Guys, I found a guy living in the woods? How do I interact with him? What should I do?

guys, I found a guy living in the woods? How do I interact with him? What should I do?
best advice or trips wins. I will deliver, with pics.
pic is other homeless I found.

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go up to him and KICK HIS FUCKIN ASS!

Be carful faggot he might be cooking meth or something

Leave him the fuck alone. If he wanted to interact with people he would be on main street begging for handouts.

Do you think he is homelss or just some crazy hippie or something like that?

he'd probably be grateful if you gave him some food.

rolling for gay sex with him


bring beer


Just kidnap him and make him your slave lol



If you ever wanted to know what it's like to kill a's your chance

need trips genius

Not everyone who leaves society wants to be alone, he might just be trying to get away from a certain situation or person/people.

Say hi, if he doesn't respond or tells you to go away, leave him alone. If not, make conversation and come back another time and do the same thing but bring stuff to make a hobo stew.

Don't take chances though. If it gets weird and you don't feel safe bail.

For the next 3 weeks go to his shack between the hours of 930pm and 2 AM and shit in front of his door, on the final day wait for him to come out and attack him with a stick.

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>How do I interact with him?
Why? what for??

>What should I do?
Leave him alone, retard


so close to quads


Which direction does bath water swirl down the drain on the equator?

Make the hobo a stew or cook him to make hobo stew? Also roll


Let him make sweet and tender love to you're anus charge him a whole sixer if he wants to finish inside you

equally from all sides
also reroll for

gay sex now op post proof


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Make friends with him, he probably has good drugs.


didn't have time had to post fast to get the trips



give him a sody pop

I lived as a hermet for a year, I was working through some personal stuff, I just wanted to be left alone, I was worried that I would hurt people. It was exactly what I needed, I overcame my memories of the past and I learned to enjoy people's company once more.
When I was ready to go home a park ranger found me, just like he was sent to find me. He held my hand and brought me to a doctor, it was the kindest human action I have ever experienced.

Leave him be user, he is probably exactly where he needs to be.

op you better deliver

give him a slap on the bum bum

Get his attention by shouting at him then Throw a rock at him. Not a large one tho.

you've never hung out with homeless hermits. Carrots, red potatoes, an onion and some cheap bouillon cubes. Discount steak if you can find it. Throw that shit in a pot and let it simmer for an hour or two. You'll have hobo's you didn't even see crawling out of the woods.

Homeless man killed op

trips was got faggots
op has to have gay sex with the innawoods bum

White bread. Once you have separated yourself from modern food, it's the one thing that you crave more than anything.

Kill it with fire.

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>I found a guy living in the woods
So what?
Mind your own fucking business and GTFO there

"This just in. Local man sodomizes beggar in shack under overpass. Sources say the assailant claimed 'he had to. they rolled trips.' Police say they will investigate"

ITT OP is underage and has never seen homeless people

Give him weed or he might shoot you. The way of the woods is to trade, young grasshopper.

This thread is boring. I was homeless for a year, I lived in a wood and survived off trash and wild berries AMA

Leave him alone. I would live in the woods just to get away from people

plasticbag over head + hammer = profit

Sounds gay as fuck, crybaby.

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I sure wouldnt like, as a homeless person, to have a random idiot disrupting my peace, and asking me stupid shit let alone "hur hur lets have le gay sex".

Hope bum bro stabs the fuck out of OP

That's a fucking gay ass story

Are you an US citizen?


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Are you afraid someone will come to your dirty little tent somewhere in the woods, faggot? I imagine you are sitting there with your MLP collection after you brought shame to your whole family

> a park ranger found me
he probably got reports that you were permanently camping on public lands and was about to tell you to leave

also how did you get food? how far away was the closest town?

OP never delivers.

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Would you have suck a dick for a warm meal ?

not far, but a long hard walk through hills and rills. During the winter I would go through the garbage outside their convince store, but I never really went into the town, never during the day anyway.

Nope. It was total happenstance, he was looking for a stolen flatbed and stumbled across me. I couldn't even speak I had gone so long without human interaction.

and what did you live in? if you have an abandoned structure like a shack or house, no one ever tried to steal it from you?

No. But then I was never sick or starving, even when I was very hungry I wouldn't.
Oddly enough I did have two sexual interactions with women, during the summer I would swim in the lake and sun myself on a boulder next to the highway, on two occasions a lady would pull their car in and just sit beside me, I don't really understand what was going through their head as I was wearing a beard and looked rough, they were both fairly attractive too, women are a mystery to me.

I build a tent around the frame of an old greenhouse in the woods. Nobody tried to steal from me as I lived in total isolation, if I saw someone I would hide and wait until they left.

You lived in a wood pile, nigger?

Nope. Under a tarp roof double-nigger.

lol now i know you are lying. made me laugh though.

Sounds like unckie samuel was right there with ya. Chin up bub. I'm sure you're doing ok now.

Not a word of a lie friend. I understand how you might think that, it sounds ridiculous. I was not even that good looking, but I suppose I was very fit and lean.

Have you ever been a pet in a Disney movie?

I'm getting on with my life now, people don't believe me when I tell them about living rough for a year.

unda da sea. . .

Yeah. Doesn't sound that rough. 1 year really isn't that long.

beat his fucking head in with a rock

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dubs of truth dea swat him