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I'd mount her face right there and make her drool all over herself while I slammed my tick cock into her little mouth


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I’d pull her to the ground by her hair making her ass the only thing in the air and I grab my rock hard cock and slam it into her tight little asshole as she screams for help

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I’d turn her and her friend into my little speed banks with there pussys alwasy oozing cum as they are blindfolded and strapped down for 9 months

Bind and gag her in a public mens restroom in the downward dog position. Set up a camera and watch as dozens of strange men use her as a cum dump :)

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Ex turned into a slut. Wwyd to her?

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I'd rip off her clothes and slap her a few times so she knows who's the boss. I'd force my dick down her ass, she'd not like that. When she starts crying, I'd only start to pound her more voilent until her screams turn into lustful moaning. She'd even enjoy it so much that she'd start shivering from hard orgasms. When she finally looses control of her shaking body, I'd suddenly turn her around and put my dick in her mouth. As soon as she realizes it, she tries to scream and cry but my dick in her throat stops her and after a few seconds, she'd stop trying and swallow the big load I'd shoot in her mouth


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punch you in the throat

Kidnap her and someone very close to her. Threaten to kill her loved one if she disobeys or calls the police. Then I would make her do progressively more disgusting things in public. I'd start with simple flashing. On the street, move on to sucking my dick in the park and conclude with her sitting nude on a busy city street begging passers by to fuck her.

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keep going

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wwyd to this dyke?

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Use a combination of hypnosis, drugs and controlled orgasms to turn her into a brainless slut. Replace her nipple ring with hoops so I can attach a leash that I can pull on when she misbehaves. Let my friends and business partners play with her.

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Id bind and lock her into guillotine, use all her holes and cover her face in as much cum as possible. Find some friends or family members of hers willing and once im finished with her they walk it, tell her what a waste of a person she is and drop the blade. Her cum soaked head is left in a urinal for whoever wants it


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hog tie her and force her to ride a sybian until she cums and cums and cums and her eyes roll back and drool is pouring out of her slack jawed mouth

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I would tie her hands around that pole and go raw on her ass. The more she hates it the betters. Would bang her stupid face into said pole if she misbehaves. Rinse and repeat untill im either spent or she stops moving.

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Do you like her? wwyd?

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Maker her wash that pile of laundry on the floor. That shit is how you get your carpet smelling like mold

My bigger sister

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force her to be a public fuck toy on the side of the street so that every man who passes can pump thei load either deep inside her cunt or down her throat.


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Throw her down doggy style and breed her while I force you to watch.

I love sharing her in these threads

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She's cute, rather than my normal manner of brutal humiliation, I'd eat her pussy almost daily to make sure she gets off. Slowly over time, she becomes addicted to it and will do anything I want. Together we'd take on little unicorns on the side. I'd watch her fuck our little cum toys in the ass with strap ons while I control a vibe to get her off. Then I'd reward her with a solid dicking of her own.


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I wonder how she'd beg you to make me stop, and you sitting there, watching her get pounded into oblivion and filled with cum. Making her feel all the more helpless and used. I'd constantly remind her that if you wanted to help, you could. But you won't. That you're the reason she's there to be bred like the useless hole she is.

Any hard rape/humiliation for her? Be as brutal as you can

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Wwyd to my wife

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idk, probably stick my penis in her vagina and move it around until stuff came out.


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I would love to see someone force fuck her while her tits bounce up and down

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That isn't a girl


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