Texas man kidnaps White girl in broad daylight. Found naked in the hotel room with the girl in the laundry bin...

Texas man kidnaps White girl in broad daylight. Found naked in the hotel room with the girl in the laundry bin. What a piece of shit.

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Sounds made up

I bet that pussy was mint

Niggers gonna nig

Texas fag here, saw this on the news. Body cam and everything.

Nope. Only took 3 seconds to Google. The nigger got sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, child rape & a huge list of other charges related to the crime.

TL;DR - Nigger being a typical nigger.


the best part of the story is that she was sexually molested.

Shit happens every day, user.

why is it so difficult to find interracial crime statistics? Of all the interracial sex crimes, what percentage is black on white?

It just fucked me up today reading this. Life in prison sucks but the idea of taxpayers keeping him alive with food and water and other amenities I struggle with. Is death too quick for him? Could we at least put him in a cell with a concrete floor and no bed?

Of all interacial crimes 90 percent are black on white.

2 percent white on black.

8 percent is the rest of all races. Which 5 percent makes black on X.

You win this thread.

You say all that because he's black? Apologize chalkie

she ded?


UCR. Im on mobile and never took a screen shot.

FBI has a more detailed crime reporting system. Im sure you could find them. If you google hard enough.

Dubs of truth. Niggers are only 13% of the population, but perpetrate 52% of all violent crimes - which includes rape/ sex assault, murder, home invasions, armed robberies, felonious assaults & domestic abuse.


Lol the term Chalkie is hilarious. Just like the word jiggaboo is equally funny.

You're not even black why are you talking like one of them, you massive faggot?

Exactly. And these Muslim baboons are importing this shit here in the UK. Record breaking knife crimes - robberies, murders and rapes, almost every day there's news reports of nigger grooming gangs being arrested for raping children. Everywhere niggers locate, it turns into a 3rd world shithole.

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Obviously, the vast majority of interracial sex crimes are white men raping niggers

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I realize this was a joke, but just in case a typical low IQ leftist believes this shit - refer to
Black on white sex assaults account for over 90% of Inter-racial sex crimes.

life sentence is actually cheaper than death penalty.

This is true, but it shouldn't be.

No one should be on death row for 10+ years.

>Guilty for giving her multiple orgasms and addiction for BBC

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pic of the girl

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>Texas man
implying this was a man

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