but they don't even cover the full amount of rent that I'm supposed to be giving every term. sometimes it feels like i've made a horrible mistake coming here but knowing that after it will be more okay is what's driving me. the only income i have rn is from my parents sending me moeny every monday, but it only covers my food and bus travel. i'm only looking for enough to cover my rent till the end of term.

>You are powned in 2 breaches wich means your password could be out there somewhere . i hope you change passwords over accounts before posting your email on Sup Forums

Password doesn't have anything to do with either of the information given... I'm not retarded

I want to buy drugs

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What are you studying?
How long have you been in this university?
What have you tried to do in order to have more money (adjusting student loan, job applications, etc.)?
What exactly do you want?
I need dollars and cents nigga.

if you are kind enough to actually send stuff this is my paypal.

I keep forgetting my own password because I have so many different ones and sometimes I don't know which one I used

You posted your email address. And related to this post someon would asume you have a paypall account. The email addres of this account is allready given (by you) a quick check on "" reveals a password associated with that email is somewhere outhere. I dont asume your retarded . i remind people to be carefull for Bate posts

Consider Keepass, unless you care about convenience (i.e. don't care about security), then something like Dashlane.
I use Keepass + Kee, it's great. Higher initial time investment, with the reward being actual, provable security.

I just want to remind people to be carefull thats all

I had open heart surgery and need money to pay for cardiac rehab. I'm 22 years old and if I don't get better fast I have to drop out of school. I'm going for a degree in cellular molecular biology. paypal is magsbes

sorry yeah, i'm studying music. i've been here for about 3 months now and it's been a struggle to get money. i've been taking money out of over draft from my bank but that just puts me into even more debt. i've also been applying for part time work (about 30 jobs i've applied for but it no one will take me).
honestly if you are this serious i need around £1074 but if you can't make that then that would be fine. i just need as much help as possible.

Just want some more coke

sorry for the typo. please help OP. It would save my academic career and allow me to return from a hard surgery. Can provide proof if you want me to

Studying Games Programming at Staffordshire Uni ( England ) First year. Money wise I've got a student loan of £1,350 every semester (3 months), my rent is near £1,680 per semester. I currently work part time for the uni doing matinence. I get about £30-40 a week for that which goes on food and paying the rest of rent.

I don't mind how much, what ever you think is reasonable, it'll be shared out between my roommates either way.

I could use a little. Been off work waiting for a heart valve replacement. Pretty much lost it all and the "love of my life" left me two weeks ago out of nowhere. It just sucks. Help if you can. If not that's cool too. I just need something good to happen to me.

You're full of shit and you're the latter part of the "normal" person's description of man. I.e bored shitless. Keep it in your pants faggot

Same guy

Im skint and my moms wont give me any money to buy pornos and lubricant, pls donate [email protected]

that picture is depressing. Imagine being the person who created that unironically thinking that self love and positivity are signs of toxic behavior and that being philosophical is somehow the normal or average? what the fuck man

I need an Andy Sixx thread to feel less stupid

Trying hard to get my family out of a pre-hud single wide with black mold problems. Worried for the health of my kids. Building is hard to heat in winter and has a leaking roof. I have a mortgage and would take an ass raping if i sell (shouldnt have bought in my twenties when i was dumb as a hammer). Best bet is to upgrade to a new mobile or a small stickbuilt on my lot. Im a wage slave with a decent job but no college paper (dumb in twenties remember). Saving as much as possible as i live the peasant life. Got quotes recently, but housing costs keep going up. New single wide starts at 70k (doesnt included foundation, utilities etc.) Ugh. Why is it all so expensive? Adjusted goals so im saving for that small stick built so i can have a real house with some equity. Just met with a contractor last week. For construction loan i need 20 percent down. With my existing mortgage rolled in this number becomes terrifyingly large. Then i have the monthly payment to deal with. So far with my budget im 17k short. This means many more years of slaving and saving with no house in sight. What a world.

if you're still here (this is music student user btw) i don't wanna seem like a prick or tooneedy but it genuinely would help me so much if you could help. I'm gonna link my paypal again if it's just cause you ain't seen it.

Because I want it.

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this is the link, please help

Op im gonna buy laxatives and feed them to my sister and her friends before school :)

there's basically no chance this is real but fuck it here goes. need money to fly out to meet the love of my life. $500 will do.

Getting evicted after losing job. No family within 2000 miles, feels real bad man

Im a poor drug addict with many tales of life fucking me in the ass but basically i just need to get high. $20 would be awesome pls and thanks

Underrated comment.

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threads dead, can;t get my money now sad times