Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Texas Toast Edition

Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs. Texas Toast Edition.

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I return :o

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bop u!

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steers and queers

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and some good thick bread :>

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how was your time away?

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I'm the latter :3

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You're still cute. Good work.

This is a good look! :>
Very cute! :>

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Everyone in this thread is.

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and haiz and gays

It's always fun to see new places but it was definitely exhausting by the end, I was getting a bit homesick. Don't want to get into too much detail about work but I was expecting them to be more prepared for us, I'm happy I overprepared before I left. But the leisure time was pretty fucking great tbh, Japan is a wacky place. There's a ton of stuff I had written down that I just never got around to, I want to go back for a non-work trip someday

but actually u

I think so too! Although tbh I prefer her sporty look usually

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TayTay lewd lips

i want another life in which i'll be a world-famous boxer and she'll be my girlfriend.

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Fuck Taylor's throatpussy

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Whoever posted Jinsoul in the last thread. why did you only post the one?

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Dude quit posting this lmfao

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why don't you become world-class at something in this life?


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it would be my pleasure

Both are great! :>
Man, her mouth is so hot.

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Lol, how?

Good boy.

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i want another life in which i'll be a world-famous singer and a boxer is my boyfriend.

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Practice and hardworking dumbass

study a lot and practice a lot, faggot. no shortcuts, hard work

Lmfao you cannot enable that dude

I wanna make her mascara run :3

Guess what I am drinking.

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do you want to feel her lips ?

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Hey, remember the lil black kid that hangs around millie? Well, here he is, living the dream...

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My Queen!

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send me sexi bob and vegana pics I send uggs and ipad

Ahahhahaah. Shieet.

send me sexi bob and vegana pics I send uggs and ipad

Water! Rule number 1, hydrate hydrate hydrate!
That would be quite pleasant.

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no not cum

There's a little water in it ;>

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glad the leisure time was good! it's cool your job enables you to travel like that
very glad ur back tho :3

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excellent motivational speech
i won't be like Mie Tyson, and you know it.

I wanna thank everyone that helped me out last night with Millie but now I need help again... so do your worst with Maddie Ziegler... come on guys I know you can do it

Well Goddamn him... Goddamn him straight to hell!

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I didn't say become a world class boxer, I said become world class at something

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6 year old negroes are more appealing to white women than white boys lmao

it's my dream.

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can't rightly have hard liquor on a tuesday

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Dang, straight grabs them


gallons of jizz ?

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Nessa bobs for Emma bobs

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underage tits are the best

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I'm glad to be back too, I was missing my celebfriends and family :3 and honestly I'm just glad right now to not have any trips on my calendar for a bit lol. How have you been since I left? Our boys dropped a game and I'm pretty upset about it tbh, also broons have lost 5 of 6. I leave for a few weeks and the sports world collapses :(

You're the one who's great :)

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You only live once
That's me!

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my jam

I think she was of age for this one, but not for those ones she sent to bieber

looks like I've got a unicorn in my pants rn


I love a good thicc bread tbh
that's what's up

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neckbeard cringelord

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There's a gif of her in the mud like that.

I wish
I'm p. sure I'll have to come back a few more times..

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wasn't it to zac efron? if nessa was underage, then bieber would have been like 12 lol, she's 5 years older than him

>stanloona (9)
holy kek

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Sounds about right

Don't you feel guilty getting cocks hard constantly?

Nope das u!
I love u tbh!
In that case you should exclusively drink hard liquor!

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who is this

I've been good, had a week off last week that was fun
don't stress about pats, owl still incoming, plus celtics are suddenly best team in east so some positives c:

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and he fuckin knows it!

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Good afternoon I would like to be a woman please advise

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