Visit friend

>visit friend
>walk in, see this
what do?

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he should have called.

ask him to share

take a picture and post on Sup Forums for advice on what to do.

>leave in direction of nearest grocery store
>buy get well soon balloon
>return to friend
>use helium to fill balloon
>attach to friend
>360 walk away

wonder why my friend turned black

Dude in the pic knows what's up. I would use a gas mask instead of the bag though.

call 911 then make myself something to eat

bag guarantees death if helium ratio has to much o2 to kill you from gas alone, bag gives you backup option of suffocation while unconscious
normally wouldn't matter but pretty sure helium manufacturers caught onto this shit and tweaked the gas ratio in an attempt to prevent suicide via helium method
not 100% on that tho


quality post

Actually neither of you know what's up.

I work at a plant where we fill cylinders with nonflammable industrial gasses. Low pressure helium included. They put fucking sulfur in that shit so it feels like your lungs are having salt poured into them if you try dumb shit like this. I get a pretty strong whiff at least once a day. I can handle just fine after 6 years but it's funny to watch the new guys cough up a long with tears and snot falling out of thier face. One breathe you wont know. 2 breathes you'll realise that's not actually air and something's wrong. 3 and 4 you will be burning on the inside wishing you just used a gun.


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You are correct. Either it will never kill you cause theres 20% 02 in there or it has a "nuisance" chemical added (sulfur or salt based usually) to irritate anyone who try's to be an hero

>>get well soon buddy

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Why not good old fashioned carbon monoxide?
Terrible waste is helium.

Only tried and true method. Very deadly and wont hurt like a bitch

I would do a straight 360 and get fucking out of there!!

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As a true friend who understands, I would figure out if he's still alive.

Put him out of his misery

Anonymous call to the Police, politely vacate

knew there was some sort of deterrent added, thanks for the details user

360 would not walk you out of there it would leave you in the very same place

These faggots just can't stand when someone does painlessly

Take a shit on the floor

Why do this?
It's cheaper to just buy some regular pills, like nyquil and some alcohol, watch your favorite movie while eating chocolate cake, swallow multiple pills, and drinking a good spiked beverage

steal his watch and any other valuables that he won't be needing any longer.

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Ask if i can keep his gaming PC and his collection of PVC figures.

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