How do you remove these from a motherboard?

How do you remove these from a motherboard?

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With bleach

You can pry it off with pretty much anything. I just hope you're not planning on trying to use it. Because you can't. You break the solder, you break the entire thing.

if you mean the chip you don't
if you mean the sticker on the chip why?

Claw hammer

why would you want to remove it

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It contains previous minerals that can be turned into a powerful drug.

Well in that case

ok get a heat gun and use it to melt the solder
then as it melt very slowly pull the chip away with tweezers

Do I aim the heat gun at the chip or do I flip the board and melt it from the other side?

aim it at the chip

Ask the fatherboard to do it for you.

Don't even touch it bro, it's done. Leave it its theirs...

hammer and chisel

piss and shit and cum

microwave to melt the solder.

get a tyronicus hydromelon to take it
you wont get it back though

Put tooth paste on it

Best way is to microwave it for 4 minutes, just the right time to melt the solder for easy removal.

If you want to do it without damage, you need a heat table and a heat gun. Be careful about the time during heating and expect the metal shield to pop off first. I work in electronics manufacturing, this isn't an easy thing to do at home.

just drill in some holes in the metal sheet and tear it open with some fine cutter tool. just be careful not to hit the internal components.

Intermittent blasts with a pressure washer

If only the bottom case is welded, pull the top part upwards. Your nails will do very well. Start at the sides of a corner and continue. If the whole case is welded, you will need an air welder and a watertight sucker.


>It contains previous minerals that can be turned into a powerful drug.
tell me more, what have these minerals become, what were they previously, and what strange sort of drug do they morph into?

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next level stuff

That's not a chip, retard.
Carefully with a bladed screwdriver