All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed, but no one wants to actually take part in helping other cucks...

All the cucks want their sluts reposted and exposed, but no one wants to actually take part in helping other cucks. If anyone actually wants to see their slut owned by someone and reposted, and will own and repost mine, kik me at slampuppet55

Having a mega folder of your slut makes it easy to own and expose her.

Pic related Also cuck thread

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Her, anyone?

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I would love to paint that face with cum 31 bi bull

Will rate anyone's girl. Won't share. kik tomanonon


That's tiffany trump.....the new queen Sup Forums

Anyone like her?

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Added you lionyeti31

Any interest?

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Looks like a fucking dude

She's cute, would smash.


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Interested. You got kik?

Want to lick the hiney!

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That's the dude from Baby Driver.


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get in between those legs and use her for hours, possibly days. No condom, completely raw. If she’s ovulating, then that’s too bad. Guess she’s having a kid.

I would repost your slut all the time, kik me, I’m the thread OP

I'd love to pump a baby into her

Still not convinced it's not a post-op

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Why do you like her?

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I have a big cock. 24/brown haired, blue eyed, dom as fuck.

I will make her admit that I fuck her better than you ever did, in between orgasms. Bonus points if I use hypnosis (I'm actually quite talented) and make her eyes roll back in her head as she cums over and over again while I pound her cervix. And you're just sitting there masturbating because I'm not letting you touch her

That o-ring looks blown out

idk, there’s just something about her face and body that is enchanting. Enchanting enough that I would really enjoy fucking her brains out.

What part of her would you use first?

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Any overly aggressive, merciless bulls into milfs leave your kiks

Hmmm...So he was behind that

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her pussy, that way I can guarantee she has my jizz in her womb immediately. After that, I would definitely use her mouth. Cumming down her throat would be the perfect way to degrade her. Depending on whether she’s into anal, I’d go for that last. Specifically, if she isn’t into anal. I’m not into rape or anything, but I would love to hear the shock in her voice as I plunge in.

Keep going

Lionyeti31 love to make an older woman call me daddy

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I hope you like them hairy though user

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Post proof she's hairy

I heard my crush gets fucked hard in the evening...

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let’s get her a tad more exposed

Don't have any atm, I'll post better stuff later tonight when I get home.

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Hair looks good as hand holds for my cock

Oh fuck yea those eyes are sexy, any more?

just in case this thread dies, my Kik is FrostyMac12

I want my cheating ex bf reposted. Alot...

Go on....

You want his pic?

WWYD? Be graphic

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Goddamn! Sauce!

Do it

Even better if we can make him a cuck sissy

Welp. This is what happens when you cheat. All of Sup Forums can see your shrimp dick

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Lmfao that's a small dick, name?

He deleted his FB. All he has is snap and insta. I have some of his friends info tho

damn, let's see if he answers in this thread haha

Now post your nudes

Mmm god that ass looks good. I would get behind her just as she is bent over like that, pull her panties to the side and slide my hard dick right into her wet, waiting pussy. I'd spank her ass and pull her hair while pounding her from behind and and finally cover her ass and panties with a thick load.

Haha nice try

lol cucking is the lamest fucking shit on Sup Forums id rather fuck multiple women and fuck my own bitch i dont need another dicks help. U fucking weaklings are so sad just kys seriously wtf is wrong you dumb mother fuckers

Jesus Christ. And I thought my best friends was tiny. This Manz really cheated on someone with a cock that small? Jesus Christ his ego must be massive.

Alright user, post your nudes so we can see how much of a fuck yard this shrimp fucked fool is.

Real men are cucks. Insecure incels don’t understand the magnificence of sharing a slut with the world (as all slut should be). They think they have to fuck all the girls because that makes them a man. What a fucking virgin joke.

Text my gf. Her name is Alexandra. 6475573820. She cheats on me a lot but didn’t know I know.

Why would I repost him if you're not gonna post your own?

Hey I know who that is

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Good on you for blocking out the kid tbh

Probably doesn't want hers being shared around as well lol

Wwyd to this milf

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Why would we repost him if we don't know the status of hottness of the girl he cheated on, so go on and get the floppy milkbags out.

Well, not gonna promote that filth.
cucking is one thing and ill cum pretty hard to her now, she has such a fat ass in real life

She's a pussy then, a face pic would suffice

lol WRONG Buddy your a fucking weak little bitch who just wants to be fucked in the ass like a rage fag that you are kys now before the reality sets in that your women left your punk ass for the guy you let fuck her lol

I mean who would suck the hell out of those god tier titties


What does wanting your girl fucked by another man have anything to do with wanting stuff up your ass? What kind of mental gymnastics are you doing buddy.

Should I message herand show her?

Why should we care? She wants us to repost him but not giving anything in return, no wonder he cheated on her

Specifically interested in cucks who want a bull to pound their mother. Pictures are expected, and in return, you'll get detailed messages about what I'd do to her.

Kik: _MasterHC_

Sorry no kik

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I won't show face


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You haven't showed anything yet. Til you do NYPA

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Glad you like her milfy goodness

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Messaged, anyone have more of her?

Nice dubs, and you haven't shown shit. Also lol thinking a simple blurr out eyes isn't enough cover

Posting replies when they come in but need more

If you want someone trustworthy to share an ex, full name and all, leave kik and we can get to know each other. Hopefully we can both share once trust is there