What are your honest opinions about this country?

What are your honest opinions about this country?

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an island of sanity in the middle of the world's asshole. Hopefully they man up and just deport the arabs, otherwise they'll never have peace

Waste of tax dollars

1948 was a mistake

they are already ruined for importing ethiopian jews that only know how to nig nog around

The same things I say about everywhere

It's a place

The food is alright


In the long run? Fucked.

It cannot be a democracy, a Jewish state, and hold all its territory at once.

Something has to give.

It can become a autocratic tyranny to stay a Jewish state (denying the vote to its Arab citizens). This, in turn, will cause America to finally abandon it as it becomes just another generic Middle Eastern dictatorship.

If it allows its Arab population to continue at its present rate, it will cease to be a Jewish state.

And if it gives up territory, it remains a democracy and a Jewish state but politically it is impossible.

For all Israel's military might, none of these things can be solved with military power as they deal with internal issues.

And if Israel was ready for these existential questions, it wouldn't stop refusing to answer them.

What option will Israel take? They are all bad.

Personally? I'd give up territory. It's the least bad.

A terrible, terrible choice for location.

I would have annexed a part of Australia or something - it would have been a very peaceful place if they would have used their common sense.


Don't Care. But it pisses of muslims.thats funny

it's the holy land, user. there was no other place for israel.

one of the 3rd reich's final solutions was to deport all jews to madagascar, a french colony at the time
this became unfeasible due to britain's dominance of the seas

Contrary to Sup Forums propoganda, there is no question Israeli Jews and American Jews are heading for a permenant schism.

American Jews are becoming touchy-feely hippie types. Israeli Jews are becoming increasingly authoritarian fortress-freaks. And neither group understands the other anymore.

This is not helped by Israel's absolute refusal to accept any Jew into its borders who isn't Orthodox. You can't push for Reform Judaism in Israel.

Sandnigger ethnostate but with dwarf handwriting instead of elven.
>could not care less

TDLR: Sooner or later, they'll say, "I'm right, you're wrong about the Palestinians and I'm not talking to you anymore."

Worst most disgusting state in the history of mankind

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Salam My fellow german.

Lots of other places exist and would love to be a host country. The choice of location is completely indefensible.

It has as much right to exist as any other country. And yeah I understand they're under constant threat; but it would be nice not to have to rationalize away 1500 dead Gazans every 5 years.

it looks like giant E

has the most beautiful woman who are trained as warriors

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does Ben Shapiro's sister has military training?

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The most luckless nation on Earth.

They're fighting an enemy tailor-made to counter all their strengths.

Guys in ruins and poverty have absolutely nothing to lose by continuing to hate a militarily superior nation. That kind of hate is inherited like a property title.

And of course, shooting people in t-shirts throwing rocks looks "great" on global TV. There's no question Israel has a gigantic image problem.

People instinctively tend to side with whomever is poorly armed in a conflict.

look how it cuts into peaceful muslim territory like a knife

If she was born as an Israeli yes

Only linear equation surrounded by exponential equations, that regularly bounce against linear ressource equations in huge clusterfucks.
Hopes that its own exponential equeation will help it survive this fucked up neighbourhood.

bunch of land grabbing entitled racists

dunno but she got boobs

the source of all the BBC CUCK spam threads on Sup Forums

And the worst part is, after everything the Israelis have done to win, the Palestians are positioned to win.

They've finally begun to adopt non-violent protest methods, ironically forced on them by the Israelis.

If the Palestinians go full Gandhi, Israel's dead. Shooting peaceful protesters never looks good to anyone.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.
– Edward Abbey

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TDLR: The Israelis got stupid. They should have seen this coming forever ago.

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You forgot the apartheid persecution. Fuck Israel.

Tend to side?!?? I think you are overrationalizing the evil that takes place there everyday. An hero you fucking kike

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It doesn't exist lmfao.

FInally something about sophomore debate champ benji to like.

My buddies on another board tell me it's the scariest place with the scariest people on earth.

I like american jews for the most part. But every israeli jew I've met is a self-righteous overbearing asshole.

Their religious texts tell them that anyone who isn't one of them is basically cattle. To use maim, manipulate, and kill as any Jew would see fit. That's why...

The only Christian countries that voted against it were Greece and Cuba

Where's the rest of Palestine? That map leaves out a lot.

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it's an ally of the US that's all that matters to me, too bad they left the God of their ancestors behind long ago, but at least He hasn't left them yet

only exists because of the worlds love of joos. they only ended up there cause NOBODY wanted them.

I say take the land away from both the mudslimes and the kikes and give it to a country that knows how to not act like fucking barbarians.

There is no such place as palestine

This graph says your a homo.

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Sure shlomo

I'm from there!
Shitty country, the only thing that equal between all the citizens is that we are fucked hard by the government

A nation of terrorists, and the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East. Death to Israel.

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I think the concept was awesome. The trouble started when the non-jews lost track of the trajectory of the nation and the jewish israelis took over in the background.
The jees knew what they were doing from imception, it was the non-jew Americans and Englanders that lost the ability to manage them, mostky because of limited terms in office and competing factions witin each nation.
The jews exploited that and took control, started their own operations and nearly surpassed CIA, british secret intel, KGB etc.
It wasnt until thr KGB figured out what they were up to and helped the Iranians assemble Hezboallah that Israel started having trouble and started begging and blackmailing western powers for additional funding

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Their current solution is to keep denying most arabs the right to vote, and using settlements to colonize Palestinian area.

The US is mostly ok with it though, because religious Christians prefer Jews having control over Jerusalem over Muslims having it. So they don't care too much about the oppression.

That map leaves out the Ottoman Empire though, who held all that area shown.


Israel is an occupation not a country.

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Some people are more fucked than others moshe.


You missed the part where they fought like five defensive wars against literally everyone else in the region.

>defensive wars
>acquire more land
nigga u dum

Since I learned they have been selling American made military technology to the Chinese for over a decade, I don't care if they live or die.

Fuck those back stabbing ungrateful assholes!


Cant really comment on the people, never been. Very complex situation on a geopolitical scale.

needs to get nuked. also is not legitimate

Pissed off Jews are funnier to watch and less dangerous.

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Fuck you. God doesn't exist and Israel is not an ally. Why weren't they part of the 35 nation coalition that supported us in the Gulf War? Nope.. too busy beating up kids for throwing rocks to help in a real war.

Fuck them.

Amerifats give them $10 million a day. For what? Genuinely curious, what do Amerifats get out of that deal?

It's Palestine

I hate Zionist Jews and I hate Muslims. So, no matter what’s going on there, I am annoyed

Cancer that's partially responsible for all the shitty things in the world. Anyone who has a positive view in it is functionally retarded and holding back humanity.

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idk, i just DONT like jews

You missed the part where I don't give a fuck.

Well this is also true


AIPAC keeps the people in office who give Israel money. cross AIPAC and your career in Washington is over.

It's ok, they should just stop sending arab, and african migrants to us

This is what they tried to do in the past, spoiler alert, it didn't work

FDR was going to give them Alaska. That would have solved a lot of problems, but their fairy tales said their imaginary friend wants them there.

They don’t give Israel aid in terms of money. They give them military equipment for free, and Israel buys spare/repair parts from the USA

American people get nothing out of it. The American officials most likely have Israeli “influence” in their pockets.

No, it's what we did in the cold war. Aid allies to prevent massive spending in a war

All Israelis have been trained to weaponize their shekels, to get Amerifat to do their bidding.

Just as much as a waste as all countries in that area

sinaloa para palestina
df para israel

se los prometo

Sure.. and pissing all over the Geneva Convention and breaking their own treaties doesn't help either.

>I would have annexed a part of Australia
That was one of the options they were considering back in the day but we didn't want them here.


Jesus, he asked for your opinion, not a slaughter.

This works if your allies turn up to help you. Name one fucking time the IDF helped the American military do something....

Blast it!

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The Chinese got to modernize their military because it wasn't enough they got free top notch military goodies, those greedy schocks had to make some extra money by selling that tech to China. Fuck them.

Problem is, their nation's military is clearly configured to fight other nations' armies. People in t-shirts throwing rocks are a lot more difficult.

And all that military equipment is shit in fighting angry guys in t-shirts.

>It can become a autocratic tyranny to stay a Jewish state (denying the vote to its Arab citizens).
Spot on, I believe this is the most likely outcome, a sort of apartheid system

>This, in turn, will cause America to finally abandon it as it becomes just another generic Middle Eastern dictatorship.
This I have a hard time believing. America has a long history of strategically supporting autocracies and apartheid, I don’t see why they’d stop. At least not on the current trajectory. But I find it difficult to believe that all of a sudden human rights will start playing a decisive role in the American foreign policy calculus.

The Jews are probably gonna get away with apartheid and slow, but gradual, ethnic cleansing of the Arabs until it’s too late.

In the long term, however, demography is just not on Israel’s side. Lines on a map are one thing, and walls along the border are another thing, but millions of people looking for land, water, safety etc. aren’t gonna be stopped by those borders. As the Arab nations degrade further socially and environmentally, the pressure on Israel is just gonna build. it’s gonna be a interesting show, to be sure.

Anyway, thanks for chiming in, user. Nice to have an interesting discussion on Sup Forums for a change.

Trump is defending Israel much better than Obama ever did.

By exposing Israeli's endorsement of the closest thing we've had to a tyrant?

By moving Israel's capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump helped Israel defend itself from terrorists trying to take Jerusalem for themselves.

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Berlin wasn't being bombarded with rockets from terrorists though.

You watch the news alot dont you