Post a girl, anons reply assuming their kinks. Replies for replies

Post a girl, anons reply assuming their kinks. Replies for replies.

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Looks vanilla but eager to please.


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secretly wants to be raped. Not pretend raped, but actually targeted by a stranger. Walking home alone drunk at night gets her wet

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Big dicks, anal.

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Secretly likes young boys, fantasizes about being gangfucked by a middle school football team. Wants to be a teacher but knows she wouldn't be able to resist shota dicks.

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Eating and farting...

Definitely multiple men cumming on her face


Chad gang bangs. Swallows.

Into titty fucking but likes it from behind because its the only way you can get a cock in her pussy.
Low self esteem and likes black guys.
Sucks cock but doesn't like it.

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anal with the right guy.
the right guy is edgy and has tattos and piecings.
must be arty type.
secretly wants to be normal but likes the money from the stripper gig

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What are her kinks?

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goes to swing parties with her husband
likes girl on girl but not as much as getting strange cock.
likes the security of being married
is jealous of the women her man fucks when at swing parties.

Guess Erin’s

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Have nudes too of the right girl

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My ex. Have wins for whoever guesses right.

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Does it all. No hole is off limits.
Though you have to coax her into anal she secretly loves it because it's dirty
Will blow you with enthusiasm and swallow
Thinks she fucks best when drunk but turns into a noodle if you get her too wasted.
Falls in love with any chad who even remotely shows interest in her.
Ends up with trailer trash

Choking and some slaps onto her face and ass cheeks.
Casual submissive

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Go on

Likes cheap flings with sleazy men and dirty foreigners, prob takes it raw in the ass mostly

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Humiliation, likes to be verbally abused and spit on
Acts prudish. Secretly wants to be gangbanged by older men
Femdom maybe?
reverse cuck, wants to watch her bf or husband fuck her friends while she watches.

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Def not a dom

Steven Tyler?

Her names Katelyn if that helps anyone?

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Some light bondage for her.
Getting tied to a bed, blindfolded and fucked well

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She looks nerdy,so probably something hardcore. Gangabangs,maybe a rape fetish. looks like a sub but that smile is definetly feisty.

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Either of them, they’ve both sucked my cock

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bratty daddy daughter roleplay, loves to suck daddy's cock and swallow every last drop of his load
lets her dog go to town on her asshole while she streams it for tips

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Loves to get her ass abused or facefucked.

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Def into huge dildos, plugs and fisting

loves to get her tits fucked in public

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Getting naked in public

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Looks like a big anal fan to me

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Not bad. Try another

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would you let her treat your hardon?

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Anything fucked up for her?

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Probably. Especially facefuck,just look at that. Yours looks like a treat though, probably loves rough sex,the kind where she is hiding bruises half a week after. little asian cunt.

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her ass made made for it.
your slut looks riddled with daddy issues. probably a total sub that'd do anything to make her daddy's cock hard. loves a rough facefuck and swallowing daddy's load

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loves to tease nerds and get fucked by chad.
let them eat her pussy but would never such cock.
that was deep

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She also a massive feminist so probably is yeah

They want to fuck each other in front of a crowd to entertain them.

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Has something for a threesome.

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goes hand in hand, she loves to be dominated
this whore loves to be treated like a princess, but her favourite is getting fucked hard doggystyle. and if you can convince her she's pretty enough she'll let you into that tight virgin asshole

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Small dick humiliation

You’re so right about my friend. She’s totally prudish but I bet if you could get her naked she’d be screaming like a whore like the rest of em. Your slut looks like she wants to give a sloppy blowjob til cum and spit is dripping down to her cleavage!

Loves getting dick slapped and gargling cum

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replies only

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Anal (DP specifically) and nipple torture

What do you think she’s into?

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Hot wifing while on cocaine

Nope, try again

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Whoever guesses correctly gets nudes

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Choking and breath play

Shy nerd

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Her teasing is unintended as shes kinda prudish.. tho she would suck a cock but anything else I doubt.


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she likes the idea of getting 'raped' (roleplay)

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Closer to the mark

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This one is closer to the mark

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What do you think is her kink?

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shes into anal for sure with that ass. And i wouldnt mind a nice facefuck either. how about mine?

Yours looks kind of innocent. I think she likes to get some hardcore fucking when you least expect her to.

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what about this one?

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