What does girl butt taste like?

What does girl butt taste like?
I assume it must be delicious, since so many guys want to eat ass nowadays.

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tastes like pennies if clean


Stick a finger in your ass.
Give it a taste.

like heaven user.

You all must have been eating paint chips as children to like the taste of pennies.


This. Fresh out the shower it literally tastes like nothing or clean skin.

tastes like kinder eggs

Pussy tastes like old wet penies in flour.
Ass tastes like shit or rotten eggs.

Muthafukkas won't eat broccoli, but they out here eating ass like it groceries

If she's showered and clean in there, slightly metallic and maybe just a touch salty. Reason for the metallic taste is the presence of blood vessels in the muscle of the sphincter. Eaten 4 girl's asses and they all tasted like this.
When clean, it's far better than pussy for taste (unless the girl has a really good diet).

Best case, it's clean and tastes like basically nothing, wash your armpit and then lick it
Worst case, literal shit

Ass tastes good if it's clean, broccoli tastes like shit regardless. Same with all Cole products.

its not about the taste, virgins
its about how fuckin kinky it is to bury your face in some butt cheeks and tongue fucking a gilrs shit hole and her getting off to it
its fucking awesome

guy ass taste nothing like a girls
girls taste like candy

no fucking shit.
any part of the body fresh out of the shower taste like skin, excluding hair

People don't eat ass for the flavor, they eat ass because a wave of mental sickness that causes anus-worship is overtaking the internet.

Nah. I love big butt cheeks as much as the next guy, but that's where it stops.
I like the jiggle, softness, the sway etc. but a girls dirty shithole doesn't even enter my mind, nor do I even think about ever putting my tongue anywhere near it.

Just because they're close together, doesn't mean I have to associate the two.

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I think girls secrete pheremones from their ass cause there's some pleasant musk going on there.

If dirty, tastes sour and bitter, like fermented throw up.

>pleasant musk
lol whut...

freshly cleaned girl asshole is awesome. Last time i ate my girls ass I came more than I ever have before. Im biased though because anal/assholes are my genuine fetish so even hearing a girl say "butthole/asshole" turns me on. one of the anons here was right though it does have sort of a metallic taste and makes your saliva taste like it to but its not bad. only when its clean though

He's right. Clean girl butt has that certain smell thats not bad at all and if you genuinely like ass it'll take over your mind and dick and send you to cloud fucking 9

It tastes just like your ass under certain conditions. If you showered and haven't worked all day, it tastes like nothing. If you just got off a 6+ hour shift, rub your ass then taste it, that's what a girls asshole tastes like on a normal work day.

I've eaten girls asses, traps and dudes. They all taste the same depending on what they did that day.

Unless they're just REALLY nasty fuckers who are incredibly unhygienic like one of my exes who wouldn't clean her ass or pussy if it would save the world.

>Clean girl butt
Clean ass smells the same regardless if someone is cute or a fucking girl you retard autistic virgin.

>like one of my exes who wouldn't clean her ass or pussy if it would save the world.

Lol i think i know her

How the fuck you think I get the taste of broccoli out my mouth

I'm sure we all have one. Every dude has at least one dirty girl under their belt by 25. I'd rather eat surströmming than ever go down on that hag again.

tastes like shit unless cleaned, other than that its flavorless like skin
t. ate ass before

I can confirm this, both my girlfriend and I eat ass regularly

>tastes like shit unless cleaned
It taste like shit if she's taken a shit...there's a middle ground
Eat a girls ass in the middle of the day, and it's just going taste musky, if she hasn't pooped yet